How to steal the Spotlight

The media would rather be talking about the wonderful night at the Democrat National Convention last night.

Trump get’s them focused on something else entirely.

I am loving watching the meltdowns that have followed.


Politico: “George Soros rises again”

It’s funny. This election year has not been won with money – at least with Trump. Clinton has been spending like a room full of drunken sailors but she is behind Trump in the polls. Also, the weakness of her support was seen yesterday with hundreds of Bernie Sanders supporters walking out of the Democrat convention just as Mrs. Clinton was getting her crown. Interestingly, soured Bernie supporters left the hall and began chanting, “Jill, not Hill”, once they reached the street. The reference, of course, is to Green candidate Jill Stein.

“The billionaire, who had dialed back his giving, has committed more than $25 million to supporting Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes.”


The willingness of Soros to turn on the cash spigot full force to beat Trump is seen in Democratic finance circles as a very good sign for Clinton. Perhaps more than any other donor on the left, Soros is seen as having the potential to catalyze giving by others rich activists.”

Read the rest at Politico


Excellent But Expensive Ad For Snoose


Copenhagen Suborbital launches from the Baltic sea.

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Watch ‘Clinton Cash’ Movie Free On Your Computer

Courtesy of Breitbart. Go here. It’s only available for a limited time they say.

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When Is Racism Wrong?

Apparently, only when white people do it…


Too Late To Limit Damage To Baltimore Polticians



All six of the Baltimore police officers who were falsely charged by prosecutor Marilyn Mosby have been destroyed. Their reputations have been damaged beyond repair and they have been destroyed financially because they had to pay lawyers to defend them against the false charges.

It is Mosby who should be indicted.

From CNN:

“Charges dropped for remaining cops in Freddie Gray case”

3 remaining officers will not stand trial in Freddie Gray case

3 remaining officers will not stand trial in Freddie Gray case



Someone is actually reading all those hacked DNC emails. They’re finding stuff like this:

From Merriam Webster:

Full Definition of collusion
: secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose
collusive play \-ˈlü-siv, -ziv\ adjective”

“Politico reporter sent story to Dem committee for pre-publication review”


A massive dump of Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails via Wikileaks has revealed that Politico reporter Ken Vogel sent an advance copy of a story — in its entirety — to top DNC communication officials to review before it was published.

After being harshly criticized on social media and in conservative circles, Politico now calls Vogel’s email a “mistake” and says it was a violation of the publication’s policy.”

More at The Hill

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Sometimes Headlines Like These Are Political Hyperbole

Not this time. It is more true than you can imagine. Party unity does not exist among Democrats.

Clinton clinched the nomination but Sanders got a lot of delegate votes, 1893 according to Bloomberg.

The fact that all those delegates walked out of the convention, as the man says in the video below, at the most important moment during the convention says loads about the weakness of Hillary’s support.

From Legal Insurrection:

“Bernie Supporters Walk Out of DNC”

From iOTW:


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Carlos Dangler Compares Hillary To George Washington

Yep. Tony Weinie’s endorsement carries – what? Weight? No. Strokes.

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BBC Reports On Syrian Suicide Bomber In Germany

Political correctness, coupled with a writer who supports the Islamists, ends up looking something like this:

german suicide bomber

From here


A walk down Memory Lane

Be sure to avoid the potholes.

A sizeable number of the electorate does not remember the Clinton Crime Syndicate in the White House. Among those who don’t remember is a large percentage who cannot be educated on the subject. Any attempt to do so is seen as an attempt to feed them “Right Wing Propaganda”.

Of course the Clinton scandals were mostly all about personal gain of some kind. With the current administration overtly providing support to our Enemies, the Clintons have a retro novelty about them. We are surely in a world of shit right now.


Mad Cow was offended

This is just precious. Last night Bill Clinton rocked the house at the Democrat Convention. He had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

Not everyone was pleased.

Of course I’m not sure if ANY man has ever pleased her.


Walls For Me But Not For Thee

As our own Notamobster has shown us the Democrats have attained new levels of irony. They make fun of Trump’s intention to build a wall to keep immigration legal and controlled but they use walls to protect themselves at their convention. He also points out the fact that the Mexican government does not want walls on the border between their country and ours but they erect walls on their southern border.

Here is another little tidbit. The Secret Service has been unable to keep people from jumping the fence around the White House. The solution is to add more ‘Poky bits’ to the fence around the People’s house. The spades or spear points don’t seem to be enough.

white house spikes1

white house spikes2

More from ABC News


The Phreak Show in Philly – Night Two

I know what some of you are asking yourselves. You are asking why it is that I am bringing the Democrap National Convention to the Revo when I didn’t bring the Republican National Convention here. For starters, I was wasn’t at home watching last week, so I couldn’t administer the publication. Secondly, there was a contentious situation going on in here that I thought might only be further inflamed by bringing in the Donald.

The reason I’m bringing the Phreak Show is because their depravity deserves full exposure. It is also important to be aware of how the opposition is operating. Thus far this has been a Cluster Foxtrot. I made the mistake of going to bed early last night and I missed out on some of the speakers of higher stature in the Progressive world. Tonight we’ve got some real crazies lined up, with Slick Willy taking to the stage for the main event. He’s going to do his best to heal the wounds of this primary fight and attempt to seduce the Bernouts. We are bound to see some really stupid stuff tonight.

As always I warn you against viewing tonight’s proceedings if you have a weak Heart or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. If you begin feeling any ill effects, hit the Escape button. Best of Luck to you.

There is no telling how stupid it’s going to get tonight.

Uninterrupted Coverage of Night Two of the Democrat National Convention is found HERE


Paradox: Jews Love The Democrats Who Hate Them



Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Screws Up Again

‘You had one job, one simple little job. Gavel the DNC Convention to order.’

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Michelle Obama: America Is Great Right Now. Don’t Change It.

The same woman (sic) who said “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.” said America is great right now, so we shouldn’t change it. Her and Barry intended to light this country on fire and incite racial animus. They love what they’ve done to our beloved republic.

She also explained that she fully-expects Hillary to continue the destruction:

“In this election, and every election, it’s about who will have the power to shape our children for the next four or eight years of their lives. I am here tonight, because in this election, there is only one person who I trust with that responsibility, only one person who I believe is truly qualified to be President of the United States, and that is our friend Hillary Clinton.”

“See, I trust Hillary to lead this country because I’ve seen her lifelong devotion to this nation’s children — not just her own daughter who she has raised to perfection — but every child who needs a champion.”[…]

“In this election, I’m with her[…] “Don’t let someone tell you this country isn’t great — that we need to make it great again. Because, right now, this country is the greatest country on Earth.” “Between now and November, we need to do what we did eight years ago — four years ago — we need to get our there and vote. We need to pour every last ounce of our strength into electing Hillary Clinton president.

Is she saying they need to vote for the next 3 months? I think so. Get out and register all those dead people, Democrats!


Peak Irony: Walls Don’t Work

So, the Mexican’s want a wall…

It turns out that Donald Trump’s proposed border wall is not such a bad idea after all. Though Mexico’s current and former Presidents have both lambasted Trump for implying that a wall would curb immigration, it turns out that Mexicans like the idea.

There is one small caveat, however. Mexicans don’t want to build the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, but rather, they want to stem the tide of immigration into their own country by building the wall on their southern border with central America:

I tried to ask the DNC speakers, but they were unavailable for comment, behind their wall.



This Email Drop Is Having An Effect On Hillary Supporters

Then-U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton hands off her mobile phone. Photo: AP

Then-U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton hands off her mobile phone. Photo: AP

The Washington Post describes the atmosphere of fear now haunting the Hillary campaign in the aftermath of an email dump showing how the DNC swindled Sanders. A team of writers note “the anxiety for Democrats: Are more leaks to come?”

Activists and campaign officials, anxious about what leaks may be yet to come, also worried about the alleged involvement of the Russian government, with campaign officials suggesting that the Kremlin was releasing the documents to damage Clinton’s candidacy. National security experts, while cautious about leaping to premature conclusions, warned of the possibility of a significant escalation in an ongoing information war.”

More at PJ Media

To make matters worse, and Democrats more afraid, the New York Post reports that the Russians didn’t have to hack her email account. She was so careless with her mobile phone that they just stole her password.

The Russians didn’t hack into Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server, as others have reported, according to a very reliable source of mine who has connections with US intelligence agencies.

They didn’t have to.

Clinton was so careless when using her BlackBerry that the Russians stole her password. All Russian President Vladimir Putin’s gang had to do was log into Clinton’s account and read whatever they wanted.”

Putin has to be laughing. This email drop during the Democrat convention is masterful. It’s just what a former KGB leader would do… And Hillary let him do it. Twenty thousand of her emails have been made public and now there are more coming.


Hillary’s America, The Music Video

Excellent job.

Dinesh D’Souza’s new film “Hillary’s America” opened on Friday and will get plenty of buzz as the Democratic National Convention unfolds in Philadelphia this week.

To help promote the movie, Dinesh and his team have released a music video featuring Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers.”

From here

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A Depiction Of How Bernie Supporters Feel


He is rapidly losing his supporters because of the groveling.

He is rapidly losing his supporters because of the groveling.

From Angel

Related – also from Angel:


Update: This is delicious. Bernie is booed by his supporters when he calls for electing Hillary.


Gaze into the Heart of Darkness

This is not for those with a weak heart or irritable bowel syndrome.

Some may find this to be unacceptable behavior on my part. I think that it is simply a good thing to see what it is that the Ongoing Domestic Menace counts as its accomplishments and what it seeks to inflict on us in the future. Each person will have their own maximum tolerance. If you begin feeling any ill effects, break contact immediately.

This has never been done here before.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give to you live, uninterrupted coverage of the Philly Phreak Show itself, Night one of the Democrat National Convention can be found HERE.


Please. More please.

Very, very well done.


What irritates you the most during an election campaign?

I don’t know about you but for me it is the non-stop barrage of political ads. They are annoying as hell and there’s no way to avoid them if you are connected to the outside world. As I’ve examined the Trump strategy -VS- the Clinton strategy on ad spending I have come to the conclusion that the Trump campaign, thinking outside of the box, has stumbled into something that may change the way electoral politics is strategized.

As far as Hillary is concerned, not only are her political ads annoying, she is annoying. Most people do have a bad physical reaction to the sound of her voice. I think that Trump realizes it. She isn’t exactly going forward in the polls. None of her ads are working. She is spending a lot of money and just like Jeb Bush, it isn’t getting her anywhere. Of course she’s still got plenty of money to spend. They will spend more money putting on staff to really annoy people with phone calls. No expense will be spared but it will all go right down the toilet. Everybody knows who this woman is and after all these decades there is still nothing good that can be said about her… other than her remarkable ability to break the Law on a whim and manage to avoid getting prosecuted every single time. That’s a talent that very few people on Earth actually have.

More below the fold…




By the end of this week this guy is going to feel pretty stupid, if he is in fact what he claims to be. I am more inclined to believe that this has been photoshopped.

“Principles before Party”.

If the principles that will be expressed this week are what guides this man, he really needs to go ahead and register as a Democrat. If on the other hand his butt is still hurting because of the way the Primary went, I hope he will watch the Democrat National Convention and make a wholesome moral inventory of himself as he does so. I wish him the best of luck.