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This off topic post brought to you by gals with God given gifts that do not include singing. They are, however, pretty funny.

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  1. R.D. Walker says:

    Well, we are under a blizzard warning tonight and tomorrow. They are calling it “Winter Storm Draco”. When did they start naming winter storms?

    • notamobster says:

      When they realized that the drama makes the ratings better. Love the video. That Aussie was okay til she started to speak, then her hotness factor tipped the scales!

  2. Rockheim says:

    Draco at least is better than the last “Snowmageddon” that dropped a staggering 1/2″ of snow on us..

  3. Jim22 says:

    Here is another prepper resource. I hope it’s helpful.

  4. R.D. Walker says:

    Again. Please log in if you wish to post links. All comments containing hyperlinks posted by those not logged in will go to moderation. This is new but necessary. You may see the comment, but no one else will until it is approved. It might take a while to approve those comments but logging in will prevent it.

  5. notamobster says:

    So, I have a friend who I met through my brother. He made a comment about buying a good self-defense rifle on facebook. Said he didn’t know anything about rifles, wanted some help.

    One thing leads to another and he has purchased a Norinco Mak90 (AK47 variant) from some guy he met via the guy’s brother. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    He got a quick “how to” and an explanation of what’s & where’s & all that. He now owns a very reliable, well-manufactured military-style assault-type rifle. The guy who sold it to him is buying another tactical 22. He is buying the Colt M4 Tac22. He will be super-happy to have another high-quality tactical 22 in his meager arsenal.

    Good times.

  6. Bman says:

    Naming winter storms? Oh yes, I remember “Hannah”, the Blizzard of 1997. They name winter storms the same way as hurricanes. Hannah was the 8th winter storm we had that season.

    I was stuck at the AmericInn hotel in Roseau, Mn when it happened. We were trapped for 2 days. The cool thing is that the hotel didn’t charge us for the additional days, but I remember we ran out of beer. It sucked.

    Pictures here.

  7. Fubar says:

    just finished the book BIOHAZARD by Ken Alibek, a Soviet defector who used to run the Soviet bioweapons program (was pretty high up in the chain); back in the 80’s they were mostly working on weaponizing plague, anthrax, tularemia, glanders, botulism and smallpox. good book, but it’s high on the political aspects of what was going on, not the biochemical engineering (which is what I’m interested in)

    I’m waiting for the Demon in the Freezer, by R. Preston.

  8. Fubar says:

    Oh. Also read “Greek Fire, Poison Arrows & Scorpion Bombs:
    Biological and Chemical Warfare in the Ancient World”. Has some info also on the present day bioweapons program (up to 2002)

  9. R.D. Walker says:

    Those wild and crazy Mormons!

  10. notamobster says:

    RD – Will the new platform support an Inner Circle, again?

    • R.D. Walker says:

      I assume yes. Let’s find out.

      • BigJimTX says:

        Is this a cob-logger thing?

        • notamobster says:

          No, it’s a trusted group of established folks, kinda thing.

          I think you’ll probably fit in.

          Why don’t you start cob-logging with us? You and Greg B and ‘the bronze’… He put the offer out there after the election. You don’t have to write or post as much as we do, but getting the additional perspectives is always good.

    • notamobster says:

      God is great, folks!

      Someone in Luling, Tx sent my wife & I an anonymous Christmas gift with a card (they’d quoted I Corinthians 13:13) and $400 in it!

      I can’t wait til I’m working again and able to pass the blessing to someone else!

      Merry Christmas, y’all!


  11. R.D. Walker says:

    So, the old theme had some weaknesses that limited the site’s search engine optimization capabilities. The new theme fixes much of that. Our hit count from search engines is rising. We can probably expect more trolls. Just FYI.

    • Uke says:

      So Rush Bum was merely the first of many more to come, huh?

      Welp, here’s to hoping we get some with at least slightly higher than room temp IQ.

      • R.D. Walker says:

        If they take over, I will institute a policy in which you must be registered to comment. I am not ready to do that yet, however.

  12. Jim22 says:


    I found another site using your famous’Obama bowing to Burger King’ image:

    It was done too well to ever go away.

  13. R.D. Walker says:

    New Feature: Since we have threaded comments now, it is harder to find what you have read and what you have not. I made the links in the sidebar turn red when you have clicked on them. It kind of clutters things up, but it will make it easier to see what you have seen and not seen.

    As far as Recent Revo is concerned, clearly if you read a post all on the main page, it won’t turn red until you look at the individual post.

    Like it? Hate it? Comments?

    • Jim22 says:

      I like the wider format. I also like the cleaner, more colorful look and the comment threads.

      I guess I’m not hard to please. It’s good to redecorate the place once in a while. It helps you find dust bunnies you previously missed.

      I’m not the handiest guy with HTML or other web stuff so it took me about five seconds to figure out where the dashboard went.

  14. notamobster says:

    It seems alright. Kinda weird, it shows my comments as unread. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • R.D. Walker says:

      See, that is the weakness in it. If you just look at the post, and read the comments, it won’t show them read. You have to actually click on the link to the individual comment to make it change.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      I just went ahead and made the read and unread colors very, very similar. If it is useful to you, you can still use it. If not, the color differences are subtle enough that it doesn’t clutter stuff up too much.

  15. notamobster says:

    Is there any way to make just the off topic section un-threaded? It’s kind of a hodge-podge and works better the old way.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      I don’t see anyway except hard coding. I kinda hate to start that. That really starts to kludge things up.

  16. sortahwitte says:

    As regards the numbers of trolls who may choose to show up. I really don’t mind hearing dissenting opinions from the wrong side. If they ever come up with something fresh, I would like to hear it. I do tire of the same old bullshit arguments with an icing of lies. Our problems will not be solved with wishes and dishes of ice cream.

    It all just makes my ass tired. I’m going to take a nap.

    • notamobster says:

      Marked as “pending” by our spam filter (hahahaha!!!):

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      this issue. Very best of Luck.

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      • R.D. Walker says:

        Take a browse through the spam folder once. It is a figgin hoot. Typical example…

        You recognize thus considerably when it comes to this subject, made me personally imagine it from numerous numerous angles. Its like men and women donโ€™t seem to be involved except itโ€™s one thing to do with Girl gaga! Your personal stuffs great. At all times care for it up!

        • notamobster says:

          “Your personal stuffs great. At all times care for it up.”

          I spent a weekend with her on the Mediteranean, years ago! ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s awesome.

    • Jim22 says:

      Trolls are fun sometimes. I usually give them a little rope and they always hang themselves.

      The ones that give me a cramp are the ones who have nothing more intelligent to say than something like, “You’re an idiot”. I think that’s stupid and childish and tell them so. They usually go away.

  17. locke n load says:

    Ok RD, I hate to even say it BUT…. the formatting issue hasn’t gone away.
    When ya click on the meta-category list everything is squred away but as soon as you pull up individual posts it all crams itsself to the extreme left margin. In the process it throws the Home, off topic, etc links into another dimension and buggers it all up.
    Just thought you should know
    Blasted IE

  18. TN-Cat says:

    Less than an hour and a half until the spaceship comes and picks me up.

    I hope there isn’t some intergalactic traffic jam. I would hats to go through the end of the world with common pedestrians.

  19. R.D. Walker says:

    Sure. Why not? Makes as much sense as many federal laws.

  20. R.D. Walker says:

    Of course the background is temporary. Just decorating for Christmas.

  21. notamobster says:

    Okay, the background flakes are cool. The flying snow is like seeing scrunnions (you know, the little white ‘stars’ when you get dizzy?) They’re awful. I think I almost had a seizure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. notamobster says:

    From one of the best comedy films of all time:


  23. R.D. Walker says:

    Do you and the other half have a song? You know, as in, “Oh honey, they’re playing our song!”

    For Mrs. Walker and me, that is this song. Aren’t we cute?

  24. Jim22 says:

    I guess this is as close as we have to an ‘Our song”.

    Written by Ian Tyson from Alberta.

    • Ray Davies says:

      Check out Ian and Sylvis albums. They turned out some fine stuff until they split.

      • Locke n Load says:

        Oh man Ray,lol. Not only do I know and love Ian but Jim22 and his wonderful Mrs can play a bunch from their catalog. Ever hear the story of how Ian got started in music? Look it up, theres a vid of him telling the story of his first encounter with a jewish boy from minnesota…
        Four Strong Winds is one of my favs by Tyson but I’ll admit it, I like Neil Young’s version better usually.
        Tyson writes about the places I drive. I’m always in and out of Alberta, BC, SK, and Montana… beautiful country. He does them justice

  25. notamobster says:

    Great song about being prepared. He says “sh**”, so if you’re sensitive to that word, caveat emptor:

  26. Ray Davies says:

    Jingle Bells with a 1911, lot of rounds down range. Wish I could afford to do this

  27. Slaphappypap says:

    Just want to say Merry Christmas to everyone here on The Revo. It’s been a typical crazy Christmas with me and Mrs Slap. Blessings to all of you and your families. Happy NewYear

  28. RJ says:

    I was looking at a comment thread on second amendment stuff the other day, the main lib talking point was the second amendment was meant for muskets not current “assault rifles”, a rifle against the current military helicoptors, drones, tanks etc would not make a differnce so go ahead and outlaw them…bla bla bla…. never gave a thought to well placed shots against leadership positions, by well trained long range marksmen acting independantly against a unconstitutional edict, lib think never ceases to amaze me.

    All I could think was Santa Clause ain’t the only one with a list….

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Two responses to that, RJ…

      1) If the 2nd Amendment only applies to muskets, then obviously the 1st Amendment protections of the press only applies to newspaper and not radio, television or the Internet.

      2) To intimidate a disarmed populace, all that is necessary is to park a tank in the town square. It takes quite a lot more than that to intimidate an armed citizenry and that “quite a lot more” may be enough to prevent aspiring tyrants from even attempting it.

      3) Who is to say on which side the operators of military helicopters, drones, tanks etc would be?

      • notamobster says:

        So, the boy & I finished building his model P-51 Mustang and I showed him a couple videos of the P-51 in action. Gotta love good ol’ fashioned Americana!

        And what happens to those who would destroy the helpless?

      • Ray Davies says:

        A two star I know told me the military would never be a part of disarming the civilian population. We’ll just have to see what hapens, I think most of the military would side with the civilians. Let’s hope it’s that way until we get our country on the RIGHT track.

  29. RJ says:

    Stolen from the comment thread concerning the math behind the coming financial meltdown over at PJM… in the vein of Curt Russell in Tombstone…..

    Tell em I’m coming to DC, I’m coming and Math is coming with me, do you hear? Math is coming with me!

    There is truth behind the addage the numbers dont lie.
    Pols on the other hand do. Look at the numbers they are simply absolutely with mathmatical certantity telling the truth.

  30. R.D. Walker says:

    I got a Wildview Infrared Xtreme game camera for Christmas. Last night I set it up in my yard for the first time. It works. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. notamobster says:

    ^^^makes me giggle^^^ you lucky dog!

  32. sortahwitte says:

    Just wanted all to know how I spent my afternoon. I first went to the public library and visited the magazine section. I then went through each magazine, removing the tip in subscription cards. I then discarded the ones requiring postage. I ended up with a stack of postage paid subscription cards about 1 inch thick. My experience as a printer says that is about 100 cards. I then used the list of people involved in publishing names and addresses of gun permits to start filling out the cards. I mailed 14 today.

    Am I a vandal? No, I already passed that course. Do I believe in payback? Yes I do. Have a nice day.

  33. A Guy says:

    Happy, Positive Video

  34. TN-Cat says:

    What an incredible man. Thanks for posting that Guy.

    Very humbling.

  35. A Guy says:

    I’ve been considering buying Morgan Silver Dollars, and various 90% silver coins in bulk. But I’m still on the fence about it. I have no doubt they would come in useful for when SHTF, but I feel a bit like a loon thinking about stocking my closets of silver coins.
    Also, if you look at historic price charts we are definitely a high spot level (currently ~$30/oz), but falling, and could potentially be falling quite a bit if it falls all the way back down to pre-2008 prices.

    What is your all opinions on this? Thanks

  36. R.D. Walker says:

    Okay, I am not going to bore you with these every day. Still, it was my big Christmas gift and there was some good action last night…

    Here is night two backyard test of my new game camera.

    • BigJimTX says:

      What’s that white stuff on the ground?

      • R.D. Walker says:

        It is crystallized dihydrogen monoxide. The stuff falls right out of the sky around here.

        • BigJimTX says:

          We have a hard time finding the non crystallized kind. The white stuff doesn’t happen here. Today was the first day that I hunted this year that it was even close to freezing.

    • Jim22 says:

      Still nobody going right to left. Do they all stack up on one side? Do they only go right to left during the day?

      • R.D. Walker says:

        I think they have a race track pattern through my yard, into the timber, down to the creek, out into the corn fields and then back through my yard. I have seen them going the other way too, however.

    • Locke n Load says:

      Ok, what the hell is a ‘game cam’? we picked up a canon t4i but it sure as hell doesn’t do night vision lol. Is the cam itself a night vision scope or is that a special infrared lens?

  37. rj says:

    if that is lead based paint in the house you may get in trouble for poisioning deer when they start munching on the siding… ๐Ÿ™‚ i thought that one was gonna lick the camera or is that a zoomed setting?

  38. rj says:

    Do ya need a good recipe for deer steak and gravy cooked in a pressure cooker served with a nice helping of mashed potato, corn on the cob, green salad and sweet tea….

    those guys look nice and fat, must still be plenty of browse in spite of snow

    • R.D. Walker says:

      There is about a bazillion acres of corn fields around me and, even after the corn is picked, there is plenty on the ground to glean. Iowa doesn’t just have corn fed beef, it has corn fed venison.

  39. rj says:

    I think I settled in the wrong spot.

    • Locke n Load says:

      And you can always pick up land cheap in Mi if you want a bit of hunting land..

    • R.D. Walker says:

      If you like deer hunting you did. To my eye, whitetails look puny everywhere else I go. I recently saw a heard of 50 or 60 working a field along with 20 or 30 wild turkeys.

      Deer are not revered here, either. A significant portion of the population consider them pests destroying crops, landscaping and the front ends of many, many automobiles.

      My wife’s farming family pretty much consider them vermin and will let you hunt their considerable acres without conditions. My wife’s grandmother thinks deer are some kind of a DNR conspiracy to drive up corn prices. My wife once asked me why we can’t just poison them.

      So there you have it. Iowa: A huge abundance of huge herds of of huge deer that people welcome the killing of.

  40. Locke n Load says:

    My fav gift this year was unquestionably the Oxy/Acetyl welding setup the wife got me. Close second was the ‘#1 Dad’ magnet from my youngest, roflmao