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In March of 1979 a group of revolutionaries seized control of the government of Grenada from a ruthless, corrupt but democratically elected Prime Minister. The coup was virtually bloodless and the new bosses suspended the constitution and established a socialist form of government on the island. The concept of continuous revolution was introduced to Grenada and the people informally called it the Revo. The coup leaders established a revolutionary government guided by the Central Committee of the Politburo and promised elections that never came. The central committee’s policies brought about by their Marxist vision for Grenada included political arrests, the suppression of the media and reeducation camps for the island’s Rastafarians. The people of Grenada soon found that the new bosses were worse than the old bosses.

The Revo wasn’t really a revolution so much as a change of guard from one oppressive regime to a new more oppressive regime. What happened in Grenada wasn’t a real revo. The Real Revo is made up of free markets, free minds and the right to enjoy the fruits of your own industry. This site is dedicated to the memory of the real revolutionary warriors of all nations who have fought for freedom and liberty.

We won’t get fooled again.

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