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“Seattle Socialist Group Pushing $20/hr Min. Wage Offers $13/hr for Web Developer”


In 2012, their official website was pushing for a drastic increase in the minimum wage. In fact, they pushed for a full $20 per hour minimum wage, even for the most basic jobs:


Now the same group is trying to hire a web developer for $13 an hour: Their ad, posted on both and, can be seen here:


Read more at Pundit Press


ISIS is Going to Take Bagdad and Why You Should Care


People’s legitimate concern over Ebola has been whipped into a frenzy by the utter ineptitude and incompetence demonstrated by the government in general and the Obama administration in particular. As much as I hate to take attention away from the collapse of liberal government theory in the face of a public health crisis, it should be noted that this this is just one of Obama’s disasters. In addition to refusing to confront a biological virus, Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq and refusal to confront the philosophical virus of Islamic Jihad has resulted in the coming collapse of Iraq and the capture of Bagdad by the Islamic State.

ISIS has effectively surrounded Bagdad, a prospect that the Obama administration considered impossible not too long ago. In some places, they’ve been there for some time and ISIS has been infiltrating the city and preparing to besiege the Shiite neighborhoods that will be the toughest nuts to crack. The recent spate of vehicle bombs indicates that the preparation stage has passed and that battle for Bagdad in now under way. Expect a Stalingrad-esque conflict with all the ethnic cleansing and massacres we’ve come to expect from the Middle East.

Moreover, the recent admission by the US military that Apache helicopters were sent to Bagdad to protect the airport from ISIS fighters armed with man-portable anti-aircraft weapons shows just how vulnerable that lifeline to the outside world is now. Real Revo Readers who remember the 2003 campaign and “Bagdad Bob” will find a bitter irony when they see US and Iraqi government spokespeople insisting that the airport is secure.

Patrick Poole has written an article that everyone should read, 5 Key Implications if Bagdad Falls to ISIS. Poole is not afraid to point out the difficulties that the world will face when ISIS triumphs in Iraq. These include but are not limited to:

  • ISIS will be the legitimate Islamic State
  • Jihadist groups will flock to its banner
  • The US will have no influence in the region
  • A generalized sectarian war between Sunni and Shiite will occur

Of course, Obama won’t care about the mess he’s leaving behind. That’s something for the next President to have to deal with.


How Many Ways Has CDC Wasted Money Rather Than Planning For Actual Diseases?

We listed some in our post yesterday but we missed some. There are other examples of waste but not many are as striking as their 36 page Zombie Pandemic Preparedness 101 Publication.

So, if I read this correctly, the Centers for Disease Control of the United States has been totally corrupted by childish amateurs who demand funding increases and use the money on everything but Diseases. They design and manufacture 36-page comics about zombies, they fund studies about why lesbians tend to be fat, and why people who ride motorcycles should wear helmets.

But they are completely unprepared for the introduction of a deadly virus like Ebola that has been around since the seventies. Their inaction on preparation, care, and prevention has caused at least two health-care workers to contract the disease. Who knows how many more there will be?

They don’t issue actual ‘Rules’ about how to prevent the spread. Instead they rely on ‘Protocols’ which are insufficient and dangerous and they ask people who have been exposed to voluntarily go into seclusion during the incubation period. As we have seen those people agree to do so and then repeatedly violate their quarantine.

It’s not just the leader of the CDC, Tom Freiden, who should be fired and prosecuted for negligence. It is also every person who played silly games like this. Also, whomever hired them.

zombie manual

Thanks to the Examiner for pointing this out


Homeland Security Is Expediting Visa Requests From People From Ebola Countries

Why would they do this?

It’s making my tinfoil hat make sense.

The Obama administration has led this nation into a myriad of crises that are making citizens fear their government. Some say it’s because they are incompetent. Others say it is by design. But what design would explain why they not only don’t restrict travel from Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, but actually encourage it – and make it easier and faster?


Hat tip to Doug Ross


Why no travel ban from Ebola Hot Zone?

The administration has made a huge political investment in open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens. It is the number one priority for Obama for the remainder of his time in office. In fact, it is largely agreed that Obama will begin issuing executive orders on this matter following the election next month.

Banning travel now would send a clear message that the borders are not, in fact, open under all circumstances. It would demonstrate that they can be closed if the government chooses to do so. It would confirm that the government has a duty to protect Americans from outsiders.

The Obama administration sees this as a slippery slope on which they cannot set one foot. Closing a border once will demonstrate to the American people that the border can be shut down and that there are very good reasons to do so.

Obama is betting that he can keep the borders wide open and there will not be a resulting pandemic. In other words, he is taking a huge risk with the health and safety of hundreds of millions of Americans in order to promote his political agenda and historical legacy as a friend to immigrants and a proponent of open borders. He knows there is a risk, he is just hoping to be lucky.

That is why we are hearing the confused, muddled, non-explanation from the CDC director that, somehow, banning travel from West Africa would likely make the risk of an Ebola outbreak in the United States worse. It is abject nonsense but he cannot tell the truth. Obama won’t allow it.


Now the fence jumper is in real trouble!

When they searched his vehicle they found a high capacity assault clip!

The man accused of jumping a White House fence and running into the presidential mansion while carrying a knife now faces a new weapons charge.

A federal grand jury on Thursday returned the charge of possession of illegal ammunition magazines against Omar Gonzalez in an updated indictment. Gun magazines that hold more than 10 rounds were recovered from Gonzalez’s car after his Sept. 19 arrest. Such magazines are illegal under District of Columbia law.

In Iowa, I can walk into the local hardware store and buy a 30 round magazine no questions asked. In DC, just possessing that magazine gets you ass pounding hard time. Unless you are David Gregory; then you get a pass.



Biden’s son booted from the Navy for cocaine use

Damn, and photographs of him wearing the Navy uniform was going to look so good when he ran for president in 2024.

Hunter Biden, the youngest son of Vice President Joe Biden, has been kicked out of the military after testing positive for cocaine, two people familiar with the matter said Thursday.

The Navy said that Biden, a former lobbyist who works at a private equity firm, was discharged in February — barely a year after he was selected for the part-time position as a public affairs officer in the Navy Reserve. Citing privacy laws, the Navy did not give a reason for the discharge, which was not disclosed until it emerged in the media on Thursday.

In a statement released by his attorney, Biden said he respected the Navy’s decision and was moving forward with his family’s love and support.

He is the father of three.



Take a Carnival Magic Ebola Cruise

This sort of thing might cast a shadow on the Fiesta Deck, huh?

A Dallas health care worker who handled clinical specimens from an Ebola-infected patient is on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, with the worker self-quarantined and being monitored for signs of infection, the State Department said in a statement.

The unidentified female worker departed on a cruise ship from Galveston, Texas, Oct. 12 and was out of the country before being notified of active monitoring required by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to the government statement.

The monitoring was established as two nurses at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, Nina Pham and Amber Vinson, tested positive for Ebola.

The hospital worker on the Carnival Magic cruise ship did not have direct contact with patient Thomas Eric Duncan, but may have had contact with his clinical specimens, authorities said. The employee, who has not been publicly identified, has not had a fever or demonstrated any symptoms of illness, authorities said.

“The worker has voluntarily remained in the cabin and the State Department and cruise line are working to bring the worker back to the U.S. out of an abundance of caution,” the Department of State said in the release.

Coming up next: News that hospital workers ate Thomas Duncan’s brain but that the CDC is assuring the public it isn’t cause for concern.


Freaky Friday Caption Contest



Some good news on Ebola

If these people aren’t sick, it would seem that it isn’t as contagious as some fear.

[T]he four people who lived for four days in the apartment where Duncan became progressively sicker after being turned away from the emergency department at the THPH on September 24, so far do not appear to have come down with disease. (Just checked for news.) The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that ” symptoms may appear anywhere from 2 to 21 days after exposure to Ebola but the average is 8 to 10 days.”

The onset of Duncan’s symptoms was September 24, which means that it has been 22 days since the folks in the apartment and the emergency room personnel could have been first exposed to the virus. The people from the apartment are currently quarantined and, if they show no symptoms, are expected to be released on Sunday, October 19.

I am guessing it takes a pretty huge viral load to pass on and that only happens in the spewing puke and shit stage.


This Is What Glenn Beck Does Best

He has a copy of the CDC procedures that the infected nurses followed. He takes the time to suit up like they did and then has helpers simulate projectile vomiting and diarrhea. Then he disrobes like the nurses had to.

He shows us all plainly just how ill-prepared the CDC instructions are.

This is worth sharing.


I’m Fucking Brilliant.

Seriously, even I forget how smart I am at times.  I have found a sure-fire way to stop this whole Ebola thing.  While the CDC continues to clutch complexity from the jaws of simplicity, I give you the best possible solution:

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Does He Really Think We Believe Stuff Like This?

Obama: “I Hugged and Kissed Nurses Who Treated Ebola Victims”

Well… maybe…

male nurse


James Wesley, Rawles on Ebola

Rawles is the founder and owner of

He says, “Consider This Your LAST Wake-Up Call.” He also addresses some very basic subjects – things like whether this Ebola scare could be used as an excuse to declare martial law and how to deal with dead bodies during a pandemic. He also advises staying home during an epidemic. That will require stocks of things like food and water.

It’s all audio so you can turn it on in one tab and listen to it while you go to other places on the web.

Hat tip to Dutchman

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Frontier Air Says Second Ebola Nurse Was Symptomatic

Amber Vinson

Amber Vinson

And an employee of the Centers for Disease Control told her to go ahead and fly even though she had a fever.

I don’t believe the assertion that her fever was 99.5 degrees. Either she was lying to the CDC or we are being lied to.

Statement by Frontier CEO David Siegel via the Denver Channell:

At 1:55 p.m. MDT (Wednesday) Frontier was notified by the CDC that the passenger may have been symptomatic earlier than initially suspected; including the possibility of possessing symptoms while onboard the flight.

“In light of the new information, Frontier determines that the aircraft will remain out of service and ferries it back to Denver from Cleveland without customers. The flight departs at 6:20 p.m. EDT and arrives in Denver at 7:20 p.m. MDT. In an abundance of caution, it is determined that the aircraft will receive a fourth cleaning since the infected customer was onboard. Though not required, this cleaning will consist of the removal of seat covers and carpets in the immediate vicinity of the passenger seat. The airline will also change the environmental filters onboard.

“NOTE: These extraordinary actions went beyond CDC recommendations. These steps were taken out of concern for the safety of our customers and employees. Steps such as removing the aircraft from service, removing aircraft seat covers and carpet and replacing environmental filters as well as placing the crew on paid leave were not requested nor mandated by the CDC. Frontier expects that the aircraft will return to service in a few days.”

More at Gateway Pundit


“The Centers for Everything But Disease Control”

Combover Tom

Combover Tom

‘Combover’ Thomas Freiden, the head of the Centers For Disease Control, like bureaucrats everywhere, says that the inadequate response his bureaucracy has shown with the Ebola outbreak in the United States is because the CDC didn’t get enough funding to do a good job.

It’s a lie and we know it. That’s what Obama administration officials do. Now the actual facts are available.

Michelle Malkin has dug up the numbers. She finds that CDC funding is 200% greater than it was in the year 2000, at $7 Billion. She also tells us that the CDC has been wasting huge chunks of money on programs that have nothing whatsoever to do with ‘Diseases’.

This is from Michelle Malkin:

At $7 billion, the Centers for Disease Control 2014 budget is nearly 200 percent bigger now than it was in 2000. Those evil, stingy Republicans actually approved CDC funding increases in January larger than what President Obama requested.”

So, in spite of what Democrats have been saying it was not Republican sequesters that caused the insufficient funding. Where did the money go?

Mandatory motorcycle helmet laws.

$10 million last year to study violent video games and media images

Strategies for preventing gun violence

Playground equipment. The CDC’s “Injury Centers” (Did you know there are 13 of them?) have crafted a “national action plan” and funded countless studies to prevent boo-boos and accidents on the nation’s playgrounds.

Social norming” in the schools”

Which of these are ‘Disease’? None. They are social engineering experiments. They are meddling at a federal level and the money that was spent on them could not go to infectious disease control.

There is a lot more here. It’s worth a read.


Blog of the Last Survivor

First entry…

2008 04 10: Today I had an interesting experience. A Muslim couple has settled in our town. The refugee family has eighteen members. They are kind and modest and they walk the streets in a file that reminds of ducks waddling on the way to the pond.

Flash forward…

2022 05 16: Now we have Moslems living in our condominium. My wife went to ask for the recipe for “baklava”. They refused to give it to her. It was because they saw her beat a rug in the courtyard. (That way to remove dust predates vacuum cleaners.) We assured them that we have always done this. We do not use carpets for prayer, only to keep our feet from getting cold. This they refused to believe.

Still further in the future…

2027 09 02: They have released me from jail. I sat for four months because I was caught with my pork-chop poster. The only way they could be persuaded not to chop off my hand was to promise that my family and I would convert to their faith.

My son is not affected any more. After his wedding night with his wife, he escaped for Chile. The rumor is that there are still living people there the old way.

Read it all at the Brussels Journal.


Our friends in Saudi Arabia crucify people for speech crimes

That’s just the way our moderate, Muslim allies roll.

Raising fears of renewed sectarian tensions in the region, Saudi Arabia’s top court has sentenced a charismatic opposition leader to death for speaking out against the kingdom’s ruling family.

Nimr Baqer al-Nimr, a reformist cleric, has repeatedly called for an end to corruption and discrimination against minorities. He has a wide following, particularly among young people in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, home to most of the country’s minority Shiites, who are considered heretics by the Sunni-ruled government.

After being imprisoned for nearly two years, al-Nimr appeared in Riyadh’s Specialized Criminal Court Wednesday with his lawyer and two brothers. Charged with terrorism offences and “breaking allegiance to the king,” the judge upheld the country’s harshest sentence — “crucifixion” — where the decapitated body is publicly displayed. His brothers were reportedly detained after the sentencing.

Al-Nimr’s family urged Saudi authorities to reconsider the sentence, given the cleric’s teachings to never use force against the government. “They use violent bullets, we will use the roar of the word,” al-Nimr said in a sermon in 2011.

In another sermon that year, al-Nimr stated: “It is not permitted to use weapons and spread corruption in society.”


Bank robbery is much riskier in an armed society

Remember when the bad guys had nothing to fear from the citizenry? Yeah, those days are over.

The second robber carjacked a vehicle because another citizen had removed the keys from their running getaway car.

Phoenix Police say a bank robbery suspect was shot and killed outside of a Desert Schools Federal Credit Union Wednesday afternoon.

A witness saw the men rob the credit union; she went into a jewelry store to call the police and then took the keys out of a waiting getaway car in the parking lot.

Authorities say another witness confronted the men and opened fire on one of the suspects, a second suspect allegedly carjacked a driver and fled the scene. The wounded suspect was taken to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The shooting happened after two armed men wearing masks reportedly robbed the credit union; both men were armed and left with a garbage bin full of cash.


Democrats resist travel bans to Ebola hot zone

I think Ebola might just be a naturally occurring October Surprise.

House Democrats are pushing back hard against proposals to institute a travel ban in the fight against the Ebola virus.

A growing number of lawmakers — mostly Republicans — are urging the Obama administration to bar travel to the United States for the roughly 13,000 foreign visa holders living in the West African countries where the disease is most rampant.

But Democrats are rejecting that strategy, arguing that it would both be ineffective and could worsen the epidemic in those African hot spots.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said Wednesday that U.S. officials should instead focus their efforts on enhanced health screenings, both overseas and in domestic airports, and cement the healthcare protocols designed to eliminate the spread of the disease in the United States.

“I don’t think we gain anything by spending our time talking about quarantines” of entire countries, Jackson Lee said in a phone interview. “We don’t have an epidemic, and for that reason I don’t think that calling for a quarantine of countries answers the question. We have to turn internally and look at our own selves and make sure our health infrastructure is where it needs to be.”

I think Jackson-Lee should go on a fact finding trip to West Africa as soon as she can and stay as long as possible. That’s one junket I am confident taxpayers would be happy to fund.


Practical, truck mounted, fusion reactors?

If this is feasable and practical, technology just changed the world again.

Lockheed Martin Corp said on Wednesday it had made a technological breakthrough in developing a power source based on nuclear fusion, and the first reactors, small enough to fit on the back of a truck, could be ready for use in a decade.

Tom McGuire, who heads the project, said he and a small team had been working on fusion energy at Lockheed’s secretive Skunk Works for about four years, but were now going public to find potential partners in industry and government for their work.

Initial work demonstrated the feasibility of building a 100-megawatt reactor measuring seven feet by 10 feet, which could fit on the back of a large truck, and is about 10 times smaller than current reactors, McGuire told reporters.

In a statement, the company, the Pentagon’s largest supplier, said it would build and test a compact fusion reactor in less than a year, and build a prototype in five years.

Somewhere right now environmentalists are figuring out reasons for opposing this.


A Real-World Survival Scenario

Here’s a little something to engage the mind. Consider this your personal invitation to participate in a mental exercise that is based on a real-world scenario. We talk about the Pockeelypse all the time and the news of the day makes a person think about things a little differently.

If you choose to engage your mind in the scenario, more is below the fold…

More below the fold…


The government has top men working on this…

Top. Men. We have nothing to worry about.


Inconsistent Messaging: “CDC: You Can Give—But Can’t Get—Ebola on a Bus”

Either they think Americans are too stupid to see the inconsistency in a message like this or they, themselves, are.

Really – are the people who are sworn to protect us all morons?


( – Dr. Tom Frieden, director for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said during a telephone press briefing Wednesday that you cannot get Ebola by sitting next to someone on a bus, but that infected or exposed persons should not ride public transportation because they could transmit the disease to someone else.”

Read more at CNS News


How do diseases get transmitted?

I was the unwitting subject in a self imposed experiment. I did nothing more than set about my regular morning routine. Took out the trash. Got the kids off to school.. And it was then that I realized.. Time to drink up.. Because I’m doomed.


But perhaps so are we all..

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