Ye shall mark thy homes….


…or suffer my wrath!

DES MOINES, IA—Declaring that all voting-age citizens who took the measures would be spared, Hillary Clinton ominously instructed her supporters throughout Iowa to mark their front doors with her campaign logo before sundown, sources confirmed Sunday. “All those residing in Iowa take heed: Your home shall bear the mark of my campaign this eve, or may God help you,” said the Democratic candidate after dispatching a phalanx of campaign staffers to all four corners of the state to spread the message of her directive. “Be within your dwellings with the doors closed and locked before nightfall, and do not cross the threshold before the sun rises again in the sky. The emblem of the red-and-blue H will protect my true voters.” At press time, Clinton issued a statement ordering all Iowan supporters who remain on Monday morning to bring forth their progeny between 18 and 34 years of age to the polls.


Rise Of The Protest Voters

I have given up on the idea that our ship can be righted.


Many gave up before me, refusing to vote for the previous two RINO candidates. “Do what it takes to win”, we implored them. “We can’t afford to have a Barack Obama presidency.”, we exclaimed. Those who refused and stayed home weren’t buying it. They were sick and tired of the serial abuse they’d suffered at the hands of their  Republican overlords. It took me longer to protest, but I’m there.

I don’t think that our society will ever have enough people get involved in the nitty-gritty of party politics to right the ship. That is the ONLY WAY to force the RINO’s to do your bidding. The only way short of hemp and street lamps, anyway. The problem with electing our way to correction is much deeper and more pervasive a concern – the deep state. Even if we magically awoke to a compliant Republican Party and 100% participation rate, the deep state would continue on, unmolested. Changing heads and changing parties accomplishes absolutely nothing but to slow the inexorable tide of progressive infiltration. Our government is simply too large.

I gave a speech at the first Tea Party rally in 2009. I had people screaming and cheering my words until I mentioned “their” entitlements. Progressives only want to protect the “rights” that they like or things that – while not rights – they think should be rights. Likewise, many in the smaller government crowd want to cut government down to a more manageable (constitutional) size, but they don’t want to lose their “investment” in the leviathan.

Those who control the beast don’t want to see anything go away. Every dollar taken from the budget directly translates to a loss of control for these power brokers. Thus, these power brokers do the dancing monkey routine, crying with us during the campaign, only to stab us in the back as soon as they have the opportunity. This abuse of our trust, over the past two decades, has caused many of us to lose hope that anything can be changed. So, we sit out of the elections or we cast a conscience ballot which ultimately becomes a vote for the greater-of-two evils, regardless of which party you tend toward.

Evil. Always. Wins.

In 2008, people were so tired of GW Bush that they voted for the most-unlike-Bush. They elected a black, crypto-marxist of dubious provenance because they liked what he had to say. He said things that didn’t sound like the other guy. He gave voice to their anger. Again in 2012, after four years of failure, more people stayed home who would normally vote Republican, and once again the crypto-marxist failure was elected.


This year, a man has joined the cacophony of disgruntled Republican voices; a amn so bold as to say all of the many things that everyday Americans utter in their private conversations, but never hear on a national platform. Nevermind that his brand of Hopenchange™ will be completely ineffective. Never you mind that he has spent his entire life as a New York progressive. Forget about the fact that lacks a fundamental understanding of – or respect for – the US Constitution. Disregard his promise to abuse executive orders or act unilaterally.

Donald Trump is capturing the populist vote. So is Bernie Sanders. From both sides of the isle, the people have become so disgusted with the political process as to back whomever is the greatest departure from what we have been offered. These people are the protest voters.

On the left the protest voters are ready to go full retard. On the right, people like me, would rather “waste” their vote than vote one more time against their principles. People who fall into the “independent” portion of both sides of the spectrum (typically 1/3 of those identifying as either right or left of center) are squarely in the Outlandish Candidate camps.

When considered in light of the vast numbers of people who just don’t give a crap, can’t be bothered, or would rather waste their vote – this is shaping up to be an election to end America as we know it.

But then, the dream of America that we’ve been holding on to has been gone for some time, hasn’t it?


The tRUMP Cult


I have no words for this. It’s no different than the cult following that Herr Obama had back in ’08. This poster scares the shit out of me. It reminds me of those pamphlets that the Jehovah Witness’ leave on your doorstep, portraying graphic images of sinners being cast in a lake of fire for being non-believers. In this poster, we see lost souls enthusiastically following a false prophet which will ultimately lead to their doom.

I don’t think it’s a parody.


“Is America Ruled By Law or Ruled by Power?”

Kurt Schlichter asks this easily answerable question. It is easy to answer because we have watched the slide into rule by power and the destruction of the rule of law. We, here at the Real Revo, have covered the way the laws have been ignored without consequence.

Look here,

And here,

Also here,

More here,

And last but not least here.

hillary gabbing

The question is not whether Hillary Clinton is manifestly and indisputably guilty of multiple felonies. She is.

The question is whether we are a nation operating under the rule of law, or one operating under the rule of power. I regret to say that today we are not governed by the rule of law.

General David Petraeus violated the classified material laws, and he was convicted of a federal crime. Sadly, the military declined to regain the honor its leadership has squandered excusing senior leaders’ abuses and incompetence and take his fourth star since he failed to serve honorably as a four star general. If you think a sergeant would retain his rank, or a major his commission, after doing what Petraeus did, you are – like any of Hillary’s apologists – ignorant, a fool and/or a liar.

People are in jail right now for doing what Hillary did. But she will never be held accountable any more than the IRS managers who followed Barack Obama’s unspoken guidance to harass and oppress conservative organizations were.”

We are moving steadily to a point in our country where the elite political class determines what is and is not acceptable. The power is vested in the Executive branch. It has been placed there securely by this President’s use of executive actions. It has been reinforced by the Congress’ lack of interest in slowing, even acknowledging, that he has been doing it. The courts have further given him free rein.

No one is doing anything to try to prevent this usurpation of control so it continues. No. Continues is not the right word. Actually, it is accelerating.

Schlichter is still asking questions. He has not accepted the truth.


“… we cannot let unsophisticated comments stand.”

A few students, in diversity classes, are making professors and others uncomfortable. They are asking unapproved questions.

“Panel discussion prompts UCLA professors to admit truths about diversity courses”


A panel discussion at UCLA on Saturday held to mark the one-year anniversary of the university’s mandatory diversity course requirement prompted professors to acknowledge and bemoan some of the struggles they face in teaching their various courses.

The panel included eight professors who either teach a course currently designated as fulfilling the requirement or who teach a class that will soon be designated as such, including “Understanding Whiteness in American History and Culture,” Hormones and Behavior, “Asian American Personality and Mental Health” and “Information as Power.”


Lau recalled a situation during which a foreign student asked “what if the reason black males are incarcerated more than whites is because they commit more crimes?” She said there was a total silence in the room. She then stated she wished she knew how to answer, because hard questions should be asked.

Shortly after, Assistant Professor Safiya Noble stated “we cannot let unsophisticated comments stand.” She said that as a faculty in residence for the “Afrikan Disapora” dorm floor, she has learned that “those questions outside the norm make black students feel not just microaggressed, but actually aggressed.”

So, once again honest dialog has been shut down in a house of ‘Higher Learning’.

Read the rest at The College Fix

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Ted Cruz Converts Angry Iowa Corn Farmer

This is worth watching – and sharing.

You can sense how angry the farmer is, but Cruz employs his impressively deep knowledge of the subject to explain calmly why his policies will HELP farmers, even though he’ll phase out the government subsidy.

Maybe the farmer was just being nice at the end, but he went from total anger to a pretty calm and accepting demeanor, all due to Cruz’s engaging arguments.

Now ask yourself – do you think you’d get that kind of understanding out of Trump?”

More at SooperMexican


The slack-ass bum who wants to rob you…

His name is Bernie Sanders and he has the passionate support of slack-ass bums coast to coast.

His family managed to send him to the University of Chicago. Despite a prestigious degree, however, Sanders failed to earn a living, even as an adult. It took him 40 years to collect his first steady paycheck — and it was a government check.

“I never had any money my entire life,” Sanders told Vermont public TV in 1985, after settling into his first real job as mayor of Burlington.

Sanders spent most of his life as an angry radical and agitator who never accomplished much of anything. And yet now he thinks he deserves the power to run your life and your finances — “We will raise taxes;” he confirmed Monday, “yes, we will.”

One of his first jobs was registering people for food stamps, and it was all downhill from there.

Sanders took his first bride to live in a maple sugar shack with a dirt floor, and she soon left him. Penniless, he went on unemployment. Then he had a child out of wedlock. Desperate, he tried carpentry but could barely sink a nail. “He was a shi**y carpenter,” a friend told Politico Magazine. “His carpentry was not going to support him, and didn’t.”

Then he tried his hand freelancing for leftist rags, writing about “masturbation and rape” and other crudities for $50 a story. He drove around in a rusted-out, Bondo-covered VW bug with no working windshield wipers. Friends said he was “always poor” and his “electricity was turned off a lot.” They described him as a slob who kept a messy apartment — and this is what his friends had to say about him.

The only thing he was good at was talking … non-stop … about socialism and how the rich were ripping everybody off. “The whole quality of life in America is based on greed,” the bitter layabout said. “I believe in the redistribution of wealth in this nation.”

Of course he does. Slack-ass bums always want to steal the earnings of those who actually create wealth.

Here are a bunch of slack-ass Iowans who strongly support their slack-ass candidate. Oddly, they seem really angry about another progressive candidate when asked.


What do Trump and Sanders share in common?

I mean beside their shared desire to continue Planned Parenthood funding, increase ethanol mandates and erect barriers to international trade. They both want to take Obamacare to the next level and institute true universal health care. Here he is on Meet the Press yesterday.

We’re going to work with our hospitals. We’re going to work with our doctors. We’ve got to do something. You can’t have a — a small percentage of our economy, because they’re down and out, have absolutely no protection so they end up dying from, you know, what you could have a simple procedure or even a pill. You can’t do that. We’ll work something out. That doesn’t mean single payer. And I mean, maybe he’s got no heart. And if this means I lose an election, that’s fine, because, frankly, we have to take care of the people in our country. We can’t let them die on the sidewalks of New York or the sidewalks of Iowa or anywhere else.

Don’t worry. I am sure when Trump gets busy working with hospitals, free health care won’t result in shortages, rationing and increased costs. Not this time. Not with Trump. He gets deals done.

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I Never Thought I’d Ever Hear Catherine Herridge Say, “Super Pissed Off” On The Air

No matter what the FBI does, Hillary will not be indicted. Obama will see to that. Rule of law does not exist in this administration. Even if he has to fire the head of the FBI he will not allow her to go to court. The FBI is just one more institution he is willing to destroy.

On Friday White Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters some officials at the FBI have said Hillary Clinton is not a target of the current investigation.

These latest comments by the Obama White House reportedly have FBI and Justice Department officials “Super Pissed Off.”

From Gateway Pundit


The Coveted New York Times Endorsements:

For the Socialists they support Hillary Rodham Clinton:

“Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nomination”


“Voters have the chance to choose one of the most broadly and deeply qualified presidential candidates in modern history.”

The Grey Lady Has Chosen to side with a lying liar.

For the Republicans, perhaps the weakest of all the GOP candidates:



A Sunday Sermon

Good morning Real Revo. It is a beautiful day. It is another opportunity to live and do what you can do to make the world a better place.

An ever shrinking segment of the population observe this day with rest and worship. I find that it gives balance to my life. I need a day of rest and worship to help keep me focused and energized during the week.

This week I am especially thankful because the Lord has shown me once again that he keeps his every promise. He has given me a future and a hope. He has a plan for my life much greater than I am able to imagine. He has truly lifted me up and made all things new. I thank him. I praise him. Mostly I want to show him my love by being obedient to him. Regardless of what I do it will never be enough to measure as a grain of sand against what he has done for me. He poured out the punishment I deserve on his Son, Jesus Christ. He bought this miserable sinner at a very high price, a means to escape what it is that I deserve. He has given to me freely so many things I do not deserve and he does this because he loves me far more than I can comprehend.

He loves you the same way. If you like you can come take a seat in the Real Revo Chapel. No need to get dressed up. Come as you are.

At the link below you will find the streaming webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church. The webcast will stream content all day, along with the live webcast of our Sunday Morning Worship Service that starts at 10:45am East Coast time. Please feel welcome to join us.

The streaming television webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church is found HERE

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Meet Wesley Zineski

Polish Resistance Catholic Holocaust Survivor…

If you are ever visiting the Washington D.C. Area and get down on the National Mall, you will probably not want to go see the National Holocaust Museum. That’s because you know that it will not be a pleasant experience. I recommend that you go see it anyway. It will remind you of how ugly Evil truly is. It will cause you to see the Evil of the days we are living more clearly. It will make you understand why every effort to crush that Evil is worthwhile.

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The Chivalry of Fisticuffs

Several Years ago when I was living on a Shrimp Boat down in Florida Cracker Country, I witnessed a fist fight that involved about 20 Teenagers. It was quite interesting because the fight traveled. It didn’t stay in one spot for long. When it moved out across a field from us we watched it through binoculars. It was quite amusing.

What I really found amusing was a remark that was made by one of the parents of the boys involved. Someone asked if we should go out there and break it up. The wise man I speak of said “Nope”, took a swig of Beer and said “Let ’em fight”.

“Whenever there’s a fist fight there are no losers. You either learn some respect or you earn some respect. Either way, everybody’s a winner”.

More below the fold…


Anheuser Busch Hires Anti-Gunners For Superbowl Commercial

From the Wall Street Journal: “Bud Light Bets on Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen With Super Bowl Ad”

We need to behave differently,” said Jorn Socquet, AB’s vice president of marketing, adding that there will be a “complete revival” of the Bud Light brand this year. During an interview in September, he said that he wanted the company to make its “advertising memorable again” and criticized its “Up for Whatever” campaign for focusing on “live today and not for tomorrow” — a theme he said didn’t resonate with young adult consumers.”


Amy Schumer is Chuck Schumer’s second cousin. She has called for gun control legislation.

Seth Rogen is a Canadian. He is also a gun-control fanatic.

Seth Rogen labels Ben Carson’s gun ownership comments ‘absolutely despicable’
The Independent
Seth Rogen has expanded on his criticism of Republican candidate Ben Carson, after tweeting “F*** you” to the politician’s Twitter account earlier this month. The actor criticised the former neurosurgeon’s comments defending gun ownership…”

Read the rest at Newslocker

I don’t think I have ever bought a Bud Light. I don’t expect to in the future.


Where Did This Level Of Stupidity Come From?

Here are a couple of examples of sheer, utter stupidity. They are both from Europe. I don’t know if that means anything but…

“German feminist welcomes refugees: ‘Better rapists than racists’”


A Facebook page for the radical left in Germany had a message for young women: “diversity is more important than your security.”

Rote Antifa posted a picture of young feminist on Thursday, holding a sign that stated she preferred rapists from Syria and North Africa over nationalists in Germany who have demanded Chancellor Angela Merkel stop taking in more refugees.

From Red Alert Politics

Then there is this stupidity:

Don’t try it at home.

It’s harder to create movement in water than in air, because water molecules are closer together than air molecules. To show the difference in resistance, physicist Andreas Wahl puts himself in front of a weapon submerged in water and fires it – on himself.”


“Over 500 Faith And Cultural Conservative Leaders Endorse Ted Cruz”

Religious leaders are not just noting that Cruz is the real deal. They are taking action to support him.


In endorsing Ted Cruz for President Tony Perkins spoke for many faith leaders and cultural conservatives when he said, “I trust Ted to fight to pull America out of the political and cultural tailspin that President Obama’s policies have put us in. This is no normal election; this election is about the very survival of our Constitution and our republic.”

Perkins added a key consideration in the minds of many faith-first voters; Ted Cruz’s record of keeping his promises.”

More at Conservative HQ


Friday Night at the Movies

Crazy stuff has been happening this week. I have had no time to sit down and do a movie write-up. I still don’t. I had this one in the vault and marked “Interesting”.

So now I just pull this Rabbit out of my hat and here it is…

Our Friday Night Flight takes us to the Middle East!

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“Cruz has $19M in the bank, top aide says”

Jeff Roe

Jeff Roe

Ted Cruz’s campaign had $19 million in the bank as of Dec. 31, campaign manager Jeff Roe told reporters on Friday at a Bloomberg Politics breakfast briefing in Des Moines, Iowa.

He argued that the campaign is built for the long haul and that Cruz is the only candidate who can defeat Donald Trump, whether or not Cruz wins Iowa in the first-in-the-nation caucuses on Monday.

“I think it’s gonna be a record turnout,” Roe said.

Any conservative vote cast for a candidate other than Cruz is a “wasted vote,” Roe said, predicting that Marco Rubio wouldn’t be a “close” third.

He also predicted that by March 1, the Texas senator will have more endorsements than any candidate for the Republican nomination.”

More at Bloomberg Politics


Political Weather Report


I was riding the 0705 ferry into the city this morning, headed to work. I always sit in the same general areas on the boat, regardless of what time I’m actually traveling. Anyone who knows me will know without a doubt that my chosen seats are in areas with my back to the wall and multiple egress points nearby. It’s just habit.

Well, occasionally, I feel particularly lazy in the morning and will opt to reset my alarm clock to sleep for an extra hour or more. When I do this, it puts me on the 0705 ferry. I always enjoy riding this ferry, because there is a group of particularly astute young men (high school, 17-18 yo) who attend a prestigious Catholic Prep school in the city.

I always enjoy their conversations – which can vary wildly from the pop culture topic du jour to the presidential race – but always emanate from a conservative perspective. On some mornings, they will ask my perspective [they like my shirts and my veteran status]. This morning, they were discussing the constitution, the SOTU address, and the presidential candidates.

One of the young men was commenting how the 10th Amendment seems to have been done away with these days and another said that “…it essentially has…that’s why so many people like Donald Trump, because none of the politicians listen to what the people want.” His friend said, “He’s funny but he doesn’t have any class. I like most of what he has to say, but I don’t trust him on any of it.” To which the other kid said “Yeah, me either. That’s why I don’t think he’s going to win. It’ll probably end up being Marco Rubio, but I like Ted Cruz.”

The “I don’t trust him” kid looked at me and said what do you think? Who’s your vote going to? I said: “Ted Cruz is the only candidate who ever refers to the constitution, other than Rand Paul (whose foreign policy is naïve). The answer to every one of our nation’s problems can be found in the Constitution.” They all agreed and nodded.

They continued on with Bernie: “Where is all the free shit he’s promising going to come from?” “The free shit fairy, I guess.” “Well, what about Hillary?” “Hillary’s a troll. Nobody trusts her. She won’t get the nomination.”

Later in the day, I went to my favorite teriyaki joint and overheard the two middle-aged blue-collar men at the table next to me discussing the election, too. One was a liberal and the other a conservative. They both agreed that Bush, Clinton, and Obama all sucked and that Hillary would make this country much worse. Then, the Donald came up, and they came to consensus that while he is “crass and unpresidential”, he may be just what is needed to force the two parties to listen to their constituents.

They also discussed Bernie. Even the liberal was ragging on his know-nothing brand of socialist utopian drivel.

“I don’t know why he can’t seem to understand that socialism has never worked anywhere. And where is all this free stuff going to come from? Who’s going to pay for it?” “Taxes on the rich…” the conservative said “…an increased tax rate to a top marginal rate of 75%, that’s where.”

His liberal friend said “Top rates are 90% in many countries. That’s insane to expect anyone to pay that much. What you’re gonna end up with people who realize that it’s cheaper and easier to just live off the system and you end up right where Europe is today. ”

So, to summarize, there is an intense conversation going on throughout our country about the future and the road we’re taking to get there. The only thing that anyone can seem to agree on is that Donald J. Trump is a net-plus for the process. That is terrifying to me.

It’s like the Obama craze all over again, but this time the guy isn’t polarizing the opposition’s camp, he’s co-opting them. That puts an actual majority of American’s [if he’s successful] drinking the kool-aid from a guy who can’t decide if it’s grape or cherry.

With an enormous variable like Trump and all of the political question marks he brings to the table, our country is in for one hell of a ride. Couple that with the deterioration of the global economy, ongoing regional conflicts, global jockeying for economic hegemony, and the ever-present threat of dozens of destabilizing forces at work inside our body politic and we are in for some seriously bad weather in the near-to-mid term.

Precare pacem et para bellum.


Aerial Video of of the Shooting of LaVoy Finicum

I just watched this video several times. I still can’t say for a metaphysical certitude what is what. That said, if this was all I had to go on, I sure as hell wouldn’t call this an unjustified shooting.

I will try to put myself in Finicum’s position here…

  • LEO’s know me to be heavily armed.
  • I have just fled from a stop by SWAT type LEOs.
  • I almost killed a LEO by hitting him with my truck at a roadblock.
  • Justified or not, I have committed several felonies.
  • My vehicle is 100% disabled.

If I was a LEO at the roadblock, this is what I would be thinking.

  • Suspects are known to be heavily armed.
  • A legal stop was made and the suspect fled.
  • He attempted to bypass a roadblock at high speed and nearly hit a fellow officer.
  • Rather than falling to the ground, he gets out, moves about and seems to reach for something.

Based on this video alone…

If I was Finicum, I wouldn’t have come out of the cab, stumbling around and reaching for my waistband or inside my coat. If I did that, I would fully expect a fusillade of FMJ to come flying at me.

If I was a LEO on the scene, I don’t think I would wait around and see what the armed, suspected felon who nearly killed my partner was reaching for.

Where am I wrong in my thinking?


What If Donald Trump Were The Only Person Who Could Beat The Socialist/Communist Candidate?

No matter which candidate, Clinton or Sanders, becomes the Democrat’s nominee, it will be a socialist/Communist. How far would you go to beat them?

Tucker Carlson has published a piece in Politico titled, “Donald Trump Is Shocking, Vulgar, And Right”. The subtitle is, “And, my dear fellow Republicans, he’s all your fault”.

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson

In it he relates some interesting history. First there is this anecdote:

About 15 years ago, I said something nasty on CNN about Donald Trump’s hair. I can’t now remember the context, assuming there was one. In any case, Trump saw it and left a message the next day.

“It’s true you have better hair than I do,” Trump said matter-of-factly. “But I get more pussy than you do.” Click.”

But a more telling revelation from Trump is this on page two:

All of which explains why almost nobody in Washington caught the significance of Trump’s finest moment in the first debate. One of the moderators asked, in effect: if you’re so opposed to Hillary Clinton, why did she come to your last wedding? It seemed like a revealing, even devastating question.

Trump’s response, delivered without pause or embarrassment: Because I paid her to be there. As if she was the wedding singer, or in charge of the catering.

Even then, I’ll confess, I didn’t get it. (Why would you pay someone to come to your wedding?) But the audience did. Trump is the ideal candidate to fight Washington corruption not simply because he opposes it, but because he has personally participated in it. He’s not just a reformer; like most effective populists, he’s a whistleblower, a traitor to his class.”


Marxist View of Cultural Conquest

This is it, in a nutshell.

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest




The Republican Debate from Des Moines Iowa – Open Thread


Tonight we have what should be an exciting night in Des Moines, Iowa as the last Republican Debate prior to the Iowa Caucus unfolds. Why should this be exciting? We already know all the candidates. We already know anything that they have to say about anything that we are concerned with.

I’ll tell you why this is exciting. This has been the most unusual primary race of my entire life. I’ve never seen anything like it. Now we are getting down to the last moments before the scoreboard gets fired up. The rubber hits the road starting next week. Candidates are going to be taking and giving serious shots tonight. We should see some nice and lively exchanges.

Meanwhile the front runner is doing everything he can do to lose this race while maintaining perfect Kayfabe that says otherwise. He has given and is giving Ted Cruz every opportunity in the world to win Iowa. This latest spot is just pure brilliance. It’s called a “No Sell”. It gives the opponent every opportunity to say anything he wants to. Donald has taken himself out of the picture in order to put Ted Cruz over with the crowd. Now Ted has to sell it. He has to sell himself. It’s up to him now. The rest of the pack have got a lot of selling to do if they expect to improve their lot against Ted Cruz.

I’m thinking that this is going to be interesting.

I’m opening up the discussion thread 2 hours in advance of the Main Event in order that you may see the live stream of the GOP “Undercard” debate and for Revoistas to make their remarks in advance of the commencement of hostilities, should they care to do so.

FOX Livestream of the GOP Debate in Des Moines, Iowa is found HERE

Now I know that some of you out there are curious about what is going on at another event that is taking place in Des Moines tonight. Don’t all raise your hands at once. You want to know what Trumpeewump is up to. He’s doing his best to get Ted Cruz over the top and you have to know what he’s doing…

More below the fold…


The Department Of Homeland Insecurity

This indicates two things;

1. A concerted effort by groups who are interested in doing damage, especially on air liners.

2. A severe problem within the DHS. Employees have been lax in their security standards and their superiors have been allowing it. It is incomprehensible that there would not be investigation into the loss of firearms, badges, and credentials. The moment that an employee asked for replacements of the lost items that should have generated some serious inspection. That has not happened and now there are more than a thousand badges and credentials in the hands of people who should not have them.

The guns are another thing. People like Kate Steinle have been killed with weapons stolen from these federal employees. That is unforgiveable.

This all comes from the top. The Obama administration is to blame for this laxness.

“Hundreds of DHS badges, guns, cell phones lost or stolen since 2012”

dhs logo

Hundreds of badges, credentials, cell phones and guns belonging to Department of Homeland Security employees have been lost or stolen in recent years — raising serious security concerns about the potential damage these missing items could do in the wrong hands.

Inventory reports, obtained by the news site Complete Colorado and shared with, show that over 1,300 badges, 165 firearms and 589 cell phones were lost or stolen over the span of 31 months between 2012 and 2015.


While Miller said the phones are likely to have enough protocols in place to prevent them from being used for nefarious purposes, the badges and credentials are an entirely different matter and could allow access to sensitive areas such as cargo.

“The thing that’s particularly concerning is that if you get real credentials, it’s very easy to manipulate them, and you’ve got someone else’s picture on what law enforcement would see as valid,” Miller said. “Then you factor in terrorism, it’s a significant concern that people would run around with authentic credentials and be able to access areas they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.”

Read the rest at Fox News