Preppers Vindicated

The following set of Real Revo posts are fictional. None of this happened.

May 6th, 0634: It would seem there is something going on in New York this morning.

Several hundred people fell ill near Times Square early this morning in what authorities are calling a possible terrorist attack. Several dozen became ill after visiting a coffee shop and a bakery. Authorities are not releasing details but a report from an unnamed source at Bellevue Hospital indicates there have been several deaths.

Clearly, something is up. This is worth keeping an eye on.

May 6th, 0844: They are now reporting that whatever is making people sick in New York is spreading.

Thousands of people in midtown New York have fallen ill due to what authorities are now calling a terrorist attack. Police are blocking off whole blocks and people are being told to stay in their homes and businesses with doors and windows closed.

This is serious folks.

May 6th, 1043: Holy shit! Now they are saying a similar situation is underway in San Francisco. People with the same symptoms are falling ill in that city. They are saying people are going into respiratory shock, suffering intense coughing attacks and literally dropping dead. It sounds like it is a choking agent or, God forbid, a biological agent.

May 6th, 1129: It is time to start praying. Fox News is now reporting similar events in Minneapolis and Houston. The governor of New York, after consulting with the CDC is ordering tunnels and bridges into NYC shut down. That sounds to me like a biological attack, not a chemical weapon.

Fox is reporting that the president is going to make a live address at 1:00 pm Eastern…

May 6th, 1202: Okay, CNN says a group calling itself the Islamic Tide has claimed responsibility. My God, they are claiming that it is a weaponized influenza virus and has been released in hundred American cities!

May 6th, 1344: It is a terrorist attack alright and it is a contagious biological weapon. The president has ordered quarantines in New York, California and Houston. Reports are spotty out of New York but Fox reported that there indications there have been hundreds of deaths. The POTUS ordered all domestic aircraft grounded just like during 9/11 and said there are more travel restrictions to be announced.

I just saw video of soldiers in full MOPP – gas mask and chemical protective gear – setting up roadblocks in New Jersey. People are being told to stay home. I am leaving my office and heading back to my house and my wife is picking up the kid at school.

May 6th, 1603: CDC just confirmed that it is a virus, it causes illness after exposure faster than any previously known virus. Some news sites are saying it is contagious and it is deadly in at least 20% of cases… so far! Current stocks of vaccines, evidently, do not protect against this strain. My God.

May 6th, 1655: My local news just showed video of panic shopping at local grocery stores. It is like Black Friday except it is groceries, not TVs flying off the shelves. From the video I saw, the shelves are already empty. I think they are going to stay that way too. POTUS just ordered the suspension of all interstate trucking and, in fact, all interstate travel not part of the emergency effort. Fuck. My neighbor is in Oklahoma on business. How the hell is he going to get home?

Folks, you if you aren’t stocked up, you better go get what you can. This shit is getting real.

May 6th, 1945: I just got back from the gas station. I figured I had better stock up on gasoline. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much of a line. Small town Iowa… I got 28 gas gallons including three five gallon paint buckets. Nobody said boo about illegal containers. I also topped of the tank of my pickup for another 24 gallons. If they stop all trucking, there won’t be much more to be had. The shelves in the convenience store were empty. Damn. I only have about 20 lbs of dog food.

May 6th, 2255: New York, San Francisco, Houston and Minneapolis are locked down with 24 hour curfews. Nobody is allowed in or out. Police and National Guard are stopping people but plenty are sneaking out anyway. How in the hell do you lock down whole cities? It would seem that the terrorists’ claim that they released the virus in 100 cities is bullshit. There is no sign of widespread outbreaks elsewhere. I feel sorry for anyone in these cities. Are there any Revoistas in these areas?

It looks like this is the real thing. I hope you have been reading the survival tips and getting ready. It is too late to start now.

May 7th, 0225: Well, they may not have released the virus in 100 cities, but there are outbreaks popping up all over. It seems that infected people were able to travel before the lock down and now it is spreading. Whole planeloads out of New York and the other cities are sick. Damn, folks, this is worst case scenario. It isn’t contained. We are looking at a full pandemic. Thank God we are indoors. No reports in Iowa… yet.

They are now saying that United Airlines crash in western Nebraska yesterday was out of JFK in New York. They are speculating that the crew was too sick to fly. This thing must come on like lightning!

May 7th, 0556:Shit. I just got of the phone with my parents in Fort Lauderdale. There is a major outbreak in Miami. They are indoors but they are not set up for a long haul inside. Damn it! Damn it Damn it! They are stuck and there is nothing I can do to help them.

I was right. According to my local news, gas stations are already running out of fuel. I need to go double check my propane tanks right now.

May 7th, 0802: Thank God. My daughter just made it home from Iowa City. My son and his family are a block away in their home. He isn’t stocked with much food. I hope this thing passes quickly because there is already nothing left in stores.

CNN is now reporting outbreaks all over the US. Most are smaller than in the four major cities but for how long? If this thing continues to spread…

May 7th, 0842: Bleach. You need bleach. I just checked my stock. Two and a half gallons. I wish I had more. Bleach is a disinfectant. You need bleach to disinfect your hands and anything else you come in contact with. Keep bleach and water in a bucket for constant use.

I had meant to buy and store a 50 lb bag of HTH: swimming pool chlorine powder. I didn’t do it. Damn.

May 7th, 0909:CNN is now saying that there have been outbreaks in 46 states. Iowa too in Des Moines and Mason City. The News Networks are saying that everyone should stay indoors. I don’t know what the hell is going on, however. Fox is running a week old Hannity and CNN has repeats too. WTF? The only updates are on the ticker on the bottom of the page.

May 7th, 1109:One of my local stations just went off the air. I also notice the blog is getting pretty slow to load. In fact, a lot of the net is getting goofy. Is anyone else seeing this?

May 7th, 1435: A lot of the media seems to have abandoned their posts. I am still getting news on the Internet and on AM Radio. Very little on television although I am still getting BBC World off of satellite. They are predicting that the virus will sweep the United States and beyond. I think it is more virulent than even the terrorists expected.

Hawaii is still unscathed but an airliner from San Francisco on its way to Oahu was diverted to a remote airstrip on the big island. It is under quarantine. Paramedics are supposedly on the way but for now it is being held at the end of the runway under gun point. They aren’t even letting them open the doors. I can’t imagine the hell inside. I wonder if they will find anyone alive.

May 7th, 1541: I have decided to bring my son, his wife and two children to my house. They are the last people I will let in. We are now eight. Five adults and three children. We only have about a week of diapers for my grandson. I hope we don’t need much more than that.

May 7th, 1942: We are now being told to assume it is everywhere. It has only been 36 hours! Evidently it is spread like flu in general. You have to come in contact with others or objects they were in contact with. It isn’t in the air. We can go outside but we must stay close to the house. We are isolated and have to stay that way.

May 8th, 0023: The Northeast is blacked out. Electric company crews are not coming to work and powerplants needing to reduce output or shut down. That means widespread blackouts including, eventually, here. I will continue to blog for the record even if we lose power.

BBC World is reporting outbreaks in Japan and France. There are bodies in the street in San Francisco. I never thought something like this could happen. It is bizarre. I can still see the lights of my neighbor’s house but he might as well be a million miles away. It is a starry night. I can hear an owl. If I didn’t know better, I would think all was normal. How long will it last? Can we survive locked up like this? I have to tell you, I am scared.

May 8th, 0704: There are sick people five miles from my house. Hospitals are crowded and there isn’t enough protective gear to go around. The radio describes horror everywhere. All this and I still have power and Internet. It is surreal.

May 9th, 0934: Mom said she has been trying to call for hours until she finally got through. Mom and dad are in their church which serves as a food bank. They are with about a dozen other people. The power is out and they are sealed in a sweltering oven. They are turning people away who are begging to get in. Some are threatening violence but so far, no one has attacked them. They say the scene outside is ugly. Quiet streets except for an occasional car speeding here or there. She is scared the water will stop. I told them to fill every container they can find. I don’t suppose there will be cellular connectivity much longer. Then I won’t know what happens.

May 9th, 1025: My wife, daughter and daughter-in-law have inventoried everything we have. We have food for at least two months. Three if we conserve. That was based on my plan for a year for the three of us who live here. I pray I won’t need three months of food.

A lot of the food is in our freezer. I don’t know how long we can keep that frozen. I have a generator but how long per day do I have to run it to keep the meat frozen? I really don’t know and I don’t know how long I will need to run the generator. We are going to eat the frozen food first.

All I can say is thank God it isn’t the dead of winter.

May 9th, 1345: I just got off the phone with a neighbor. Everyone is pretty stressed out. He thinks they have enough food to be inside for four or five days. He doesn’t have a generator at all. I don’t see how thing is going to be over in in four days. I didn’t know what to tell him. He asked about my food supply and I lied. I told him I also have only four or five days. I feel like shit. He is a friend. What can I do? I can’t feed everyone. Hell, I can’t even go see him face-to-face.

May 9th, 1644: I have been trying to call mom. Can’t get through. I am really stressed out about my folks.

May 9th, 1709: Well, the power is off. They are saying on the radio that they were below staff limits to keep some plants open. There is some kind of a plan for rolling blackouts so we shall see how long it will last. I am on laptop battery and posting via cell phone. I doubt that will last much longer.

May 9th, 2204: Someone knocked on our door and I shouted that they had to go away. It turned out that it was a woman from my church. She was crying that she couldn’t go home for some reason… something about sickness there. She begged us to let her in. We couldn’t. She sat on our step and wept for what seemed like an hour. And then she went away in the darkness. I feel like shit. I don’t know if I can do this…

May 10th, 0535: Damn, now we have a new crisis. I let the damned dog out to do his thing this morning and when I looked for him, he was out on the road and, in the darkness, I saw somebody on the road scratching him behind the ears and patting him on his haunches. I have no idea if this guy is a carrier! Who the hell is he, anyway? I called the dog back and, before he got to the door, I slammed it shut. I realized that now I can’t let him back in. How do you disinfect a dog without getting infected yourself? I don’t even know if dogs can be carriers. The kids are sleeping but there will be crying over this when they wake up.

You know, I planned to roll the generator out and fire it up for a while. It occurs to me now that When I do that, the dog will be all over me. Hell, he will be all over me whenever I go out. I can’t let that happen. If he is a carrier…

I am going to have to shoot my dog. Crap. Things just keep getting better.

May 10th, 0625:Well, I did it. I took the bolt action .22 my dad gave me when I was a kid, went upstairs to the bathroom, opened the window and climbed out on the roof and waited. After a while my good ol’ bird dog came sniffing along the fence line between some shrubs. When he got to a point that couldn’t be seen from most of the house, I whistled a little. When he lifted his head, I put a single shot in it. He dropped without a struggle. I had to leave him lay. There is nothing else I can do. It is a tough morning for the kids. It’s hard on me too. I loved that dog.

May 10th, 0914: This whole thing is surreal. I fired up the generator, plugged in my modem and router and my DSL works. I guess I knew thay had UPS and generators at the central office, but it still seems strange that I can get on the Internet. It is pretty damned squirrely, however. There is a lot of latency and some parts of the ‘net are down.

I am not going to recount the world news. If you can get to this site, you can get to the news. It is pretty much everywhere now all over the world. Obviously there are quarantined outposts around the world, but it spreads at lightning speed. Some people who got it three days ago and didn’t die are recovering. It seems it plays out as fast as it spreads. I hope the mother fuckers who did this watch their children die. Somebody, somewhere needs to be nuked. The technology associated with weaponizing influenza… It had to be Iranians or Pakistanis.

An announcement on the radio now has me given to understand that some people are immune… maybe eight or ten percent. So far they don’t know how long after you have been exposed you remain contagious. It might be as long as two weeks. That means we may be inside for six weeks before it is safe to go out. It is killing about 10 to 15 percent immediately. There are scenes of horror on the ‘net. Literally piles of corpses.

This is going to have a devastating impact on the economy. Best case scenario is a long, hard recession. When this is over, the hard times are just getting started. Prepare yourselves.

I let the freezer get cold, ran the well pump and charged the pressure tank. I am going to shut the generator down now.

May 10th, 1111: I saw National Guard humvees on the highway. The troops were in gas masks and MOPP gear. They were headed towards town. I wonder what is going on.

The kids are already going stir crazy. No videos and no video games. They don’t know how to act. When this is all over, my son and I agree they are going to be spending less time looking at screens. It occurs to me that nobody in the house smokes. I bet some people are going to quit this month.

My cell phone still works but I can’t get mom and dad to answer. It goes straight to voice mail. I bet their batteries are dead. At least I hope that is what it is.

May 10th, 1721: I have seen three or four cars on the highway today. Nobody on foot since this morning. I still haven’t heard from mom and dad.

I heard on the radio that the National Guard is leaving boxes of MREs in various locations for people to come out and collect. I don’t know how that will work without spreading the infection. I want no part of it. A lot of people are going to he heading out and a lot more will get sick and die.

There is evidence that the spread of the sickness has slowed. Hundreds of millions have been exposed but it seems to have maxed out. Many are very sick as I type this. Others are either locked down as we are or are asymptomatic carriers. They are the people who worry me. They probably don’t even know that they are carriers.

May 10th, 2232: The siren at the volunteer fire department in town has been wailing for about twenty minutes. What the hell does that mean?

May 11th, 0025: Why does a fire siren wail? Duh. Because there is a fire. It looks like a hell of a fire too. The smoke is lit from the fire below. We are about a mile north of town and I can see the flames. It looks like at least three or four blocks going up. It isn’t hard to imagine what happened. A fire started somewhere and the volunteer fire fighters are either too sick, too scared or too dead to come out. My home town is burning. I know pretty much everyone in town. What next?

May 11th, 0832: I got up this morning and rode my bicycle toward town. I thought about driving but decided I need to save every drop of gasoline I can. That is a good call because the electric substation that serves my house is pretty much burnt down. So are about six blocks adjacent to it. It looks like something from World War II. My church is gone. So is my best friend’s house. I saw some people moving about but I didn’t get close enough to risk infection.

On the ride back a pair of crows on the shoulder caught my eye. They flew away and I saw something in the weeds near where they had been standing. It was a woman’s body. I think it was the woman from my church who was at my door the other night. It was too bloated to tell for sure.

May 11th, 1427: There have been people on the road. Sick people. People we know. Most in cars; some on foot. They are getting out of town and away from the fire. My older son, Kent, is on the front porch. When they come by and stop, he greets them and politely asks them to move on. They seem to understand and grimly move on. Of course he is holding an AR-15.

Kent grew up in this town. He went to school here. He went to church here. We all have. What is this doing to us? Are we losing our humanity? What can we do? We are helpless but still feel deep, profound guilt. I pray that God forgives us.

May 11th, 1800: It’s a beautiful day. A perfect spring day, really. Green grass, flowers, blue sky, birds singing… The kids are out in the yard with my daughter-in-law. They are swinging. It looks totally normal except the grass needs to be cut. That isn’t going to happen. Oh, and my sweet, 26 year old daughter-in-law has my Glock in her hand. That is so weird to see. It is, however, necessary. We can’t let what happened to the dog happen to one of the kids. People are just going to have to stay away.

May 11th, 1836:No bars on my cell phone. Maybe something to with the fire. Who knows?

Well, whenever we were low over the last year or two, we raided our toilet paper stock and then didn’t replenish it. It is obvious now that we are going to have to either figure out how to get more, come up with a different solution or ration like crazy. For now, ladies, you get one square for number 1.

May 11th, 2332: I spent the rest of the evening getting my smoker ready. Seeing the substation at the edge of town made it clear that our rolling blackout is permanent… at least for the foreseeable future. Keeping the freezer going permanently isn’t an option.

I have a couple of briskets and a couple of rump roasts in the freezer. We have decided to thaw them, slice them thin and smoke them. We pulled them out to thaw and replaced them in the freezer with cold water. We have been running the generator for about three hours to freeze the water. It will help keep the freezer cold without power.

I usually smoke with chunks of hickory but I buy it at the store. I don’t have hickory here. I have a huge woodpile that is all oak and elm. The oak is good for smoking. Elm isn’t. I will get up tomorrow and sort out the oak and chop it down to chunks that will work in my smoker. I will need enough to keep the smoker going for two or three days. I have made jerky before but we always kept it in the refrigerator. Now we will find out if it will stay edible without refrigeration.

May 11th, 2352: We have decided that we need someone alert and awake at all times. We can’t risk anyone coming in for any reason. My son and I going to keep watch tonight. I have first watch 1200-0300.

I don’t know what I was imagining when I was prepping. I know what I wasn’t imagining, however. I wasn’t imagining shooting someone I know just trying to survive. I hope and pray it doesn’t come to that. If it does, I will do what I have to do. We will survive this.

May 12th, 0813: I got up to chop wood this morning and, while I was going about that, I heard a loud “howdy!” behind me. It was my neighbor a quarter mile to the north, Marv Ashbrook. Marv is a bachelor farmer, probably about 70 and he scared the living shit out of me. I jumped back, grabbed my Glock and told him to not come any closer. He seemed shocked and not a little hurt.

I apologized and told him that we had to keep apart so as not to infect each other. He said he understood but that he had been alone since things went bad. I told him that we should keep apart anyway. He agreed and told me that he wanted to slaughter a heifer but that he wasn’t up to it himself. He said that if Kent or I helped, we could take half the meat. He even offered up some half gallon Ball Jars and lids he said he had to can it. We discussed, um, shall we say current events and I said I would come up and let him know later in the day.

May 12th, 1059: We talked about and decided that since Marv is a known entity and a family friend for decades, he can be trusted to have kept himself isolated. Kent is going to go help with the beef and bring back whatever we are able to can in the number of big jars Marv can part with. He is going to take his car and head up later this afternoon. I am going to get back to chopping wood for the smoker.

May 12th, 1344: We heard on the radio today that the president has declared martial law and nationalized all National Guard units. Most of the units, however, are pretty devastated themselves. We also heard that the death rate is now at 15 percent and expected to rise to 20 percent or so. The only good news today is that people who survive, seem to recover fairly quickly and are thereafter immune. We keep listening to hear word of a vaccine. So far, we have heard nothing definitive.

It isn’t hard to see what is coming. People who have been sick and have recovered will be free to go about their lives and try to clean up the mess out in the world. Those of us who haven’t been exposed will have to stay quarantined or risk a 20 percent chance of dying when we do get sick. Until there is a vaccine, we are going to be trapped even as the world starts to heal. That sucks hard.

Kent just left to head up to Marv’s place.

May 12th, 1700: We heard a little more about what the martial law order means. Basically, all law enforcement has been nationalized and reports through the military chain of command. From what I can tell, all LEOs report through some sort of chain of command to the commanding general of the state’s National Guard. These CGs then report to the Pentagon or something. It is supposed to be a 90 day thing. It was a little vague on the radio. The point is that we are under military jurisdiction.

May 12th, 2220: Got the smoker going. It is amazing how much of the day is spent just preparing food.

Kent hasn’t come back yet. I am starting to get worried. So is his wife.

May 12th, 0813: I got up early and drove up to Marv’s and laid on the horn. Marv came out and he didn’t look good. He told me Kent is sick. He has it. I felt like the elevator just dropped down the shaft. I got tunnel vision. I dropped to my knees. Marv must be a carrier after all because he doesn’t have it even though he said he was caring for my boy.

I asked how bad. It is bad. He is coughing and is having difficulty catching his breath. He is in pain all over. I wanted to so badly go in and see him but knew I couldn’t. I talk to Marv from the road and he said he would do his best to car for him. I had to leave. I couldn’t even take the meat from the heifer or the jars.

I went back to the house and grabbed one of the two FRS/GMRS radios I had been charging when the generator was running and drove back up to Marv’s. I left it out on the road for him to retrieve.

Marv took it in and I was able to talk to Kent. He had a difficult time responding without causing a coughing jag so it was pretty much one way. I told him I loved him, that I was sorry and that I would take the radio back to his wife and children immediately. I did. It was gut retching.

We have established a communications window at the top of the hour, every hour. Otherwise, the radios will be off to preserve battery power.

May 12th, 0922: Kent is strong. If anyone is going to survive this it will be Kent. We are all praying. When he makes it through, he will be immune and out of the woods. It will be behind him. I believe he will make it.

When he does recover, however, he won’t be able to come home. Not if he is still contagious. We have no way of knowing how long he will remain contagious. None at all. He will have to stay at Marv’s. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t make sense for us all to go up to Marv’s, one at a time, until we are all exposed. It would be a real relief. It isn’t going happen, however. I can’t take a 20% chance of killing my children and wife. We are just going have to tough this out.

May 12th, 0922: My boy is suffering. I can’t stand it. I am not going to be able to post for a while.

May 14th, 0741: It has been two days since my last post and I Kent is still with us. I am given to understand that, if he hasn’t succumbed by now, he will survive. Thank God. In fact, I think our prayers have been answered and he is improving. He was even able to speak with his wife for a couple of minutes. The anger I felt for Marv is abating. He has taken good care of my son and, for that, I am grateful.

May 14th, 0941: There are reports of riots in some of the larger cities and heavy handed force to put them down. St. Louis and Chicago seem particularly bad. All I have is the radio but it sounds pretty serious.

May 14th, 1325: Here we go. We just heard on the radio that, due to the disaster, the President has issued and executive order suspending aspects of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and I am going by memory here, the right to Habeus Corpus, the right to trial, the right to free speech and the right to assembly. The order also gives various government departments control over all modes of transportation, the ports and all food resources and farms. It also said something about plans to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision. There was other stuff too, I just can’t recall right now. It was an order that was supposed to expire in 180 days. We shall see. The talking head on the radio read it like she was reading the farm report and it was the most unremarkable thing she had ever heard.

It seems like bluster for now. I haven’t seen sign of any government since the National Guard troops I saw on the fist day. Well, I did see a group of five aircraft that looked and sounded like fighter jets leave contrails across the sky yesterday, I guess. They were too high to identify. Whatever the case, things are getting even more troubling.

It is another beautiful day here in farm country. The wife and kids are working in the garden. If the grass in my yard wasn’t a foot tall, you wouldn’t know a thing was wrong.

May 15th, 1213: We just got word that Kent is up and walking. He is weak but feeling much better. He made it. We thank God but we still can’t see him. He is contagious and can’t come home. Thank God for the FRS radios. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to keep in touch. They are a godsend. Keeping it charged on the cigarette lighter socket in the car is a snap.

May 15th, 1423: It occurs to me that my mortgage payment is due today. How in the hell am I supposed to pay it? No computer access, no telephone access and no mail access. Most of the country must be in a similar situation. In fact, people won’t be getting paychecks either. Nothing is happening.

What will happen? Will everyone in America be foreclosed on? Will every business go belly up? What is the status of cash? I still have heard nothing from my parents in Fort Lauderdale and fear the worst. Will I have access to their assets? Do they have any assets? Will any of us have any assets? I really don’t know what to expect except the deepest, darkest depression in American history.

May 16th, 1743: There are a lot more cars on the highway. In fact, there seems to be a lot more movement in general. The radio says that power has been restored in some areas. It also says that civil unrest is still basically out of control. Military units have been so decimated with sickness and desertion that they are largely non-operational. In the cities, there is real hunger and as survivors regain their strength, they demand food and burn and loot to get it. This thing is far from over.

May 16th, 1832: I have to tell you, we are all getting stir crazy. We are up at first light and to sleep at dark. We trade off for night watch. It has only been ten days but I am not used to being shut in day after day. The kids seem to be taking it better than the rest of us.

May 19th, 1447: Kent isn’t 100 percent, but he is getting close. He is up and around and is making a full recovery. He still can’t come home but he is our window into the world. Since he is immune, he intends to go into town in a day or two and have a look around. It should be interesting.

The only radio news we had been getting is from a local station repeating news as it gets it. We got ABC Radio national news for the first time today. It was very strange. It was – I don’t know how to say this – patriotic. It was very pro-America and very pro-collectivism. There was encouragement and talk of collective effort in just about every story. In fact, it pretty much reeked of propaganda. I think it is evident that it has been nationalized and is under political control.

The smoked beef is a success. We have several pounds of it and it is holding up well. It is tough but tasty.

We have been running the generator twice a day for about an hour. The freezer is staying cold and we haven’t run out of fuel yet. In fact, I haven’t even siphoned from the cars in the garage yet. We are running generators no more than is necessary to keep the freezer cold and the well pressure tank pressurized. We don’t run the furnace at all and have turned the water heater way down. With what we have in the LP tank, hot water and gas for the stove shouldn’t be a problem until winter.

We eat less than we did before, but it doesn’t seem to matter than much. I think we were eating too much.

Kent is going to go for a drive tomorrow.

May 20th, 1642: Kent got back and passed on what he saw. Things are a mess in town. It is burned out and there is no power or water since the pump generator is down. It is a ghost town with only a few people to be found. He spoke to some and heard horror stories that are the stuff of nightmares. I can’t believe we were spared only a mile away. He told me that there was activity on Bob Miller’s land south of town. A bulldozer was covering a mass grave.

After visiting our town, Kent tried to go to Dubuque. That is when things got interesting.

May 20th, 1642, con’t: When Kent got to the Maquoketa River on the highway, the bridge was closed, blocked with a dirt berm and a ditch and the bridge itself was covered with concertina wire. He backtracked, to a gravel road and the bridge that used to be there had been burned. Only the steel frame remained. He drove down to Highway 151 at Monticello and the bridge was open, but it was blocked with armed guards. There was a line of cars waiting to cross. He waited.

When he got to the bridge, he was told that he needed a travel pass to cross. He asked how to get one and he was told to go back to the Federal Courthouse in Cedar Rapids. He didn’t do that.

He said the guards weren’t military. Too fat and too old, no uniform; just a hodge-podge of dress. After he turned around, he passed a TSA vehicle heading toward the bridge. He headed back to Marv’s and radioed us the news. We don’t know what to make of it for sure.

May 21st, 1212: The radio announcer says there is a nasal mist vaccine that is being distributed. How can this be? I don’t know much about the development of vaccines, but I know that they aren’t developed this quickly. It has only been two weeks since the outbreak. Scientists would have been ill. How can this be?

The nearest distribution point is in Dubuque. Since we can’t go there, the second closest is in Cedar Rapids. There is supposed to be a lottery of some kind. The information on the radio wasn’t very clear. We will wait.

May 21st, 1710: Our food supplies are holding up well. We have been eating a lot of meat and leaving everything that is shelf stable for later. The kids have even gotten used to powdered milk. Of course I laid in a lot of chocolate milk powder. That helps. We haven’t even touched the real hardcore stuff like 25 lb bags of rice or hydrogenated lard yet.

I wish I had gotten milk goats and chickens. If I’d have known…

Having a well is a godsend. We haven’t had the slightest concern about water as long as we can charge the pressure tank. Long before that becomes an issue, we can fill the cistern. We have been pretty comfortable. Nights are a little long, but life has been easy compared to the horror that must be living in the cities.

The road blocks explain why we haven’t seen more traffic on the highways. I would have thought that people would have poured out of the big cities and headed for rural America. We haven’t seen that and I guess I know why. I guess we are benefiting from the travel restrictions. Even so, I am pretty creeped out by needing papers to cross the Maquoketa River.

May 22nd, 1021: It was mentioned on the radio today that Congress is in session and heroically working with the president to deal with the crisis. They said there has been only three fatalities in the House and Senate. If the fatality rate is 20 percent, there should have been a hundred. How in the hell does that work?

May 23rd, 0801: The lottery is based on the last four digits of the Social Security number. Of the eight of us, three are eligible. Kent, myself and my daughter. Kent doesn’t need it. He will attempt to get three doses. He needs our SS cards. We are putting them outside under a rock. He is heading to Cedar Rapids today.

May 23rd, 2313: Kent got three doses. It was a madhouse. People attempting to get the vaccine were actually getting ill by while waiting for it. Most of the people waiting, however, were like Kent. They are immune and were getting them for others. They document the SS numbers of the people who receive doses. There were dozens of military and medical personnel on site. It is curious that so many were ready for duty.

Kent learned that he isn’t contagious if he has had it. The virus is eradicated by the immune system. He was warned that he can still carry the disease on hands and shoes, however. That means we can be close to him as long as we are careful to decontaminate. He left the spay applicators on the porch and went back to Marv’s.

We decided that the three doses would go to me, my daughter-in-law Kelly and my younger son. The logic was that it would be beneficial for me to be able to leave the house and go out into the world. My son should be able to be with his wife so she would get the second dose. Finally, the children should receive doses. We don’t know what the side effects will be, however, so we are starting with the oldest child first.

We hope to get more doses later.

May 24th, 0923: I have experienced no side effects of the vaccine nor has Kelly. My son has a mild fever but the paperwork said that is to be expected.

I remain stunned that the vaccine, the applicators and the literature is available so quickly. In fact, I don’t believe that it is possible. I am convinced that this vaccine for this specific weaponized influenza virus existed before the outbreak.

June 6th, 2313: It has now been a month since the outbreak. The entire family has been vaccinated and the spread of the virus has been contained. We still have no power but cell phone systems seem to be up. My account seems to have been dropped. In fact, all my neighbors have bars on their phones but no ability to make calls.

We have been to town and have met with people in our church. The horror stories are nightmarish. People are hungry. Food distribution by the National Guard is sporadic. People are living on corn meal and whatever livestock can be slaughtered.

It is worse in the cities. St. Louis, evidently, has been pretty much burned to the ground. Just about every major city has food riots. Distribution systems are still broken. Grocery stores in Cedar Rapids are pretty much just shells. People spend most of their days waiting in line for whatever distribution is available.

I am convinced that the travel restrictions are the only reason we haven’t been overrun with refugees from the cities. We hear rumors of hoards hitting rural areas around Chicago hard. Our house is in a very rural area on a road to nowhere. We wouldn’t have had such an easy go of it if we were on a natural line of drift.

It has been raining for a week adding to the misery. People stand shivering in the rain waiting for handouts. Queue positions are guarded to the death. I thank God daily we are not forced to wait in these lines for our next meager meal.

Power is on in Cedar Rapids. I doubt we will see anyone to repair our burned out substation for months. How could it be a priority for anyone?

There are rumors that some gas stations will be getting gasoline.

June 8th, 0823: Last night we were running the generator when it suddenly went off. I knew it was low on gas so I went to check it out. When I got out there, I saw a figure in the dark pulling it around the house. I shouted at him to let go and get off my land. He stopped and told me to fuck off. He was taking it and he would kill me. I froze and asked him who he was and realized there was a second person in the darkness. He told me he had a gun and would use it.

I was unarmed and told him that he could have the generator as I backed away. As I did, Kent came around the other side of the house and shot at the man closest to him. They both ran through the tree line and to pastureland north of the house. I ran to get my rifle and Kent watched as they took off in what looked like a Jeep.

This morning we found a blood trail through the pasture. We are chaining he generator to a bunch of cinder blocks this morning.

I am surprised we haven’t seen more of this sort of thing. I do expect it to increase.

June 9th, 1612: Today Kent and I went and found as many of the men from town as we could. We asked them to meet in the church and we talked about establishing some kind of a security/law enforcement entity for the area. Our town was served by the county sheriff but we have seen nothing the them since the outbreak. Everyone was pretty enthusiastic and promised to round up other adult men. We are to meet again tomorrow at noon.

June 9th, 2022: Talking to folks in town, it is pretty evident that nobody believes the narrative we are being told regarding the outbreak. It is just impossible that the vaccine could have been ready as quickly as it was. Furthermore, there is only a tepid interest in tracking down the perpetrators in what is now an obviously state controlled media.

There are various theories as to what really happened ranging from it was an accident to it was a planned government attack in the citizenry. I am not sure what to believe but I am certain we are not being told the full story. In fact, we are getting very little news at all.

I don’t know what has happened to my parents. In fact, I don’t know what has happened to any of my family that isn’t here with me. There is just no way to know. I am told there is some Internet, but it is highly restricted and I sure can’t access it. My phone line is down and my cell phone won’t connect. There is no mail and there are no newspapers. There is only the radio and that is like listening to some kind of a government propaganda broadcast.

I need to head out into the watch position for a few hours.

June 20th, 2000: Rationing is in full effect. Most of the larger grocery stores are back in business but you can’t buy anything without ration coupons. The weird thing is, the coupons also act as cash script. In other words, nobody is paying for groceries. I guess it makes sense because nobody has any cash. Banks and ATMs are open in a few places, but most people haven’t worked for weeks. Anyone who lived paycheck to paycheck before the outbreak is now destitute.

There are jobs coming, however. We are being told that there will be work brigades formed. These are supposed to be voluntary but there is some indication that if their aren’t enough volunteers, there will be a draft. It is all pretty vague for now.

Gasoline is also available via ration, not that there is a lot to be had. Ration coupons for food and fuel are being distributed at the post office that delivers mail to your address. Our post office burned so they have been distributing coupons at our town library. They are distributed just one day a week and, so far, there has only been one distribution in my town. I didn’t even try to get coupons. I am told the the line was around the block.

Everyday we hear about riots and crime. In one town in Iowa, three houses were robbed and all of the people inside were murdered. What we hear about the state of the larger cities is the stuff of nightmares: Complete societal breakdown in some cases.

The men in my town have set up security patrols. We communicate via FRS radios and work in teams. We have done our best to secure the town. There are five roads leading into my town. Three are gravel. The other two are the highway on the east and west sides of town. We have trenched the gravel roads and built up berms to keep any traffic from entering town on those roads. On the highway we have set up zigzag barriers using old trucks and posted guards. None of this keeps people from coming into town on foot, but we now control who comes in via vehicle. Every vehicle gets stopped. If the traveler has no business in town, we direct them out to the highway bypass.

My house is outside the perimeter. We are considering moving to Kent’s home in town however there would be far less space. We will continue to monitor the situation.

June 29th, 1332:We have established contact with the towns on the highway east and west of ours and are cooperating with security. Some of the technical gurus have reworked local switching so we have some ability to use land-line telephone between towns. It is an awful lot like the old days with party lines and manual switching, but at least there is some communication. There is getting to be more truck traffic out on the bypass. Travel restrictions are still in place. In fact, I am told the guard houses at various bridges are taking on a very permanent appearance.

Over in the next town over, Littleton, there is a young man who deserted his National Guard unit and pretty much walked back to Iowa. He said there is a military curfew in Chicago that stretches out to 60 miles from the loop. He says that the situation in Chicago is apocalyptic and that refugees are pouring out of the city. They are pillaging towns all over northern Illinois. The soldier told me that half his unit had deserted. Guardsmen could no longer battle with their fellow Americans.

July 5th, 1437: A trucker delivering fuel stopped and chatted when I was at my guard post this morning. He said that a military unit in Atlanta has mutinied has gone rouge. He said they were given orders to collect weapons and take prisoners and refused. He said other units are coming to take their place and that he expects a battle. We have heard nothing of this on the radio. Not that we would expect to. It is clear the news on the radio is being tightly controlled. What the hell is going on in this country?

July 8th, 1700:The power company has installed a new, temporary substation in my town. For the first time in eight weeks, we have power, although it is pretty unstable. It is amazing how much you take power for granted. It seems like a luxury now. We did manage to keep our freezer cold and our well pump going but I was starting to worry about the number of hours on my generator.

We have started getting ration coupons but haven’t used them much. The nearest store that takes them is 11 miles away and we just don’t need it. We are working together in town to feed ourselves as best we can. We have moved cattle onto the high school track and football field and set it up as a feed lot. We have moved hogs into a few fenced areas in town as well. We are bringing corn and hay in from bins and barns in the surrounding area. An accountant from town is working on how we will manage payment when the time comes. Not that it matters, any livestock not guarded disappears like a $100 bill left on a city sidewalk. Seeing sides of beef being worked as they hang from the bleachers is a pretty amazing sight.

July 10th, 1920: We got a visit from the Department of Homeland Security today. They rolled into town in SUVs and asked to speak to the head of our town security. We aren’t that organized but, since I had the duty, I spoke to them. They told us that we would soon have a federal marshal assigned to our town and that it was time to remove our road blocks.

I told them we would do no such thing. They told us they would return with a court order. I said we didn’t care, the road blocks stay. We told them we knew what was going on in Illinois and that we are going to continue to protect our homes and families. They were not pleased but left the same way they came. They told us they would be back. We informed the watches in our neighboring towns. They did as well. Some of them had received similar visits. By afternoon, a dozen towns with a population of thousands had been informed that we are being asked to drop security and submit to a federal marshal. Nobody is very interested in doing that and we agreed to stand together.

It would seem we have a bit of a conflict brewing.

July 12th 1821: We now have a deputy sheriff in town. We sent a delegation to the county seat report our situation to the sheriff. He agreed to station a deputy in our town as a legitimate legal entity. Littleton has sent a delegation to Des Moines in order to get a better understanding of what to expect from the federal marshal we were told to expect.

July 14th 1341: People are starting to go back to jobs if they have them. Man do not. I’d say about half of small businesses are shuttered. State and county offices are coming back up, however. Everyone can see that we are in a serious recession that will likely stretch into depression that rivals that of the Great Depression.

Travel within our state is now open but we are being required to get travel permits to cross state borders. Truckers get permits but most family visit passes are being denied. Riots are still flaring up in the cities and more and more Americans are demanding that the government do something. Food is being distributed but it is still rationed. There is, of course, a thriving black market.

The government work brigades are being filled with volunteers. There are so many people desperate for work, people are lining up to join. The television news shows the brigades building their own camps. It is reminiscent of the the CCC.

A splinter party has formed in Washington. It is made up of both Democrats and Republicans but it is mostly Democrats. It is called the National Unity Party although they call it the NU Party. (New Party, get it?) It’s platform is based on working together to rebuild America. It seems to have a pretty good following.

July 16th 1732: The federal marshal showed up today. We informed him and his staff that we have law enforcement in town. He seemed uninterested and said that his role is administrative and covers four townships and three towns. We asked him to elaborate but he said it would be made clear in an announcement later. He told us to continue our security efforts… for now. He set up shop in the post office.

July 20th 1743: No internet although there is intermittent cell phone service. I have paid no bill for two months but it still seems to be working occasionally. Curious. We are using ration coupons to buy groceries because it is the only way food purchases are allowed. They don’t even take cash at the grocery stores. It occurs to me that every American is essentially on food stamps, now.

The group from Littleton returned from Des Moines. They said the governors office is aware of the deployment of marshals but has not been told that law enforcement has been federalized. He does not believe that doing so without his consent is constitutional. We are being told to continue to do what we have been doing but that our county sheriffs represent law enforcement in out counties.

Our marshal, for his part, has been pretty quiet. He hasn’t even ordered our roadblocks removed as was expected.

July 26th 1700: The NU Party seems to be everywhere all of the sudden. Television has images of NU Party rallies everyday. A slogan being used is “The NU Party for an New Nation.” The NU Party imagery is red, white and blue, smiling children, hard hat wearing workers and dinner tables that look like Thanksgiving. It is creepy as hell, but people are eating it up. I have talked to my own neighbors who seem to feel a growing excitement about it. People really want answers.

July 27th 0930:Right on cue, NU Party posters have appeared in the post office windows as well as red, white and blue bunting and brand new United States flags. That’s not all. A notice to “all citizens” also appeared today on the Post Office window.

November 1st, 0900:Six months since the outbreak and things almost look like normal. Stores have goods, power is back on, television is on and the telephones work. Things are different now, however. Congress as extended the state of emergency for two years. Travel restrictions remain in place.

The NU Party is ascendant. There are rallies every week. Thousands appear praising national unity, new prosperity and a better future. It is pure red, white and blue patriotism. Or at least that is what it looks like.

Cash is rare. I haven’t seen a $20 bill in two months. Everything has to be purchased using ERC: the electronic ration card. It ostensibly debts your bank account but mine would have been overdrawn weeks ago. The card, however, still works. I am told that ERC holders may be called upon for recovery work brigade enlistments of 30 days.

There is a new cash script. It can be acquired from the Township Marshal’s office in town. It is the same as cash… or so they say. Unless you have the old cash, nothing can be bought or sold without an ERC.

Naturally, there is a thriving black market. Cash, gold or silver are king in the black market. We are told constantly in television and radio ads, however, that buying in the black market is theft. There are stories of black market arrests in the news every day.

Congress is preparing to vote on additional recover measures. People are demanding that government do more to fix the economy. NU Party spokespeople are calling for temporary powers of decree be ceded by Congress to the President. I think they have enough supporters in Congress to get it done. They say the powers will be for one year.

November 21st, 0943: Today I received a “non-foreclosure” message in the mail. Since I haven’t been able to pay my mortgage, the bank is prepared to foreclose on me. I am told it can be avoided by applying for a mortgage relief allowance from the Township Marshal. It will be credited to my ERC account. Failure to do this will result, I am told, in seizure of my property.

Talk about being backed into a corner. I can’t access my accounts to make a payment but will be foreclosed on if I don’t pay and then, right on cue, the ERC system has an answer. I am left without much of a choice.

November 22nd, 1233: I signed up for mortgage relief allowance from the Township Marshal. I am now required, potentially, to serve 60 days on work assignment. I have no idea what that means or when I would be called.

December 24th, 0722: First the House and now the Senate passed an act extending power of decree to the president for the next 12 months. Many in Congress opposed this move but they were overwhelmed by NU Party members and pressure from NU Party protesters. NU Party activists replicated the Occupy Wall Street Movement of a few years ago and physically blocked the offices of Congressional reps who apposed this new enabling act. We hear rumors of violence against those who opposed the act and even violence against their families.

January 14th, 0657: Yesterday I was handed a photocopied paper describing the manner in which the outbreak occurred. It wasn’t, in fact, Islamic terrorists. The weaponized virus, the paper said, was a US developed bioweapon. It was illegally transferred to an Earth First! type group that released it as a means to reduce anthropogenic carbon dioxide. If this is true, it explains why the government had access to a vaccine so quickly. The NU Party was created, the paper said, under the principal that a good crisis should never be wasted. Is this true? I have no way of knowing but I certainly don’t deny it is possible.

I burned the paper. The new executive order against treason and sedition means you don’t want to be caught with this type of document. It wouldn’t be hard to get caught either. There are several active NU Party members in my town and an unknown number of sympathizers. In fact, this diary is making me increasingly nervous. I keep it well hidden.

February 19th, 2101: I have been assigned a job. This isn’t the ERC work assignment. This is a permanent job under the president’s “Putting America Back To Work” executive order. I am to report to the Federal Building in Cedar Rapids tomorrow at 0800. I have no idea what to expect and am tempted to not show. I don’t think I can risk it, however. Rumors of arrests and detainment are everywhere. Furthermore, it would result in the elimination of my ERC account. Without ERC, you get no gas, no electricity, no food and – at least in my case – I lose my house. I pretty much have to show.

I am nervous to the point of sickness.

May 15th, 0700:It has been over a year since the outbreak. On its face, things look normal. It is difficult, however, to overstate how much things have changed. I suppose the most visible sign is the ubiquity of the NU Party. It is everywhere and it is growing dramatically. Many of my neighbors are members and others are applying. Evidently there are membership levels or something. I don’t know. I don’t care.

Another thing that is ubiquitous is the New American Recovery Act or NARA. I work for NARA. I manage a NARA warehouse. I don’t know why I was selected to do that sort of work. I know nothing of warehouse management but I wasn’t given a choice in the matter. I was in agricultural sales before the outbreak. Not that it matters. I was assigned that job and so I do it. Most of the other staff at our warehouse doesn’t really know anything about supply chain management either. It is pretty damned chaotic and orders to grocery stores are wrong more often than right. My boss really doesn’t seem to care much that things are a mess. He is more interested in making sure we are all pumped up about NARA goals, not accomplishing them.

Kent is still working in the private sector running small concrete business. The lack of cash is a problem, however. He isn’t ERC compliant and his partner has said he didn’t want to be. He may be softening on that, however. No ERC; no business.

June 21st, 0654: A new executive order was announced yesterday nationalized public, private and parochial schools and prohibiting home schooling. People are pretty damned angry. Even some of our local NU Party cheerleaders seem a little pissed about this. There was no mention on the news of protests.

June 25th, 1635: Today a massive group showed up at NARA offices in Cedar Rapids to protest the nationalization of schools. National Guard troops were called up to disperse the crowd but all they did was stand around and watch. Nothing happened and the protest is still going on. There are rumors of protests from coast to coast but it is impossible to tell. The media isn’t covering them. Some with access through black market proxy servers say similar uprisings are happening across the country.

June 26th, 1900: Gunfire today. It isn’t clear what happened but I am told it involved federal marshals and several are dead. Windows are being boarded up at NARA offices. The National Guard continues to patrol but seems passive. It is almost as if they don’t want to get involved.

June 28th, 1952: There were 10,000 in the street today. The National Guard is gone. A speaker said it is an uprising from coast to coast. I was told not to report to work tomorrow.

July 4th, 0300: Independence Day. There is supposed to be a freedom festival today but it isn’t likely. An executive order that was issued yesterday requires that all rifles and handguns be surrendered by the end of the month. I can tell you what: It isn’t going to happen.

July 5th, 0053: Yeah, there was fireworks on the fourth of July. In fact it sounded like a battle going on. There was gunfire everywhere. We stayed close to the house. Something big is happening. The National Guard is back in their armories. They seem disengaged and things get chaotic. I am told that across Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Utah and other places in the heartland, NARA offices are being shut down. It is so hard to get news! It makes this so nerve wracking.

July 6th, 1233:Interstate travel is being restricted again. The stores are going empty.

July 8th, 0900:According to the rumor mill, the Governor of Texas has announced that, in an emergency session, the state legislature has declared that it is no longer bound by federal law and is preparing to negotiate secession. He has issued an executive order returning control of the Texas National Guard to the state. I am given to understand that Oklahoma and Kansas are close to joining. Back here in Iowa, people are in the streets, the National Guard is quiet weapons are being openly brandished.

I am not going back to work. My food stocks are good for another six weeks. I am tired of this so called emergency. If it is civil war, I didn’t bring it. I am being swept along by events out of my control. So be it. I am waiting to hear from my governor.

Epilogue: It has been five years since the outbreak that changed everything. I think back to before the outbreak and how naive we all were. Even those of us who thought we were prepared knew nothing of what was to come. The veneer of civilization is thin. It always was and still is. I thank almighty God that we made it through almost intact. I still weep for the grandchild we lost for want of what used to be a run-of-the-mill infection easily treated with an oral antibiotic. There were none to be had and we watched a precious little boy die in his mother’s arms.

There were no anti-biotics, however. The Nullification Crisis shut everything down. We were lucky however, food was available here in Iowa. That wasn’t the case everywhere. Of course the Nullification States were largely those in the nation’s breadbasket.

I suppose we should be happy that the actual shooting was minimal and it was mostly a cold war and not a hot civil war. It is hard to be grateful, however, for hard times. I still remember the feeling when Texas voted for nullification and the other states fell in behind. It was terrifying. Watching the military come apart was something I never thought I’d see as troops deserted and headed home.

It all seems surreal. The travel restrictions. The skirmishes at checkpoints. Endless rioting in cities. The collapse of the welfare state. The NU Party States claimed that Nullification States were in insurrection and the Nullification States said the same about them. The stand off in Washington DC was bizarre. Two shadow governments, operating side by side surrounded by their own security. It was a powder keg and other than the sad and bloody Georgetown Incident, was violence free. It was miraculous.

Well, demographics is destiny, isn’t it? If 41 states are Nullification States, they aren’t really nullifying anything. They are America. That was the conclusion and now all 50 states are “Nullification” states. The last remnants of NU party are limited to the largest urban areas were they are supposedly “free city-states”. They won’t last. Integrating the large metropolitan areas back into the nation will be difficult. Since they are still officially in rebellion, they will not vote in the coming election. That alone should give patriots in the Nullification areas a strong, sustainable majority just about everywhere.

The military is being reorganized and it will have its hands full. The tactical nuke exchange in the Iran-Israel War has the whole theater at a standstill. Still, the vacuum left by the disintegration of the US Military can be directly attributed for igniting this war and a half a dozen other brush fires.

Goods are back in stores and cash is beginning to become available but I don’t know that I will ever see the range of goods and services we had before the outbreak. I will miss the medicine, fresh tuna, and strawberries in the winter. I will miss the medicine the most. It was a blessing we took for granted… maybe in a few years. For now, life will be simpler. I thing that is, for the most part, a good thing.

When the Nullification States declared independence from the rules of a Federal Government ruled by the NU Party, we didn’t know what that meant. For a while it meant chaos but it also meant freedom. I still fear that the new boss will be the same as the old boss, but there is hope. The NU Party is disgraced and its core membership is gone. A new crop of Democrats and Republicans is in Washington and they are promising a return to the Constitutional principals on which this nation was built.

So many dead in the outbreak and aftermath. Millions in the cities. The lack of preparation was devastating. We lost one but I have no doubt we would have lost more, if not most, if we were unable to retreat to our home both during the outbreak and during the Nullification Crisis. We were only self-sufficient for short stretches but those short stretches were often the difference between life and death. I have learned that even a minimal amount of preparation has the potential to save your life and the lives of your children. To fail to prepare now, mentally and physically, is just damned foolish. Had I not prepared, I doubt very much that I would be writing this today.

We have a hard path ahead of us and I doubt I will ever see the standards of living I enjoyed before the outbreak; I am optimistic anyway. The nation is more volatile than ever and we could collapse back into the chaos of the Nullification Crisis at any time. I half expect it everyday. Still, I cannot help but to feel a new hope that a new-found faith that we are experiencing a new birth in liberty and that government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth.

Thank God for Deliverance and a Restored Nation.

Afterword: I didn’t really know where I was going with this when I started it. My goal was to get people thinking about prepping but I just started out with the story. A couple of editions in I decided where I wanted it to go. It occurred to me F.A. Hayek’s Road to Serfdom should be my guide. You can see the illustrated version here.

In this version, Hayek identified the war economy as the first step on the road. In my story, it was an case of pandemic flu. Whatever the case, Preppers Vindicated was built around Hayek’s vision. We should all be familiar with it. It is visionary.

This story could have had much more detail and maybe one day I will flesh it out into a novel. Right now, however, I just don’t have the time to give it the treatment it deserves. Consider this an outline. Hopefully, one day in the not too distant future I can sit down and give it the story and character development that makes it good read. Until then, consider this the CliffsNotes version.

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