PuffHo: ‘Outlawing Green Tip Ammo Is A Dumb Move’

5.56 green tip

In his Huffington Post article titled, ‘Executive Order M855‘, Dennis Santiago says it’s a dumb move to change the classification of green-tip ammunition to make it illegal. Santiago actually has his facts straight. His writing style is difficult because he is so verbose but he is knowledgeable about his subject.

First he says the move will not make police officers safer:

There is no evidence or analysis shown in the BATFE’s proposal that indicates that its considerable technical division did one iota of analysis to determine whether this ammunition poses a unique and extraordinary threat to the soft armor of law enforcement officers any different from other AR-15 ammunition that will continue to be available.

The answer is that it does not. Whether you examine 5.56/.223 ammunition from a muzzle energy or penetration energy concentration perspective, at urban law enforcement engagement ranges, all of it does the same thing. It all hits with around three times the energy of a .357 magnum with about four times the soft armor defeat potential or “burn through efficiency” of true pistol ammunition. It doesn’t matter if it’s Vietnam era M193 55 grain ammunition, M-16A2 era M855/SS109 62 grain ammunition, or borrowed from the competition world Mk262 Mod 0/1 77 grain ammunition. In a gunfight with an opponent one and one half car lengths from you, it all performs about the same. All of it will defeat Level IIIA soft body armor.”

He worries that this move by BATFE will alienate gun owning voters.

As the 2016 election cycle begins, one hopes that issues such as the nation’s continued struggle towards economic recovery and our foreign policy strategy to deal with a world we seem less and less able to positively influence should dominate our selection of the next president. Into this tenuous hope for a more cogent debate, the BATFE has introduced a proposed executive branch rule regarding ammunition that will likely pivot the election cycle back towards the same driving forces that caused so many blue states to turn red in the November 2014 midterm.

Fueled by a seeming need to create a “we’re doing something,” optical illusion, the executive branch threatens to raise the hunger of the gun lobby to fight even harder for its political values in the critical opening phases of the primaries by infuriating gun owners.”

He’s right about all of it. It’s worth a read even though it is a bit tedious.


“Ben Shapiro: First They Came for the Jews”

This reference is an expansion on the comments of Pastor Martin Niemöller who was an opponent of Adolf Hitler and spent seven years in Nazi concentration camps. His famous quote about Nazis is this:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Shapiro is warning us about what our President is doing and he is right.

First, they came for the Jews, and Obama did not speak up, because he was not a Jew. Then, they came for the Christians, and Obama did not speak up, because he is not a Christian. Now, they come for Western Civilization.

And Obama will not speak up because he is not an advocate of Western Civilization. He is a believer that Western Civilization is exploitative; that terrorism is caused by imbalances between the West and the rest; that if only the West would minimize its arrogance on the world stage, peace would result. And so we cut the military. And so we make way for an Iranian nuclear program. And so we hamstring Israel and Egypt and insist that ISIS is not Islamic.

They are coming for the Jews. They are coming for the Christians. They are coming for Western Civilization. By the time the radical Muslims come for those who think like President Obama, there will be no one left to speak out.”

From Truth Revolt


A Sunday Sermon

Good morning Revoworld. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and it’s time for a positive word. At the end of the morning service last Sunday, Pastor Herb gave a special invitation to the evening service. “Come on back this evening and you will get to see what happens when a Preacher loses his cotton pickin’ mind”. I was back there that evening and he did deliver that message.

We open the doors of the Revo Chapel to any and all who feel so inclined to enter. In these days we are living the word of God is needed more than ever. In it we find the only Hope there is.

The doors of the Church are open, come on in.

Taking the Bull by the Horns – A message from Pastor Herb Reavis of the North Jacksonville Baptist Church


Spock Saturday – Spock Lives

Rest in Peace, Leonard Nimoy.

We all remember that we hadn’t seen the end of Spock at the funeral aboard the Enterprise at the end of The Wrath of Khan. As it was then, it is now. Leonard Nimoy is no longer with us but Spock will live on. We have not seen the end of him.

I like the new Star Trek movies…

More below the fold…


38 Years Ago, Spock Warned Us Of The Coming Ice Age

Your SUV caused this.

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Spock Saturday – Amok Time

No memorial to the work of Leonard Nimoy as Spock can be complete withouit a little dose of Pon Farr.

For many this is the most memorable of the “Spock Episodes”…

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Spock Saturday – The Way to Eden

Yet another one of my favorite Spock episodes. This is the episode that features the Space Hippies. The Enterprise chases down and takes aboard some Space Hippies. They are the intergalactic version of Occutards. Spock is able to effectively communicate with them in order to keep them under control.

Once again, Spock rules!

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Spock Saturday – The Court Martial

As we mark the passing of Leonard Nimoy it is proper to remember him by the character he is most known for. Spock was the indispensable character. When the world was going to Hell in a hand basket, he was the guy who always managed to keep things together. The Mission of the Enterprise to boldly go where no man had gone before would not have made it very far without Spock.

Spock being Spock, there was no way that he could avoid pissing off the Star Trek viewing audience time and time again. This is one such episode. As always, regardless of what is going on around him Spock must be Spock if a hopeless situation is to be overcome.

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Spock Saturday – This Side of Paradise

Just another gem from one of the greatest television series of all time. Our friend Bacon&Eggs says that this is the episode in which he dislikes Spock the most. Why? Because Spock isn’t being Spock. He is under the influence of some kind of space alien LSD. It kind of turn him into a Hippie.

This is one of my favorite Spock episodes…

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Spock Saturday – The Galileo Seven

News of the loss of Leonard Nimoy has really made me much more sad than I imagined. I fell in love with Star Trek as a child. I was introduced to it by my Grandfather in the next room over from where I’m sitting here typing this. I can look at the very spot where I was sitting as I watched my first episode. I don’t remember which one it was but it was there that I met Spock.

Of all the Star Trek Episodes I have watched, it is the one that follows that had the most impact on my life. It was Spock who was teaching the lesson. It is also this very episode where Spock catches the most grief for being Spock. I remember watching this for the first time and thinking to myself how much I didn’t like Spock. Then of course comes that magic moment when everything is on the line when Spock has a moment of decision and logic instructs him to do what many would consider to be irrational.

I learned the moral lesson of The Galileo Seven at a young age. It helped inform many of the decisions I undertook while serving in the military. It helped inform many other decisions I have undertaken that may have eventually required the services of an Attorney at Law. It is a lesson that everyone should absorb.


Pure Satisfaction

Amazingly well controlled…


Islamic State Chooses Lebanon As Their Next Target

Of course they do. Lebanon is right next to Syria where they have a stronghold. Lebanon is a small country and they have a small military. They are also on the pathway to Israel. President Obama just finished the seventh hole, heading for number eight.

lebanon map

ISIS has announced that Lebanon will be the next state to fall under the sway of its “caliphate.” According to Beirut’s Daily Star newspaper, the only reason ISIS hasn’t attacked yet in force is because they haven’t decided on the mission’s commander.

The Lebanese army is one of the least effective in the Middle East—and that’s saying something in a region where the far more capable Syrian and Iraqi armies are utterly failing to safeguard what should be their own sovereign territory.

So France is going to send a three billion dollar package of weapons to Lebanon and the Saudis are going to pay for it. It won’t solve the problem any more than a full-body cast will cure cancer, but it beats standing around and not even trying.”

Read the rest at World Affairs

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“Moody’s drops Chicago’s bond rating another notch — to two levels above junk status”

Good news for Chuy Garcia. Bad news for Rahm. Progressive spending fails again.


Chicago’s plummeting bond rating took center stage in the race for mayor Friday after a Wall Street rating agency dropped it another notch — to two levels above junk status — citing Chicago’s $20 billion pension crisis.

The decision by Moody’s Investors Service to drop Chicago’s rating for a fifth time under Mayor Rahm Emanuel — from Baa1 to Baa2 — may cost the City of Chicago tens of millions of dollars.”

Read the rest at the Chicago Sun Times

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So A Few Delegates At CPAC Walked Out On Jeb Bush

Most stayed and cheered him. We’re screwed.


Friday Night at the Movies – One down, Two to go

untitled (32)

It’s another Freaky Friday Night, you are cruising the net and end up here. Tonight is a good night to be here. We have a good old fashioned action movie lined up for tonight. I’m glad that I didn’t find it earlier because this one makes a great movie to wrap up Blaxploitation History Month with.

Why do I say that? It’s because this movie features the Four most prominent actors of the Blaxploitation Era. These guys are so bad that it’s kind of hard to call their movie genre Blaxploitation because NOBODY was getting over on these guys in an exploitative manner. They were clean too. Many times the hero in a Blaxploitation Film was a criminal. Not so with these guys. They didn’t need a magic pimp cane to up their game. They didn’t need a Kung Fu Army of Prostitutes to help them fight their battles. They were always on the right side of everything. They were the unblemished warriors. They set a standard for bad ass with class that has not yet been matched.

Jim Kelly, Richard Roundtree, Jim Brown and Fred Williamson are here tonight to show us how black bad ass is done and it’s about damn time…

More below the fold…


Friday Night Music Videos

Just a few to warm us up for the Friday Night Movie…

Some are not true music videos as we commonly refer to them. They are videos with music in them. Whatever the music or the video has in it will be something related to the title, story or characters of the Friday Night Movie. Tonight was more difficult than others…

More below the fold…

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You be the judge.

Welcome to the Weekend!

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Noonan: “Sorry, Jeb, the Race Is Wide Open”

Even if the majority of those in the Republican party don’t see it, Noonan can plainly see what we have been talking about here. There is no support for a Republican who would act like a John Boehner or Mitch McConnell. Our country is in a peril that it has not seen since FDR. The Progressives have determined to take down the mightiest, most free nation in the history of the world. What we do not need is another Progressive.

There are some GOP candidates who have solid Conservative credentials. That list does not include Jeb Bush. He would not alter the direction of America’s decline enough to save it. He is a big government, progressive just like his brother was.

Bush has been collecting money from progressive PAC’s. That is to be expected. But it is the people who will choose the candidate and ultimately the President. If I were to see Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, or Sarah Palin on the primary ballot – or just making inroads before the primary, I would turn my back again on retirement and do everything in my power to get them nominated and elected. Put two of them together and you could have a team to beat Hillary. Cruz/Palin would be fun. Just about any combination of two of the three would do just fine.

This is from Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal:

sorry jeb

Republicans this year are not looking for Reagan. They’re looking for Churchill. They’re looking for the guy who knows the war is already here, not the guy who knows the war can be averted if we defeat the guys who would wage it. What is “the war”? Everything from scarily sluggish economic growth to long-term liabilities and deficits; from the melting away of the post-World-War-II order to the Mideast to domestic terrorism. Every four years there is frustration and argument; this year there is urgency.

What the Republican Party needs in a presidential candidate is not a centrist who can make the sale to conservatives in the primaries; it is a conservative who can win over centrists in the general election. That means the Republican nominee should be a man or woman who can redefine conservative thinking for current circumstances and produce policies that centrists and independents will find worthy of consideration.

Jeb Bush is said by some and treated by many as the front-runner, the one to beat. I don’t see it. In fact I think he’s making a poor impression.”


The man on the left is sad because the man on the right died.



RIP Leonard Nimoy.


Live Long & Prosper.


Takin’ care of Business on a Friday

The weekend is still a few Hours away.

Keep your head in the game but prepare to party!


Breaking: Inspector General Finds Lois Learner’s Emails!

Lois Lerner said she couldn’t provide her emails because her computer crashed and back-up tapes didn’t exist. Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of government, knew that this was horseshit. His Majesty then said that there was no corruption at the IRS.

The IRS’s inspector general confirmed Thursday it is conducting a criminal investigation into how

Lois G. Lerner’s emails disappeared, saying it took only two weeks for investigators to find hundreds of tapes the agency’s chief had told Congress were irretrievably destroyed.

Investigators have already scoured 744 backup tapes and gleaned 32,774 unique emails, but just two weeks ago they found an additional 424 tapes that could contain even more Lerner emails, Deputy Inspector General Timothy P. Camus told the House Oversight Committee in a rare late-night hearing meant to look into the status of the investigation.

“There is potential criminal activity,” Mr. Camus said.

He said they have also discovered the hard drives from the IRS’s email servers, but said because the drives are out of synch it’s not clear whether they will be able to recover anything from them.

“To date we have found 32,744 unique emails that were backed up from Lois Lerner’s email box. We are in the process of comparing these emails to what the IRS has already produced to Congress to determine if we did in fact recover any new emails,” Mr. Camus said.

Hmmm. It’s almost like they lied to us.


Good For A Few Smiles

Self-important college students want their grades improved. They ask for better grades. They have gotten them in earlier schools. College is supposed to be different.


Dear Student: No, I Won’t Change the Grade You Deserve

For many professors—especially faculty without tenure or the job security that comes with it—this poses a problem. Pleas to re-evaluate work can draw professors into annoying confrontations—or force them to explain the mechanics of grading to students, and sometimes angry parents, department chairs, or deans.

So I decided to ask a few professors, a learning consultant, and a graduate student how they would respond to these requests. Let’s say a student who received a C grade on a paper asks you to reread it and change their grade because they “worked so hard on it.” How would you respond?”

Here is one:

Dear Student Who Must Be Out Of Their Mind:

I hope all is well with you. Are you, by any chance, related to the student who failed my class and asked that I give them an A because they “liked the class so much?” I’m just asking because this question you’ve posed is just as silly as that one.

Pursuant to the detailed rubric provided for the assignment that we reviewed in class, the work you did on this paper was questionable. What you turned in was riddled with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and formatting inconsistencies. Your paper didn’t respond to the prompts for the assignment at all and didn’t even reference the provided course content, let alone go beyond it in any meaningful way. The grade you received is reflective of the fact that what I got was a mash-up of poorly constructed sentences and last minute fooleywang.

And for real, I need you to focus less on the grade and more on the learning. Here’s the thing: had you focused on learning and on effectively completing the assignment, you would have gotten an A. Instead, you’re out here so focused on the grade that your submitted work was well below my expectations and your abilities.

Get your shit together. Please and thank you.”

There are more here

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Marco Rubio Is Sorry

Yes, he is. I will never again vote RINO. That includes Marco Rubio. Sorry Marco…

Two years ago, Rubio was part of a Senate “Gang of Eight” that drew up a comprehensive bill to reform the nation’s immigration system. The bill, which included a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants currently in the United States, prompted a conservative revolt among the party’s grassroots. It passed the Senate but was never taken up in the House of Representatives.

Hannity asked Rubio about his past support for the bill. He suggested it was a mistake to go after comprehensive reform before focusing on complete border security.

“You have 10 or 12 million people in this country, many of whom have lived here for longer than a decade [and] have not otherwise violated our law other than immigration laws. I get all that,” Rubio said.

“But what I’ve learned is you can’t even have a conversation about that until people believe and know—not just believe, but it’s proven to them—that future illegal immigration will be controlled. That is the single biggest lesson of the last two years.”


This Is What Passes For Science


I started this yesterday and lost my train of thought. The salient point here is that the “scientific community”, upon presentation of evidence to the contrary of the social engineering agenda, have been attempting to downplay or discredit the fact that the world has seen no appreciable warming since 1998. They are now doubling down on their claims, while simultaneously acknowledging that natural cycles play an unquantifiable role in “climate change”.

This means, logically, that the net effect of man’s input is likely unquantifiable, as well… which is what most of us have been saying all along.

It’s been called the “hiatus,” “pause,” or “slowdown” and has been a favored meme of climate skeptics for years[…]

That internal variability is found in the natural cycles of temperature change that occur over years or even decades in the oceans, like El Niño and La Niña. There are others, like the “Atlantic multidecadal oscillation” and the “Pacific decadal oscillation,” which Steinman said are leading culprits for the warming slowdown[…]

Chris D. Roberts and colleagues at the Met Office Hadley Center in Britain looked at the pause’s possible lifespan. Using a suite of climate models, they estimated that there is good chance, up to 25%, of it continuing until the end of the decade.

More troubling are the odds that the end of the hiatus, whenever it does happen, will be followed by a five-year period of accelerated warming[…] They put the chances of that warm burst at up to 60%.

The Science study, which looked at how a warming pause is created, took over 150 models and let them age from 1850 to 2012[…]

The Nature Climate Change study looked at an “archive of 15,000 years of simulated climate” to see what a nature-made hiatus typically looks like[…]

“Eventually we expect temperatures to ‘catch up,’ but it may take longer than five years for that to happen,” Roberts told Quartz.

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Your Net Neutrality Update

hat tip

The Republican Party wants the power when they are in charge, so they’ll make a show, but do nothing of consequence to change this.

Embrace the suck.

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