Trumponomics: Taking The REINS Of The Deep State?

I’m not a fan of The Donald, as everyone here knows, but I’m giving the man a shot. Truth be told, I’m just so eminently thankful that we don’t have to suffer 8 years of that shrill wench that I can’t bring myself to write anything overtly negative about the Orange Imperfect’s plans…yet. I will challenge him and hold him to account at every turn, but for the moment as regards my writing, I’m sticking to one of the few glimmers of hope I’ve seen in nigh on 15 years.

The House passed HR-427 (The REINS Act) in 2015, by a vote of 243 to 165. The Senate companion bill S.226 was introduced by Sen Rand Paul(R-KY). The bill “would require any executive branch rule or regulation with an annual economic impact of $100 million or more — designated by the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as a ‘major rule’ — to come before Congress for an up-or-down vote before being enacted.”

If Donald Trump pushes Congress to pass this legislation, he would decimate 105 years of ever-increasing regulatory overreach cementing his place in the pantheon of reductionist heroes (without even being a conservative), just down & to the left of Ronald Reagan.


Could Donald Trump be the small government Republican we’ve been praying for?

Who creates federal laws? Civics books say it is Congress, but the real answer today may be the executive branch. Earlier this year, James Gattuso and Diane Katz reported that just the 229 major regulations issued since 2009 added over $100 billion in annual costs (according to the regulatory agencies), $22 billion coming in 2015. With estimates of the total regulatory costs now exceeding income tax burdens at over $2 trillion annually, regulations were far more burdensome for many Americans than legislation.

Unfortunately, missing from this process is accountability to citizens. In response, some members of Congress have turned to supporting the “Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny” (REINS) Act, which would require Congress to approve major regulations before they could take effect.

Why is this necessary when the US Constitution specifically assigns all legislative powers to Congress? Because Congress has increasingly abdicated its lawmaking responsibility, delegating its power through vague laws and mandates to executive agencies, which then impose and enforce the actual regulations that legally bind Americans.

The REINS Act, by allowing major regulations to take effect only if passed by Congress, would end the effective delegation of legislative power to regulatory bureaucrats and restore some of the Constitution’s eroded separation of powers. It would offer some real political accountability, by moving us back toward Americans’ earlier understanding of legislative powers, gutted in U.S. v. Grimand (1911) and subsequent court rulings.

Before Grimand, Congress had already begun giving administrative agencies power to formulate specific rules to implement Congress’ general policy objectives. But in Grimand, the Supreme Court gave such administrative rulings the full force of law, with delegation mushrooming since.

If they make this happen, the next step is to begin undoing the destructive regulations implemented over the past decades. If that occurs, we may yet see the small government revolution I…we have longed for. It probably won’t happen like that, but a boy can dream.


Trump & Clinton Hacks Attack Each Other On MSDNC


Why Don’t Tyrants Ever Understand Elementary Economics?

Turkish President Recep Erdogan said the path for investors will be opened with lower interest rates, and urged the central bank to imitate Japan and U.S. where rates are low: “why should we go around with 14-15 percent?”…”For those who have foreign currencies under the pillow, come change this to gold, come change this to Turkish lira. Let the lira win greater value. Let gold win greater value,”[…]

Borsa Istanbul said today, that it would convert all its cash into lira and keep it in lira accounts.

Pro Tip: If your money is volatile and flirting with worthlessness, don’t convert all of your assets into that currency. This is what professionals call “f-king stupid”.

Just yesterday, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said that the government is about to propose a bill that will give the President even more power than he seized during his #FakeCoup.

So, to recap, the Turkish President is consolidating power in himself, about to take over the central bank (Venezuela, anyone?), and ‘suggesting’ that the banks & citizens convert their assets to lira or gold. How long after that do you think, before gold becomes an asset of the state?

Any private citizen who takes his ‘advice’ and converts to gold, deserves to lose their wealth, for being a dumbass.


Paul Ryan Reverses Course On Donald Trump

Ryan on 60 Minutes, this week.

Scott Pelley: Did you believe he could be nominated? Really?

Paul Ryan: Yeah, no, I didn’t see this one coming. He knows that. Donald Trump’s a very– he was a very unconventional candidate. He’s going to be an unconventional president. What I like about it, in my, like I said, almost daily conversations, is he’s just a get-things-done kinda guy.

Scott Pelley: Have you told him being president is not being CEO of the United States, that the Congress is going to have a say?

Paul Ryan: Oh, we’ve talked about that extensively. We’ve talked about– the Constitution, Article I on the Constitution, the separation of powers. He feels very strongly, actually, that– that, under President Obama’s watch, he stripped a lot of power away from the Constitution, away from the Legislative Branch of government. And we want to reset the balance of power, so that people and the Constitution are rightfully restored.

Note the bold section, above.

You know, if Paul Ryan & John Boehner weren’t simpering bitches and had actually done their job as a check & balance (on unilateral power grabs), Obama wouldn’t have “stripped away” a damned thing. What makes this dude bold enough to talk tough with Trump (who hasn’t yet done anything wrong) but act like a feckless coward in the face of Obama’s multiple unconstitutional acts of usurping Congressional authority?

I’d say he thinks himself better than Trump and isn’t afraid to show it. The RINO’s are rat-bastards. This marriage of RINO congress & RINO President (former-outsider) is going to be a viper’s den. I can’t wait to point it out at every opportunity, because I distrust them all.


Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



It’s Official! Mattis For SecDef! Oohrah!


I’m such a fanboy…this is an amazing development. I hope he does great & runs for President in the future.

I’ll do a proper write up tomorrow. For now, let us just bask in the shadow of his manliness. /sarc


California Secessionists Still Mumbling

I wish they would. As a matter-of-fact, I hope they continue to generate noise about it. The more they put the idea in front of the public, the more acceptable it becomes. (Ain’t that right gay agenda crowd? Try finding channel that doesn’t have a grossly-disproportionate number of gay personalities and characters, relative to their percentage of the populace.)


Facing Donald Trump’s imminent entrance to the Oval Office, the once outlandish idea of secession doesn’t seem so crazy anymore to some Californians.

But the Golden State’s path to independence is blocked with financial and political hurdles, from an expensive state initiative process to persuading two-thirds of Congress to relinquish an economic and tourism powerhouse[…]

A grass-roots group of secessionists, calling themselves Yes California, last week proposed a November 2018 ballot measure that would ask registered voters if the state should become its own nation.

The group believes California pays more than its share of federal taxes, money the state could use to modernize and fix its infrastructure. The federal government collects about $370 billion in taxes from Californians each year and spends roughly $334 billion in the state.

Yes California points to the state’s overwhelming support for Hillary Clinton and voters’ liberal ideals to show that California is often at odds with the rest of the nation.

The 2018 measure also would strike language from the California Constitution that says the state is “an inseparable part of the United States of America, and the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land.”

If approved by voters, it would establish a March 2019 statewide special election to ask voters again if they want California to become an independent country[…]

Experts say the strongest legal avenue for California to become its own nation is through an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which would require approval by two-thirds of Congress and three-quarters of the states in the country.

While the Constitution doesn’t specifically address secession, an amendment granting California’s independence would act as the supreme law of the land, said Gerston.

Daniel Farber, a law professor at UC Berkeley, pointed to a Supreme Court decision, Texas v. White, in 1869 that said Texas “entered into an indissoluble relation” when it became part of the United States. The case related to bonds sold by Texas during the Civil War.

The Supreme Court ruling determined “the Constitution, in all its provisions, looks to an indestructible Union composed of indestructible States.” Texas could only revoke its inclusion in the union “through revolution or through consent of the States,” the court rule.

They’d be invaded by Mexico the day after they seceded.


Fancy Cat Facts

Enjoy! Have a mice day!


My Preferred President Shames Obama

Ted Cruz knocking it outta the park:

“…departed for warmer climes…” Heh.

Cuban Americans “embarrassed” by Obama’s comments:

Justin Trudeau celebrated his father, Fidel Castro?


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San Bernardino: One Year On… And Still Making Excuses

On the way into work this morning, I heard the ‘top of the hour’ news break by ABC News at 0600 & 0700. In both cases they made the claim that the San Bernardino shooters were likely motivated by being forced to attend mandatory training at a facility that had a Christmas tree on display and that they didn’t really know who the caliph was, since they had to google him on their phone before swearing allegiance to him.

This is to be expected from the left, this mealy-mouthed justification of unconscionable acts in the name of diversity. No one should be surprised by it, but I have a few questions:

Does it matter that they had to look up the Caliph’s name before “they swore allegiance to him”?

Does the Christmas tree really play any part in the shooting rampage of two individuals with multiple complex IED’s staged (for a future attack) in their residence?

Does this perhaps qualify as the #FakeNews the media has been prattling on about since the election?


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“Momma is praying for you…”

Hostage situation at a Community First Credit Union in Jacksonville, Florida

“This is a total shock and I’m so nervous,” said Latasha Shuman. “I keep calling his phone and it keeps going to voicemail.” Shuman says her son has worked at the bank for just 2-3 months and has never had any issues or problems at work. If she could get in touch with her son, Shuman said her message to him would be, “Momma is praying for you. I know you’re covered and I’m just praying that you’re ok.”

Guess what? Her Son is going to be okay. A Mother’s Prayers work miracles. I am living proof.

I’m taking this time to join that Mother in prayer.

To God be the glory.


Here comes Winter

It’s going to get very cold in most of the United States next week.

Task for today: Start selling Ice Melt to support small businesses across the Country and help make America great again!


Praying For Grandma

Sometimes my mind goes to odd places. But sometimes those places are ones with good memories. For instance, this morning (early morning – couldn’t sleep) I ran across a site I have probably seen before, but never really looked at much. The site is The Spirit of Medjugorje. As I saw the images of the village of Medjugorje (Croatia) at the top of the website, I was swept away in memories of my trip (pilgrimage) there in 1994 (you can find basic info on Medjugorje here or at Wayne Weibel’s site. Wayne led the 1994 trip I went on, and has written numerous books about Medjugorje, including Medjugorje The Message,


which I highly recommend).

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Things You Might Not Know About The Ohio State Terrorist – Hijra, “Charities” and Sheepdogs

I found two things about the Ohio State Terrorist Abdul Razak Ali Artan that I had not seen before.

1. His family was helped to assimilate/settle in the US by Catholic Charities.

It was June 5, 2014 when a young teenager named Abul Razak Ali Artan arrived in Dallas with his mother and six siblings.

A little more than two years before he was the suspect in a violent knife attack on the Ohio State campus.

“We gave them aid and comfort and some shelter as part of the government resettlement program,” explained Catholic Charities C.E.O. Dave Woodyard.

The Somali immigrants arrived from Pakistan at D/FW International Airport via JFK International Airport.

Catholic Charities says someone from the organization likely picked the family up from the airport when they arrived.

According to Catholic Charities of Dallas records, the family was in temporary housing in Dallas for 23 days, leaving June 28, 2014.

“Then they emigrated. Left, and moved onto Columbus, Ohio,” Woodyard said. “And that’s when we closed our file.” Catholic Charities Resettles Ohio Terrorist

You might think Catholic Charities is a strange organization to be resettling “refugees.” It is not, however. It are just one of a number of religious charities doing such “work:” including Episcopalian, Lutheran and Jewish charities. According to the above linked article, 98% of Catholic Charities nearly $71 million 2012 revenue came, one way or another, from the federal government – meaning the US taxpayers.

More below the fold…


Please Pass This Post Along To Everyone You Know

Assistant Director of The Office of Residence Life at Ohio State University, Stephanie Clemons Thompson, in a now viral Facebook post, asked her followers to “find compassion” for the Buckeye, ISIS (claimed) soldier terrorist Abdul Razak Ali Artan, who was inspired in his murderous actions by propaganda from ISIS and deceased Yemeni-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. RedState


Isn’t it funny how Ms. Thompson, first and last, demands that her post not be shared, writing, “DO NOT SHARE THIS POST.” Why, it’s almost as if she knew she was doing something stupid or wrong. Asshat leftie woman.

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Tulsa Cop Uses Knife To Thwart Gun Grab

A Tulsa OK cop recently had to use a knife to prevent a suspect from taking his gun. Bob Owens, Bearing Arms Tulsa Officer Gets Stabby After Suspect Gets Grabby. This incident prompted Mr. Owens to consider carrying a knife himself.

Small fixed-blade knives (SFBs) still aren’t standard equipment for most officers, but they are becoming much more common. They’re typically worn on the front of the body in a position where they can be drawn either hand, but are generally optimized for off-hand access.

The theory behind the carry of these knives is that they can be drawn by the officer’s off-hand if there is a struggle over the officer’s gun, and used to slash or filet the offender’s arm attempting to grab the officer’s gun, thus ending the grab attempt.


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Tax Lessons From The republic Of Georgia

The Republic of Georgia is setting a standard for the world. Maybe someone should share this with Donald Trump. Here are some of the highlights:


Georgia is a country with low tax rates and transparent tax system. Tax and customs legislation is unified under one tax code and the collection of taxes and supervision of the tax environment is provided by Georgia Revenue Service. All tax administration procedures and customs clearances are online/web-based. There are only 6 flat taxes in Georgia:

According to the Economic Liberty Act, Government is not allowed to increase national tax rates or number of taxes without national referendum. (Except for excise tax – ‘tax on specific goods for specific purpose – i.e. gasoline tax for roads, etc)

Georgia has Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties with 52 countries. Sadly, the United States is not among them. The Country doesn’t have restrictions on currency convertibility or repatriation of capital & profit!

According to Global Corruption Barometer of Transparency International, the only Georgian institutions which are highly suspect are the Media (shocker) and the Judiciary. Compare that to the sad state of American corruption.

World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report named Georgia #9 among low tax rate economies.

Georgia ranks 15/189 countries in the World Bank’s 2015 Doing Business report and 22/178 countries on the 2015 Index of Economic Freedom.


German Intelligence Service Agent Led Dual Secret Life

An employee of the German intelligence domestic spy agency, known as the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) has been arrested on charges of making Islamist statements and sharing agency material with potential terrorists.

BERLIN — Two weeks ago, German intelligence agents noticed an unusual user in a chat room known as a digital hideout for Islamic militants. The man claimed to be one of them — and said he was a German spy. He was offering to help Islamists infiltrate his agency’s defenses to stage a strike.

Agents lured him into a private chat, and he gave away so many details about the spy agency — and his own directives within it to thwart Islamists — that they quickly identified him, arresting the 51-year-old the next day. Only then would the extent of his double life become clear.

The German citizen of Spanish descent confessed to secretly converting to Islam in 2014. From there, his story took a stranger turn. Officials ran a check on the online alias he assumed in radical chat rooms. The married father of four had used it before — as recently as 2011 — as his stage name for acting in gay pornographic films. TheWashingtonPost

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Unhinged In The Hood

Two young ladies really got into it in the hood – and of course it was caught on film and quickly made it to YouTube.

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Lucky Swipe: Thief Unwittingly Steals $1.6M In Untraceable Gold Flakes

Copes said he seemed to be an opportunist who saw a 20 sec window to grab a bucket from the Diamond District and take off. Turns out it had 86 lbs of gold flake in it.

I don’t support or encourage thievery, but this made me giggle. Audentis fortuna auvat. 🙂


Funny, If It Weren’t Based In Reality

Hammy, the pedo prophet married Aisha when she was 6 and took her innocence when she was 9.

There is no legal age at which marrying a girl becomes permissible. The pervs can marry or enslave any girl of any age, so anyone offended by this can suck it.



Dutch Man Volutarily Euthanized For Alcoholism


A British MP doesn’t like that this guy was able to decide for himself, whether he should live or die.

A man in the Netherlands has been allowed to die because he could no longer carry on living as an alcoholic.

Mark Langedijk chose the day of his death and was telling jokes, drinking beer and eating ham sandwiches with his family hours before he passed away.

He was killed by lethal injection at his parents’ home on 14 July, according to an account of the ordeal written by his brother and published in the magazine Linda.

The Netherlands introduced a euthanasia law 16 years ago, which is available to people in “unbearable suffering” with no prospect of improvement.

I’d say that the MP should mind their own business. The ultimate decision one can make, regarding the God-given liberty we enjoy as humans, is to decide one’s own status as living or deceased. No one can take that right from you and I don’t have any problem with affording people a dignified way to go about it, provided there are strong safeguards in place.

At least this guy didn’t have to jump in front of a train. What say you?


Jill Stein Accelerates Her Scam Of Leftist Donors

"Just think about all  those millions"

“Just think about all those millions”

Stein has initiated a fund-raising for her imaginary recount efforts in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. At first she said she needed to raise a million and a half. Every few days she increased the amount she said was necessary, even though no one has been able to provide any evidence that there was even a smidgen of vote fraud.

Rush Limbaugh reported that Stein has told followers and donors that not all the money raised will be used to fund the recount. But still she wants more.


Interestingly, the Green Party candidate’s efforts to raise money for this are not supported by the actual Green Party.

“Green Party Rebels Against Jill Stein: “We Do Not Support The Recount””

In a letter penned by Green Party Senate Candidate Margaret Flowers, and signed by dozens of prominent GPUS members, the Greens have rebelled against the farcical “recount effort” conducted by Jill Stein, saying “while we support electoral reforms, including how the vote is counted, we do not support the current recount being undertaken by Jill Stein.”

The reason for this is that as the author notes, “as a candidate, Dr. Stein has the right to call for a recount. However, we urge the GPUS to distance itself from any appearance of support for either Democrats or Republicans. We are well aware of the undemocratic actions taken during the primaries by the DNC and the Clinton campaign. Greens cannot be perceived to be allied with such a party.”

From Zero Hedge

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Someone Please Convince Me That The Gatlinburg Fire Is Not A Terrorist Act

A week or so ago there was a fire in Israel that was set by Muslim sympathizers. They have footage from security cameras that show the fires being set. Now we have wildfires in the Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge area that are out of control.

Forest fire burning out of control in a pine forest on the Mesca

Not surprisingly the group Al Qaeda produced back in 2012 several issues of their ‘Inspire’ magazine that shows and tells militants how to start fires.

“‘Unleash Hell’: New Al Qaeda magazine describes in detail how to start huge forest fires across the U.S.”

The ninth issue of 'Inspire' magazine, Al-Qaeda's English-language magazine which surfaced Wednesday, May 2, 2012, called for firebombing campaigns in the United States and offered hand-gun training tips

The ninth issue of ‘Inspire’ magazine, Al-Qaeda’s English-language magazine which surfaced Wednesday, May 2, 2012, called for firebombing campaigns in the United States and offered hand-gun training tips

Al Qaeda has called upon its followers to unleash massive forest fires upon the United States this summer.
Published in the latest edition of the notorious terror magazine, ‘Inspire’, are graphic instructions for the creation and ignition of ’ember bombs’
Detailed in the memorably titled, ‘It is of your Freedom to Ignite a Firebomb’, the magazine encourages any would-be terrorist to target Montana, because of the rapid population growth in its wooded areas.”

Read it all at the May, 2012 article in the UK Daily Mail

Here is a report, including video, of what people in the area have been experiencing.

Language warning:


The Fatal Conceit, once again, appears before us…

This may be nothing more than a turn of a phrase and thus a minor annoyance. If so, I don’t know if it is worthy of a full post, but here we go anyway. Trump says he is leaving the business world to work full time in his new day job.

“I will be holding a major news conference in New York City with my children on December 15 to discuss the fact that I will be leaving my,” Trump wrote on social media, breaking his announcement up into multiple posts. “Great business in total in order to fully focus on running the country in order to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! While I am not mandated to ….do this under the law, I feel it is visually important, as President, to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses.”

That is mostly appropriate and innocuous. There is one part that is like fingernails on a chalkboard to my ear, however. It is this…

“…in order to fully focus on running the country in order to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

I will just cut to the chase. This guy isn’t going to “run the country” and he shouldn’t be saying he is. Nobody runs the country. The country, for the most part, runs itself via a hundred billion decisions a day by 330 million people.

The idea that anyone can “run the country” is a form of leftist jackassery F.A. Hayak called the “Fatal Conceit”. Regarding this conceit he famously said, “The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.”

Every morning in my podunk town in Iowa, fresh bread, fresh milk and fresh doughnuts are delivered to the local Casey’s General Store. They do it every day and never miss a day. All across America, before dawn, bakers are making bread and it is sent out in trucks to a million locations in every corner of the nation. Gasoline is delivered, ATMs are filled with cash, cement mixers head out, coffee shops receive shipments, credit card transactions occur, new cars are transported, steel gets delivered, taxi drivers head out and on and on and on. The whole list of the economic transactions occurring in any given moment would fill a library.

Literally tens of billions of economic decisions and transactions occur every day in America. A flow chart plotting this reality would crash the biggest mainframe computer devised by man. Millions of transactions and decisions are made every minute of every day. Some are based on logic and programming, some are based on nothing more than human whim and emotion: Do I want a doughnut this morning or just coffee? There is no centralized control structure dictating how each of us should behave. Localized interactions between individual and group entities lead to the emergence of “intelligent” global behavior that is incomprehensible to individuals.

Market economies create a spontaneous order; a more efficient allocation of societal resources than any human plan could ever come close to achieving. This spontaneous order has created virtually all of the wealth, health, education, comfort, recreation and quality of life we enjoy today. The market economy is why humans no longer hunt and gather in tiny, family groups.

The idea that a country can be effectively and efficiently “run” by a man or even the centralized bureaucracy of a massive administrative government is indeed a conceit and it is indeed fatal. This conceit is behind the failure of socialism wherever it is tried. It is the conceit that looks to be fatal to the economy of Venezuela.

No man runs the country. Every second hundreds of millions of decisions and transactions occur in a cloud of organized chaos that is based on individual motivations that no human and no computer could ever understand, replicate or organize. Any radical change to the system, any attempt to control it, any attempt to “fundamentally transform” it is doomed to fail. It would be impossible to model, control or even comprehend effects of change.

We witnessed the failure of the Obama Administration to “run the country”. We will witness it again if Donald Trump believes that he can do better than Obama at a task no man can do. Obamacare is collapsing into a pile of socialist rubble because a few arrogant people thought they could better organize the nation than the organic organization of market forces. Thus it always goes.

Let’s pray that Trump’s arrogant comment was just hyperbole.