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This off topic thread brought to you by the $1.28 lunch special, circa 1952.

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  1. R.D. Walker says:

    Word on the street is that Trump’s October Surprise is divorce papers Michelle Obama had drawn up when Barry was in the Illinois legislature. She allegedly filed citing his smoking, lack of reasonable income and homosexuality.

    Ain’t sayin’ it’s true; just reporting the scuttlebutt.

    Somewhere Jack Ryan is laughing his ass off.

  2. Greg B says:

    Seems that someone in Seattle is mailing letters to voters in FL telling them that they are inelligble to vote and could face felony charges if they do.
    Republican voters at that.
    They will stop at nothing, people.

  3. xenicalman says:

    Does anyone have the recipe for the EID muslim holiday treat for camel crusted toejam falafill ? I heard it has the same sexually stimulating effect of oysters that we infidels eat. Many a muslim man wolfs this stuff down just before putting the pork to his goats. It is also called “islamic viagra”. I think there is some toejam delight on her tray,on the lower right side.

  4. BigJimTX says:

    Can we send some IED muslim holiday treats over there for them?

  5. jacksonsdad says:

    I was pondering The Obama Administrations’ hard-line stance on terrorism and my mind took me back to a simpler time when ‘man-caused disasters” solved all the problems of semantics…

  6. notamobster says:

    I’m baaaaack!!!! Full-fledged internet junkie, once more! Turned out my provider had to cut their spectral range in half to the lower end (3.5mhz) because the company that was causing the interference with their transmission (of unlicensed spectrum) refused to change their settings.

    Skyweb will not get any business from me ever!

    Plus, I’m getting a free month and some upgrades. Sweet!

  7. R.D. Walker says:

    Welcome back Nota! The forum always suffers in your absence.

  8. notamobster says:

    I just bought the book “Resurgent: How Constitutional Conservatism Can Save America”

    Hope it’s good, though I’m certain I know the arguments laid out within.

  9. R.D. Walker says:

    You want a friggin RINO? Here is a friggin RINO.

    Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama for president

  10. RJ says:

    Yeah I was severely disapppointed with Powell the first time he endorced the One, I’m not sure you could stop at rino, wolf in sheep clothing ring any bells?

  11. jacksonsdad says:

    Gallup just released their latest from Oct 22-24. Pretty much unchanged but for Obowma’s ‘approval’… it’s -2 and ‘disapproval’ is +2. Methinks that Monday Night Sourpuss is paying dividends.

  12. jacksonsdad says:

    Powell is gonna vote for The One b/c they share the same skin tone.

    That’s right. I said it.

  13. R.D. Walker says:

    If ya gotta go, at least this way is with your boots on.

    I accept this as a reasonable alternative to my 12 Mexicans with bayonets exit.

  14. notamobster says:

    No one can find a safe way out for himself if society is sweeping towards destruction. Therefore everyone, in his own interests, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle. None can stand aside with unconcern; the interests of everyone hang on the result.

    ~Ludwig von Mises, [1922]

  15. DarthJay says:

    So I was just having a conversation with one of my very-lefty work associates and she was talking about the views other countries have of the current election (she spends a great deal of time in other countries) and I asked her if they are pro-Obama or pro-Romney.

    Her response was that most of the countries she’s visited are socialist, so they are clearly pro-Obama. I looked at her funny and said, “So a lot of folks on the left in the US get mad when Obama is labeled socialist…do you think he is?”

    She quickly backtracked and said, “Not necessarily, but I do think he wants to put the government in control of taking care of the people as opposed to the private sector.” That, I told her, IS socialism. She basically agreed.

    Ladies and gentleman – forget Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster…I found an honest liberal.

  16. R.D. Walker says:

    “Not necessarily, but I do think he wants to put the government in control of taking care of the people as opposed to the private sector.”

    Since the private sector is just people who aren’t the government, what she was really saying was this…

    “Not necessarily, but I do think he wants to put the government in control of taking care of the people as opposed to the people themselves.”

  17. BigJimTX says:

    Just reading my NRA junk email and came across this garbage.

    Sorry, it defaulted to a mobile site since I’m on my Obama phone.

    This guy needs to be put out to pasture. He talks about how the heller case didn’t affect US V Miller. Got it, but that garbage needs to go too.

    Along the same lines, I know there are a bunch of readers out there. I have only read one book more than once in a two year period. I read Unintended Consequences by John Ross at least once a year. It talks about the evolution of gun control and the erosion of personal freedom and it has an awesome storyline to go along with it. Unfortunately it is out of print, but I’ve heard there are PDF copies out there for those that have e-readers. However you come across it, you should make time for it.

  18. James says:

    And to think I corrected people who called him “Colon.”

  19. jacksonsdad says:

    45 days later and The Obowma administration still refuses to go on the record with WTF happened in Libya. The good folks who made this video… not so much.

  20. BrunDawg says:

    So much for making that talent video to get a scout’s attention:

    • notamobster says:

      From BrunDawg’s link (above), I got these awesome zombie goo-pocalypse commercials:

      Someone at Cadbury finally got tired of the clucking rabbit.

  21. BigJimTX says:

    Those are awesome nota.

  22. BigJimTX says:

    Are there ever any Revo-reunions? At some point, after Romney is inaugurated, I was thinking I’d like to meet a few of you.

  23. R.D. Walker says:

    Yeah, we need to start working on that again, BigJim.

  24. notamobster says:

    We had an awesome multi-day RevoFiesta for cinco de mayo a couple years back. It was in Memphis. Good friends, good food, an endless supply of drinks. Good times had by all.

    We had a second fiesta scheduled this year, but Brad and I both ended up out of work. Apparently, we’re hot shit and the world stops without us. 🙂

    It was postponed. I’ll start hammering for the next one as soon as I/We are working again. I know that everyone’s ready for it.

  25. notamobster says:

    I just emailed this link to Harry Reid:

  26. fubar says:

    Monster Storm heading our way (east coast) and busy getting what crops we can get in before they get blowed away, as well as battening down the hatches for the animals, and the homestead. last time a tropical storm stalled over PA, we got 6″ of water in our basement – and my parents were out of power for 8 days. (my 80 yr old dad has a generator, but didn’t have it hooked up right)

    Hope everyone is preparing and prayers all around for safety.

  27. BaconNeggs says:

    The hidden real truth about Benghazi.


  28. sortahwitte says:

    The witte clan is sending up prayers of protection and peace for all the fubars. Men will fail you. God is sovereign.

  29. Uke says:

    Possible voter fraud and voter intimidation all at a single, Ohio polling office?

    See, this is about the only reason we don’t have this election in the bag.

  30. MadBrad says:

    I’m still waiting to get back to work on my old job but in the meantime I’ve gotten lined up for a job as an auto parts courier. I’m just waiting for the paperwork on the criminal background check to come back so I can be bonded. I don’t believe that there will be any problems because I got the job lead in a miraculous way and I believe that God opens doors that can’t be closed.

    Nonetheless, even if I get back into my old job soon, I won’t have any vacation days coming for a while and I will be recovering from the financial damage inflicted by 7 months of unemployment. expect to really be able to start living a normal life again in 2014.

    Fubar and family, I will say a prayer for y’all.

  31. Locke n Load says:

    50 people in line for early voting in my polling place. 50.
    Turnout is going to be HUGE this election… Lookijng at the crowd it appeared to be a little worse than 50/50 Republican…
    I wonder if the polling models are accurately accounting for early voting turnout?

  32. jacksonsdad says:

    fubar… prayers lifted for you and yours and all in the path of the storm.

    As I went to sleep last night my mind touched on electoral college/ popular vote a la 2000 and the things some of the elite had to say about it between then and now. Sure enough when I googled it there was a recent article detailing the expressed sentiments. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen but here’s some interesting opinions on it for your amusement…

    “President Obama — Obama said he supported eliminating the Electoral College as a Senate candidate during a WTTW television debate against Republican Alan Keyes in 2004.

    When asked, “Yes or no, eliminate the Electoral College?” Obama responded, “Yes … I think, at this point, this is breaking down.”

    This is one of those rare times when I happen to agree with Da Prez. When the electoral college offers him a razor thin path to retain his office (by pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into false negative ads in a few key states) when he would otherwise be tossed out on his ass then YES… it’s ‘breaking down’.

  33. fubar says:

    you guys are great..thanks.. :,}

    just went to the gas station to fill up on fuel — everyone else is. there are fistfights breaking out in the hardware store over the last gas cans (some lady trucker just told me), and the walmart parking lot is packed, everyone is stocking up.

    NJ is in a state of emergency, (just heard on the radio)

    I don’t fear too much from damage from nature, I fear more of what people will do to each other when stressed, this is unreal. I told the fubars this is a dry run for WTSHTF.I’m sure we’ll be ok.

  34. jacksonsdad says:

    Gallup poll for Oct 24-26 has Obowma approval -2 at 46% and disapproval +2 at 49%. That’s 5 points in 6 days. He’s bleeding out.

    Where’s the Coumadin?

  35. notamobster says:

    If you live in the People’s Republic of California and own an AR with the bullet button, watch this video:

    Makes magazine changes quicker while being over-run by zombies. 🙂

  36. notamobster says:

    So, my 7 year old son decided a while back, to tie a length of 1/2″ nylon rope (which he pilfered from emergency gear) to the massive maple tree in our front yard. He uses this rope to swing around the tree. Normal, right?

    Well, today my wife calls me to the porch to see his latest innovation.

    He tied a 3/8″ poly rope to the nylon rope to create a seat which allows him to effectively be sling-shot into the air by his all-to-willing accomplices (my daughters, aged 9 & 12).

    I thought it quite the feat of ingenuity, thus, the title.

  37. sortahwitte says:

    So, I’m telling my friends here. For the first time in my life I will be voting a straight republican ticket. I have have always looked at the man or womans qualifications, knowledge, history, patriotism, etc. before I made a choice.

    I’m being forced away from that.

    Even the good dims are continuing to allow their names to be listed under the most un-American party in US history. Go your own way. I never knew you.

  38. Greg B says:

    DHS secretary says 3000 people a day are applying for dream status.
    How the hell is this happening in my country?

  39. notamobster says:


    “…depart from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. May your chains rest lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” ~Samuel Adams

  40. MadBrad says:

    I’m on my way to Church. The sermon for today focuses of the need for Christians to vote. The Pastor said that the Lord has laid a message on his heart and he’s about to bust at the seams waiting to get it out. At some point the sermon will be available online and I will get it published here.

  41. Uke says:

    Just watched some CNN for a while.

    Guess what I realized? Hurricane Sandy has created the perfect excuse for the media to not cover Benghazi. Ever again. Seriously, I’ve been watching for the last half hour; it’s been nothing but swirling weather anomalies on the screen.

  42. Uke says:

    My friend just said: “Hurricane Sandy is the October Surprise.”

  43. Greg B says:

    The media is for the most part negligent on the Bengazi debacle.
    Get the word out. Tell everyone who will listen.
    It up to us to make sure the bastards don’t get away with this.

  44. R.D. Walker says:

    Remember how leftists mocked McCain for suspending his campaign in ’08? Obama is happy to now have Sandy for an excuse for his upcoming walloping by Mitt.

  45. R.D. Walker says:

    Prediction right here, right now: Obama loses Virginia; MSM blames it on Sandy.

  46. sortahwitte says:

    Just a reminder…

    Today, October 28, is the 83rd anniversary of the Wall Street Crash of 1929. BOHICA!

  47. Locke n Load says:

    Uke, I’m headed right into Sandy these next couple of days. I usually have to search the radio for updates on potential weather issues but not in this case.
    It isn’t just CNN.
    AP is ALL Sandy, ALL the time.

    Few things make me want to throat-punch the MSM more than listening to them get hysterical about storms headed to NY. Such self centered pussies…

    Try to remember the last time they got worked up over a hurricane threatening the west coast.

  48. MadBrad says:

    I don’t have cable TV but Sandy pushed so much salt water into the St. Johns River here in Northeast Florida that Crab Fishermen have been catching tropical reef fish in their traps in the River.

    Now that we are on the back side of it, it’s pulling the cold air down here. I’ve got some fairly strong gusts going on outside from time to time right now and it’s the coldest it’s been this Fall.

    I think this thing could get very nasty up North. I imagine that there’s going to be lots of flooding.

  49. Locke n Load says:

    I used to love the tropical storms when I lived in FL for exactly that reason Brad.

    I used to have several salt tanks I stocked with fish I caught in Tampa Bay and down thru Naples. When the storms came thru I found clownfishh and brittle stars in our eddies in Tampa… Loved it. Hell, My favorite Angel fish came right off my pier a day after a cat 2 swept up into the Gulf.

    Where I’m going though, well, there won’t be any tropical fish.
    I’m headed toweards Syracuse then back to Toronto and then East again 150 miles. Something tells me I’ll be fighting storm force winds and snow for most of tuesday and wednesday as I work my way into Detroit thru Sarnia

  50. MadBrad says:

    Be careful man. Driving a vehicle with an effective projected area such as yours would have me sucking upholstery up my bung hole. I know that you’re a pro though. You won’t try to do what you know can’t be done. Be careful all the same.

  51. MadBrad says:

    My Niece…

    I’m so proud of her, especially so knowing what an asshole her Father is.

  52. Locke n Load says:

    I’ll be safe Brad. Probably safer than your niece.
    then again, we both probably know what to do in the face of blowhards 🙂

  53. Locke n Load says:

    I’ve been through worse, trust me.
    Try navigating the Canadian Rockies in 40mph winds while fighting blizzard conditions AND driving on roads with 12″ of shoulder keeping you from 500′ of tumbling freefall.
    Then do it on 4 hrs sleep in a 20 hr day.
    NY snowfall doesn’t scare me. Fucktards in 4wd do. They think they’re invincible right up until they start spinning out of control.
    The only thing I’m risking is my logbook validity. I’ll take whatever time is needed to avoid the fools.

  54. Locke n Load says:

    enjoying the winds yet Fubar?
    i’m in western Pa and they’re already knocking me around

  55. fubar says:

    @Locke n Load ~

    I’ve spent the whole day baking and canning (3 more cases of veggies and applesauce for the root cellar) Stop by for some eats!

  56. Locke n Load says:

    oh for cryin out loud, accuwheather has Sandy sitting right on top of me at 2am.


    tomorrow is gonna be one hell of a tricky run…

    my bad. looks like i’ll be ‘good’ for another 24 hrs, Sandy will be about 150-200 miles south tonight.

  57. notamobster says:

    I stopped by my county Republican headquarters to volunteer today and they gave me a bookbag, a “Michigan Republicans” button, 3 yard signs (Romney/Ryan) and some Mardi Gras beads?



    what? no phone??

  58. Slaphappypap says:

    Away from politics for a moment here. If I would have told you Notre Dame would be 8-0 in July. I would be kicked off this forum. That is all. Go Irish!!!

  59. BigJimTX says:

    I volunteered for the democrat party down here and they gave me phone.

  60. notamobster says:



  61. Greg B says:

    Excerpt from NYT editorial pages on Romney’s statement about doing away with FEMA and returning those type of operations to individual states:

    Does Mr. Romney really believe that financially strapped states would do a better job than a properly functioning federal agency?

    As if there was such a thing………
    Just sayin’

    • notamobster says:

      This was FEMA’s actual flow chart (unaltered) when Katrina hit New Orleans:

      It was on their home page.

      • notamobster says:

        I don’t know if I’ve recommended this before or not, but here goes:

        I highly recommend a book called “D-Boys”. It’s about a Delta team (SFOD-D)with a techie twist. Incredible pace, detail, and pretty good writing. If you like combat action books (fiction) – then it’s right up your alley. I’m halfway through the second book called “Counter-Assault: A D-Boys Novel”.

        Both are on Amazon – and they are free! (or were) Great books. He really gets you to care about the characters. Good stuff. If you don’t have a kindle, you can still read kindle e-books by dowloading the Kindle app to your smartphone – or using the Kindle Cloud Reader on your browser. Good stuff. All free. You have no excuse.

  62. Locke n Load says:

    I’ve worked FEMA runs out here and I can tell you from experience…that flow chart makes more sense than FEMAs actual record of ‘helping’

    As much as I want to be of assistance in disasters I will NOT be helping FEMA in the future. They’re the most screwed up inefficient overpaying bunch of fucktards I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Only New Orleans could do a worse job than them, seriously. They make the keystone kops look like the manhattan project

  63. Locke n Load says:

    Xenicalman, this is for you and all the other Chicago expats who miss home. I originally posted this last year but seems about time to do it again.
    Bman, Nota, try this. Trust me.
    Doofus Brad passed on an opportunity for me to make him one last time I was down…

  64. MadBrad says:

    I don’t have cable TV but reading things, it seems like New York City really got whacked by Sandy.

  65. notamobster says:

    What a beautiful weapon system.

    It’s big brother, off-the-shelf HK417 is nice as well.

  66. Locke n Load says:

    Its been raining non stop in Pa and NY. I’m in Syracuse and the winds range variably from 20 to 40+mph. By morning it will get truly ugly.
    Every sign on the NY thruway has been pointing out all the bridges are closed headed to NJ and the island. They’re trapped,lol.
    Within 24 hrs this whole end of the state will be blanketed in piles of snow with winds screaming at 50+.
    I’m getting out of here ASAP but have to turn right back into it in the afternoon before finally heading for Detroit. I’m sort of playing chicken with the storm. Ought to be hair raising by afternoon…

  67. notamobster says:

    I wish you could make it my way, bro.

  68. Locke n Load says:

    I’ll be crossing in Sarnia/Port Huron but thats about as close as I get. Have to be in Detroit in the AM then mid-ohio, then back to Houston. About the only time I can ever find anything in your neck of the woods is when the sugarbeets are running.

  69. Bman says:

    Lots of sugarbeets here! Just saying. I looked at that pizza recipe and Im down for it. Looks great!

    Btw, I read a short story called “Wool” by Hugh Howley I think the guys name is. If you have an extra 45 minutes or so (Im not a very fast reader so may only take most 30 minutes) I suggest it.

  70. R.D. Walker says:

    I just saw a convoy of about 50 or 60 bucket trucks heading east on Interstate 80.

  71. DarthJay says:

    Anybody in the path of Sandy? If so – are you okay?

  72. BrunDawg says:

    It appears that there is proof of causality between elimination of 16 oz sugary drinks and climate change.

  73. BigJimTX says:

    This is why I don’t reside in the PRC. (that would be People’s Republic of California to those who are inundated with more acronyms than you can handle)

  74. BigJimTX says:

    Nota, that 416 is awesome. Too bad they are so proud of their stuff. They make a fantastic product. BTW, just finished all my AR upgrades. Super stoked with the results.

  75. MadBrad says:

    8 MILLION people without power in 17 States. Can you imagine what it is like for the people who are in a flooded City that is without power and cold? The looting will probably begin tonight in places where most people evacuated themselves in advance. In places where lots of people are stranded together, the looters seem to avoid those areas. Based on what I’m told about the lifestyle of people who live in New York City, most of them have provisions for about 9 meals but that’s it.

    I wonder if one day a movie will be made about this. “Escape from New York 2012”. It may be more bizarre than the original.

  76. MadBrad says:

    I only got to see a couple of hours of cable TV today. That storm looks so incredibly destructive on the radar. Never in my life would I have imagined that a Hurricane would interact with cold air like that.

  77. Locke n Load says:

    It was pretty much a non event except for some good winds up in central/northern NY. I’m thinking the mts did a good job of breaking it up. By the time I got within 100 miles of Port Huron Mi tonight the winds were picking up again but all in all, not bad.
    Had I been just 100 miles closer last night it would have been a hell of a show.

  78. Locke n Load says:

    RD, I’ll make a wager they were Asplundh trucks 🙂
    They’re too cheap to run the tollways I guess, didn’t see a one. Usually they’re parked in the disaster zone by day 2

  79. fubar says:

    Reading a book about empathy and those that don’t posses it. It’s written from a scientific and neurological standpoint with brain mapping (not a touchy feeling psych book)

    Recommend for anyone with an interest in neurology or autism, or just understanding how some people can be a psychopath or narcissist.

  80. Bman says:


  81. Bman says:

    Happy Halloween!

  82. Greg B says:

    @ DarthJay,
    Thanks for telling me how to get that chat login thing working.
    I was going to write this in comments on the original thread, but I think it is closed.

  83. Bman says:

    Even though it’s only 7:25pm CST the Real Revo Frozen Tundra District has already seen a record trick or treater turnout at 23 so far.

  84. sortahwitte says:

    Bman is that 23 t or treaters or 23 degrees?

  85. Bman says:

    Ha! No, that would be 23 kids. Right now we are sitting at 278K. A little breezy wich makes it feel like 267.44K. Considering that, not a bad turnout so far. The teens (teen age trick or treaters that is) should be stirring soon.

    Just being a smartass. Its about 41 degrees. Fahrenheit that is.

  86. xenicalman says:


    Thanks for the homemade pizza recipe.
    Made it tonight. It was awesome.
    2 pizzas going into oven on election night-should get us thru the evening.
    Looks like I’ll be saving some dough from not having to mail-order Lou Malnates frozen pizzas.
    BTW if you like Chicago style Italian sausage, Sams and Wal-Mart have a brand name called Primo. I can get it in Florida so maybe it is available elsewhere in the states.

  87. R.D. Walker says:

    This is Jupiter taken about 20 minutes ago through my telescope. I can see it much clearer through the eyepiece than in this photo. It is, however, a hell of a challenge to get decent photos. I will keep working on it. As for now, you can see his stripes, vaguely. Again, I can see them crisply but I just can’t seem to get the perfect shot. I am going to keep working.

    Click to enlarge.

  88. MadBrad says:

    Very interesting photo. Somehow I’m thinking that mathematics may hold the answer on the photography challenge. That’s how stuff used be done before the digital age. I remember that being what we did in the 7th Grade but I don’t remember how. There has to be some kind of kit for doing this.

  89. Locke n Load says:

    Glad you liked it xenicalman!
    It takes a little practice to get the crusts right and depending on your oven the cook time can vary dramatically. I find putting them on the bottom 3rd of the oven keeps the crust from overbrowning and firms up the base nicely. Keep in mind these are cooked on stone in the big Chicago ovens so you need to try and duplicate the heat effect on the bottom crust.

    Also, if you’re into sausage, peppers, and mushrooms you should have some breadcrumbs handy. lay ’em on top of any fillings you think will throw a lot of water like veggies or sausage. Keeps the crust from getting too soggy.

    I’d look for some reasonably priced springforms if you want to impress your friends btw. The tool used to remove those pies from the pans is impossible to find unless you hit up a chicago area restaurant supply house.

    Funny you should mention Lou Malnatti, lol. I think my version is actually better than theirs but I use theirs as a comparison for the uninitiated 🙂 I’ve had stuffed pizza in just about every place of note in Chicago and frankly, when you get the hang of it, that recipe I gave you tops just about all of them. Make friens with a pizza place who’s crust you like and ask them for the recipe in ounces, then scale backwards to home batch size.
    If you’ve never worked in a pizza joint before I’ll let ya in on a trick..
    The best dough is Single Rise, stored under 40 degrees, and allowed to ‘ripen’ for at least 24 hours. Most chains outside of Chicago don’t bother and make a quick rise/same day dough. Its vastly inferior.

    Oh, and the sausage? Johnsonville’s mild Italian makes an almost perfect substitute for Jakes thincrust pies. If you liked their sausage, go Johnsonville

  90. xenicalman says:


    I actually got my pans and pry/lift tools from Lou M’s.
    The pans are heavy duty and work well.
    I’ve tried Johnsonville-tastes too much like the generic crap/mystery meat that they use down here.
    Their brats are ok though.
    If you do try the Primo get the Hot sausage. Great flavor not really hot at all-just seems like a flavor boost.

    For a special treat throw some real Italian deli style dried tomatoes on/in your pie.

    Thanks for the dough tip.

    I’l practice with the dough-been using the fresh bakery dough from Publix.

    BTW I flung/tossed pizza as a teen. However never learned anything.LOL


  91. R.D. Walker says:

    I actually have several challenges with the Jupiter photo and some are mathematics related.

    First, I can’t have the eyepiece and the camera on the scope at the same time and they have different focal lengths. Jupiter looks like a point of light through the camera viewfinder and it is very hard to get a clean focus on a point of light.

    Second, any tiny movement causes jiggle. Even the snap of the mirror in my DSLR causes movement. I can delay two seconds from mirror up until the photo is shot, but that isn’t enough. I wish I could go ten seconds. Shake compensation helps.

    So I increase the shutter speed to diminish the effect of shaking but that means I have to increase ASA. That makes things a little grainy.

    The camera causes the telescope to be out of balance so I have to put a lead shot bag on the other end. Frankly, all that weight on the ends of the scope slows the jiggle but it also extends it. That’s the trade off but the motorized sky tracking feature still works.

    Still, you have to admit it is pretty cool photo for a guy literally standing on the edge of a cornfield in Iowa.

  92. BigJimTX says:

    RD and Nota, I just sent you request on FB.

  93. R.D. Walker says:

    Nah. Just the camera.