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This off topic thread brought to you by South Korea, a.k.a. the best Korea.

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  1. notamobster says:

    South Korea ROCKS!

    Anyone here seen “The Amazing Spiderman”? Anything stand out to you?

    Did to me.

  2. notamobster says:

    Won’t see no shit like that in North Korea, that’s for damn sure! If you have no other reason to hate commies, hot, free, Asian chicks dancing, should make it happen for you. Just saying.

  3. Slaphappypap says:

    This beats the crying people in the North scared because one of the elf leaders died.

  4. R.D. Walker says:

    Obama pardons turkey…

    …turkey killed anyway.

    Yeah, that seems about right. No reason a turkey pardon should be anymore binding than any other promise he makes.

  5. R.D. Walker says:

    Think about the implications of that video. It is just silly, fun, pop cultural pap from Seoul. Just a few miles north of Seoul, however, is people who have never been free… ever.

    In fact, they have lived under the most intensely totalitarian regime in human history. They live in constant fear and hunger. If the singer in that video – Hyuna – would have been born in the north, she would have been a radically different person. She would have known terror, starvation and death. She would have been smaller due to malnutrition and she would have no idea of the world of pop music stardom.

    It is astounding when you think about it. It is like a massive experiment in which millions of lab rats are subjected to generations of nightmarish mistreatment.

    In order to compare and contrast the effects, we have a control group in the South. The control group speaks the same language, had the same religions and, until 70 years ago had the same history. The control group gets food and entertainment and travel and information and freedom.

    It is like some dystopian future science fiction novel. I bet South Korea would more easily assimilate into Oregon than rejoin with the north. I bet they have passed the evolutionary point in their culture when they can never be reunited.

  6. Greg B says:

    Are our representatives too frightened to speak like this man?

  7. BigJimTX says:

    Ok so you guys are killing me with paying $.60+ per round for .223. PMC X-Tac can be found for $.40 per round for fmjbt. Prvi Partizan is west bloc surplus. Both are Good ammo. Check ammoman dot com, palmettostatearmory dot com. I like PSA. It has great deals. They also have gen 2 pmags with window for $15.15. I buy from them often.

  8. R.D. Walker says:

    I just paid $0.42 per round, including shipping for brass cased, .223, 55gr FMJ at

    It was a 1,500 round lot.

  9. Uke says:

    Awesome RD. I’m in the market for another couple thousand rounds of 5.56. Also seriously considering a reloading startup.


    Pats over Jets, 28-0 with 9 min left in the first half. Fucking beautiful.

    Jets offensive lineman’s ass credited with one sack on his own quarterback. Impressive. ^_^

  10. BigJimTX says:

    Reloading setups:

    I have been looking at getting into reloading. I also shoot competition pistol (USPSA).

    My friends that reload use mostly the Dillon presses. They have a “NO BS Warranty”.

    I am looking at putting together as much of this as possible when I actually have money again.

    If you are looking at getting into reloading, has a great resource. He pushes Dillon products (he is sponsored by them) but there are volumes of information available on the forum there that discuss reloading questions and suggestions.

    I like ammotogo too. I used to get my 37mm stuff from them. I stopped playing with my “flare gun” a while back though.

  11. R.D. Walker says:

    Anyone have any experience with a .22LR conversion kit for an AR-15?

  12. RJM says:

    Check out

    It is a ammo search engine.

  13. RJM says:

    If you are thinking about reloading check out

    It has a load data database and you can search by caliber, powder and bullet weight.

  14. Uke says:

    At the risk of sounding uber-prepper, I was also brainstorming with my godfather about reloading in a SHTF scenario.

    Where the shit do we get lead? Or *primers* FFS? I mean, we’re all trained in bladed weapons and bows, but… Maintaining *firearms*?? I’d like not to resort to goddamn muskets if at all possible.

    Before I go spelunking, anyone know about this SHTF-ammo scenario?

  15. RJM says:

    The people that network are stockpiling everything they can.

    Wal-Mart has 7.62 x 39 for 4.97 for 20 rounds. Guys are buying 200-400 rounds and coming back in few days for more. .223 is same price.

    I reload so I have setback extra powder. I will buy casings primers and projectiles and load my own.

    I probably have 8k rounds in 5.56 x 62 grain, bought it at wal-mart. It is federal with Lake City brass. If you watch sales I’ve purchased at .33 cents

  16. sortahwitte says:

    I just looked on cheaper..,ammoman, and ammunition to go. What is the deal with .223/5.56 tracer ammo? Are we getting to the bottom of the barrel? I can’t think of any shtf scenario where I would want to send tracers downrange. Tamping down muzzle flash is bad enough. Are they using it as range ammo? If I’m missing something, please note it.

    • notamobster says:

      check out the new Survival Tips post on the front page. I just moved the conversation as this is uber-important information!

  17. Jim22 says:

    Heading south today.

  18. R.D. Walker says:

    Be safe in your travels, Jim.

  19. Notamobster says:

    Drive careful and watch out for banditos, jim. Give the missus my best.

  20. fubar says:

    anybody with knowledge of medicinal plants?
    I’m making my seed order (one of them) and came across the toothache plant, however further research with reviews of it are not very compelling. Would like to get some hands on info, as a family member’s death was most likely aided by the daily consumption of st. john’s wort tea by another well meaning family member.

  21. notamobster says:

    Catnip is a sedative and mild numbing agent.

    If you haven’t done so – you really should take the time to go through and actually read the Survival Tips section of the Revo, folks! Print out any documents there. Great info to have on hand when/if the intertoobs are no longer available. Check it out. Do it. Now. I’ll wait. There will be a quiz afterward. 🙂

  22. Greg B says:

    Excellent point about printing that info and keeping it on paper. I was thinking the exact thing a few days ago.

  23. notamobster says:

    See, I was waiting. 😉

    It’s good information that you can throw in a box or a closet somewhere — and never be without useful, necessary, survival information!

  24. Notamobster says:

    Anyone here seen the movie “the day”? Good post-apocalyptic flick. Watch it. Good times.

  25. fubar says:


    is there anything you guys havent’ covered already?

    I keep a binder of printed material. Not just survival info, but for the past two years I have been printing out articles of the travesty of justice that we have been living under. Because you know they are going to rewrite the history books.

  26. Bman says:

    What are you doing up so early? It’s 5:18CST

  27. Fubar says:

    hi Bman!

    this is late for me (6am) i used to milk cows at 4;00 am. old habits die hard. what are YOU doing up?

  28. Bman says:

    I worked at the bar. Haven’t been to bed yet. An 11 hour shift serving dipshits makes it so you can’t sleep, otherwise the nightmares start.

    I always thought Sunday was a day of rest. Waking up at 4am isn’t rest in my book 🙂

  29. notamobster says:

    Fubar said: “Is there anything you guys haven’t covered already?”

    Not really. We’re pretty-much the go-to resource for all things “informational”.


  30. Fubar says:

    I’ve been researching the feral hog problem in the US, I just read this book EATING ALIENS by jackson Landers – great read. anyway, i found this

    does this piss anyone off? the expansion of the feral hogs is blamed on hunters transplanting them to areas for hunts. It’s my understanding that esp in VA, they STUDY the hogs, but there is no budget to REMOVE the hogs (that destroy valuable farmland and habitats for native creatures) and the hunting restrictions are such that hardly any are bagged. Typical. They also blame local farmers for ‘escapees’ i believe awhile back they were trying to limit hog facilities because of this, maybe in Michigan. Back to more research.

    btw, Mr fubar went on one of those hunts awhile back and bagged 4 of them. the younger ones are tasty.

  31. notamobster says:

    I’ve had some incredible feral hog! There’s an open season on them in Michigan. Louisiana, too!

  32. sortahwitte says:

    FYI… On “cyber monday” is the dvd “Serenity” in Blu-ray for $8.99, also tons more mostly at $9.99.

  33. Jim22 says:

    Feral hog, javelina, ground hogs, porcupine, prairie dogs, and a lot more are out there by the millions. They all go well with rice.

    I’ve been meaning to post something about storing rice. Here is just a short primer:

    In his prescient piece about an attack of virus from enemies, RD mentioned that he was wondering how much dog food he had saved.

    We learned something about feeding dogs from Iditarod mushers. They feed factory dry dog food mixed with either fish or fatty mammals – mostly beaver – with rice. They cook it all and feed it to their dogs.

    Mrs22 has been saving chicken skins and fat, beef and pork leavings, and some other things. She cooks them in lots of water and when cool picks the bones clean. Then she adds plain white rice and cooks it until it’s cooked. She adds it to dry dog food on about a one to one ration for the dogs.

    The dogs eat the flavored rice first.

    The exact same thing works with humans. Rice is high in protein and carbos. Asians have known this for thousands of years. Just a little fish or meat is all that’s needed to make it a tasty meal.

    Rice is cheap. Walmart has it in 20# sacks at about $.50 a pound. Costco has it for less than .40.

    A five gallon bucket will hold 35# of rice including a metalized mylar liner to keep out bugs and light.

  34. Greg B says:

    THANKS, Nota.
    Made Monday soooooo much better. 🙂

  35. RJM says:

    Nota, please provide more info about the photo you posted. Need more data!

  36. sortahwitte says:

    Did you know that if you put the cursor on the picture and click, it gets bigger. The picture. I vote for number 4.

  37. notamobster says:

    I like #1 and #4, but I vote for #15!

  38. BigJimTX says:

    I see what you did there 🙂

  39. Bman says:

    What kid doesn’t like candy??

  40. BrunDawg says:

    Just to put things in perspective, there are more shopping days left than there are days on the Mayan calendar.

  41. BaconNeggs says:

    I am sure some of you have heard this story. I am touched by her suffering and bravery.

    ‘Please spare my little girl’: How Mexico’s fearless female mayor sacrificed herself to save her daughter’s life as she was abducted by drug gang, tortured and executed


    When some doubted that she had been shot, Gorrostieta bared the scars that riddled her flesh and swore she would never give in.

    In a statement to the public made at the time, the devout Catholic said: ‘At another stage in my life, perhaps I would have resigned from what I have, my position, my responsibilities as the leader of my Tiquicheo.

    ‘But today, no. It is not possible for me to surrender when I have three children , whom I have to educate by setting an example, and also because of the memory of the man of my life, the father of my three little ones, the one who was able to teach me the value of things and to fight for them.

    ‘Although he is no longer with us, he continues to be the light that guides my decisions.’

    She added: ‘I struggle day to day to erase from my mind the images of the horror I lived, and that others who did not deserve or expect it also suffered.
    Grim discovery: Residents of the community of San Juan Tararameo found her body as they went to work in the fields

    Grim discovery: Residents of the community of San Juan Tararameo found her body as they went to work in the fields

    ‘I wanted to show them my wounded, mutilated, humiliated body, because I’m not ashamed of it, because it is the product of the great misfortunes that have scarred my life, that of my children and my family.’

    ‘Despite my own safety and that of my family, what occupies my mind is my responsibility towards my people, the children, the women, the elderly and the men who break their souls every day without rest to find a piece of bread for their children.

    ‘Freedom brings with it responsibilities and I don’t dare fall behind. My long road is not yet finished – the footprint that we leave behind in our country depends on the battle that we lose and the loyalty we put into it.’

    After her ordeal she remarried and ran for a seat in Mexico’s Congress of the Union, but failed to gain the backing she needed.

    She remarried and dropped out of the public eye.

    But it was still almost inevitable that she would eventually pay for her bravery with her life

    Read more:

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  42. locke n load says:

    Checking it up at Revo Northwest..
    MotherLoad says Hi to all

  43. notamobster says:

    What’s up motherload! Smack that son of yours, while he’s there. Just for good measure.

  44. sortahwitteg says:

    Hi to sweet, beautiful MotherLoad! Hugs and kisses from G&S.

  45. MotherLoad says:

    Hey you guys!

  46. MotherLoad says:

    I’ll get the hang of this…I meant to say that I’ve been with you guys every day, remembering you wonderful folks and looking forward to the next meet-up.
    Nota – slap Locke around? Nah, his wife has that job now. I just feel lucky if I can get a few words in now and then.
    I think of you guys like family and whatever crap comes our way, we’ll be facing it together.

  47. BaconNeggs says:

    Guess who’s coming to dinner?

    Obama and Romney!

  48. jacksonsdad says:

    I was trying to save this for the right post but it’s making me laugh too much so I just had to share it. It’s not vulgar but it’s NSFW either…

  49. Roxy says:

    The Happiest Time of the Year!
    The annual Kershaw (KAI USA Ltd) warehouse sales starts tomorrow!
    Great deals plus they will sharpen or replace your knives. For free.
    Tualatin Oregon.
    There are already folks camping out. I’m guessing it’s a different crowd than those who were waiting for tv’s

  50. locke n load says:

    Wow! Motherload FINALLY grew the stones to post a comment!

    Thanks for the tip Roxy, I’m right down the road. Might check it out

  51. BrunDawg says:

    Today’s consecutive headlines:

    Illinois driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants measure advances

    Proposed $2 increase in license sticker fees goes to governor

  52. R.D. Walker says:

    Evidently men no longer have a vote in the naming of their sons. Those are boys named by women.

    I like the girls’ names but they all sound like my great grandmother’s quilting circle.

  53. notamobster says:

    Hey! I have a son named after one of my favorite old Testament prophets: Noah. My man creds are as solid as… something that’s solid. 😉

    My brother named his two boys Liam and Adin. The 3 boys are 7, 7, and 14, respectively.

  54. R.D. Walker says:

    And what’s your name? 🙂

    I almost deleted my flippant comment because I knew people would get pissy and because I really don’t think the the names are so bad.

    Except Jayden. If you name your son Jayden he has to be gay.

  55. notamobster says:


    My name is Sue!

    Damn skippy!

  56. sortahwitte says:

    My wife’s name is Sue. She has three older brothers. They were not the nurturing and caring kind of big brothers while growing up.

    Do not get crossways with her.

  57. RJM says:

    Welcomed my new grandson to the world today!

    Maxwell Edward Murphy. 9 lbs 8.7 oz

  58. notamobster says:

    Congrats, RJM!!! Another Revoista has entered the world!

  59. RJM says:

    I’m a very proud Grandpa. Youngest son and I had conversation about making sure he would have a masculine name. He agreed that they didn’t want any gay gender bender handles.

  60. BigJimTX says:

    This would be fun for a while, but I can’t imagine buying one. Rifle for non-shooters (not anti, just non).

  61. BigJimTX says:

    My dad’s given name was Kim. He has two older sisters. My great-grandfather paid to have it changed. He couldn’t stand it.

  62. notamobster says:

    Makes all that fancy sniper training useless. Now anyone can kill people from a long way off, unless there’s an EMP or the batteries die. Or the other guy is faster, better, smarter, hidden.

    Awesome system for folks without much experience. Or those who are lazy. 🙂

  63. fubar says:

    took my dog and cat to the vet last nite, there’s a flu shot for dogs now -H3N8.
    wow. feeding on the panic that pet holders have about the health of their dog. found this:
    from a vet;
    “Canine Flu came from the use and overuse of modified flu vaccine in the equine. The horses had the vaccine sprayed up their noses and then the modified live virus mutated to be able to attack and infect dogs. The first were the racing greyhounds on the very tracks that the equine flu came from.
    You can expect that the virus will once again mutate and jump to infect man and probably the cat, anyone that shares the environ with the dogs. Some dogs … because a vaccine has nothing to do with the ability of the individual to deal with a virus … may not have any signs until a stressor or another trigger comes along … bad food, travel, crowding, the physical exertion of racing, etc.
    People getting flu vaccines is most likely where the flu mutated from us to the horses……and we can expect much more of that with all of these pop a shot for profit coming down the pike. I’m particularly worried about groomers and kennel owners believing they need to add this shot to their requirements for service. Then you will see stressed out multiply-housed animals really rise a mutation.
    It’s the very use of vaccines is what keeps the disease in play. Vaccination does not mean immunization; it does not mean immunity. Every vaccination is experimentation under the guise of providing health care delivery.”

  64. rj says:

    Congrats RJM…

    @Big Jim, nifty I coulda used that when I was active…but it reminds me of a joke photi I saw one time, dude in a full ghilly holding a rifle on the street corner with a sign on cardboard around his neck reading…out of work, will snipe for food….

  65. notamobster says:

    Where’s today’s “Preppers Vindicated”? Anyone else missing it?

  66. R.D. Walker says:

    Didn’t finish it last night. I had a evening meeting that involved beers and was way tired. I will get it done later.

  67. jacksonsdad says:

    Congrats RJM! 9.5 pounds… give that boy a T-Bone!

  68. jacksonsdad says:

    Wow. 1200 yards. I was thinking that would be great to have in the zombie pockylips but it probably doesn’t work on moving targets… and zombies don’t sleep… do they?

  69. notamobster says:

    24 more days til Christmas.

    Only 20 til the Mayan Long Count Calendar runs out. Just sayin’.

  70. Rockheim says:

    funny things about the mayan calendar and their abilities of prophecy…

    1. Funny.. they never saw the spanish coming…

    2. //chiseling noises.. chiseling noises.. chiseling noises.. stop.. deep breath..

    Hey Bob.. why’d you stop there?

    Look.. My arms are freaking KILLING me.. And if these brain stems can’t figure out how to make their own stupid calendar by then they deserve to plunge into darkness and ignorance..

  71. notamobster says:

    I like the way you think! 🙂

  72. R.D. Walker says:

    Um… … … …what?

  73. rj says:

    Damn RD finally watched Bubble Pop video, I’m with you….

  74. notamobster says:

    Why’d the chicken cross the road?

    Because it’s Bush’s fault & you’re a racist!

    (sidenote – I dream of a day when chickens can cross the road, without having their motives questioned.)

  75. fubar says:

    just started reading GLenn Beck’s Agenda 21 (new book). Oh mah gahd ..

  76. Greg B says:

    So let me see if I understand this correctly.
    Hamas launches more rockets than ever at Israel.
    And the un votes them to observer status?
    That’s one step below nationhood.

  77. locke n load says:

    Ok then, Darth, I owe you a drink so I’ll list you first…

    So then, those of you in the DFW area..hmmm… how do I put this….
    Well, theres going to ne a christmas party in a few weeks.
    Actually, its a party to celebrate the season AND 10 years marraige to my most amazing wonderful wife. Considering there are many of you in the area (DJ, RJ, BigJim, et al) I thought I might as well extend the invitation and see who might be interested…
    While it won’t be a RevoFiesta it might be just as damned fun. For the rest of you, if you’re in the area or could be, fire me a note. Wifey has no idea how many of you there are, lol. Frankly, I don’t give a damn about the crowd but need to know how many turkeys to fry and hams to buy.
    So there ya go. Invitation is not only open but enthusiastic. All I ask is an RSVP. Just think, you’ll get to meet the legendary Mrs Locke, lol.
    My address can be had thru the Revo contacts page. Feel free to contact me
    That is all.

  78. R.D. Walker says:

    Yesterday I bought some subsonic .22LR rounds and today fired them through my bolt action rifle. I would say they made no more noise than the clap of hands.

    Out to about 50 yards, I can see no real difference in bullet drop. I didn’t try anything further Obviously there will be less kinetic energy, however. It punched right through an old hubcap with out problem, however.

    Super quiet with a bolt action.

    Just passing it on as good to know.

  79. Jim22 says:

    Also: “New C Products 30rd .223/5.56 curved Aluminum Lightweight magazine for AR15/M16 type Rifles. Feature Chrome Silicon Springs, Black Teflon coated Finish, and C-Products Orange or Black anti-tilt follower.”

    $8.95 each

    $8.50 each if you order ten or more.

  80. Jim22 says:

    RD, What brand? Did you have to order them?

  81. R.D. Walker says:

    I got them at Gander Mountain but they are available at Walmart.

    I bought some .22 shorts too. In my bolt action, they sound about like snapping fingers. They would be good for taking out rabid varmints in town or other places where you want to be quiet.

  82. R.D. Walker says:

    By the way, when my son was kicking in doors in Iraq, they would send guys to the area with these type of rounds to take out dogs and street lights first. Dead dogs don’t bark.

  83. notamobster says:

    “Why can’t we all get along?” my friend asked.

    “Because some people suck.” I replied.

  84. R.D. Walker says:

    Why am I not surprised by this?

    Dude wants a piece of the pie. In the article linked to the one above, it says he is deliberately CHOOSING to go barefoot, it garners more sympathy donations.

    Human nature, folks.

  85. fubar says:

    >Human nature, folks.

    I am finding it more and more difficult each day to find empathy in my heart for anyone in human race.

  86. BrunDawg says:

    After officers arrested Jerry Warren Jr. on suspicion of committing a Wicker Park robbery Saturday, the soon-to-be-22-year-old said he only wanted some birthday money, authorities said today.
    His plan didn’t work. Warren, who police say netted a whopping $4 in the robbery, was ordered held Sunday on $125,000 bond.

    A sense of entitlement without a sense of morality.

  87. BrunDawg says:

    “At least 11 people have been shot in Chicago since 5:45 p.m. Monday…”

    Story ran at 5:45 am Tuesday.,0,2295849.story

  88. Van-a-gram says:

    Piers Morgan takes a round on target. This made me laugh out loud.

  89. John B. says:

    Flashback by Archer Garrett is a free book on Amazon today. It’s a short read but I liked it and some of you might.

  90. Van-a-gram says:

    Good thing I part my hair on the left. The other way is disastrous.

  91. BrunDawg says:

    Students that have barricaded themselves inside Cooper Union’s landmark Foundation Building on Cooper Square are livestreaming their protest of the college’s plan to bolster its finances by charging tuition for graduate programs.

    They have three demands, including the resignation of the college’s new President Jamshed Bharucha. The students also want the college to reaffirm its commitment to free education and to give them a say in college governance.
    Live stream: