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No More In ’16

Dallas Tea Party is partnering with Dr Gina Loudon, The Politichicks, bloggers and conservative media personalities on Monday, March 23rd for the NO MORE IN 2016! campaign.

We need your help in asking your readers/listeners to post #NoMorein16 on their social media accounts. We believe this will go viral throughout the conservative community as conservatives are tired of the same old faces and lies in the Republican Party.
We want this to go viral on Facebook and Twitter as a warning to the RINO Establishment. We’d like for conservatives to post photos of themselves holding signs that say #NoMorein16 to Twitter in the mode of Michelle Obama’s #bringbackourgirls or any number of our State Department’s hashtag diplomacy signs.


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Now That’s Something To Hope For – From A Democrat

Currently my favorite image of Cruz

Currently my favorite image of Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz has declared he is running for the Presidency as a Republican. Reactions are all over the board. Most leftists are angry. That means he is over the target as bomber crews would say about flak and antiaircraft fire. Here is a quote from one that may be more accurate than we can know.

Ted Cruz has been running the Republican Party for years, driving extreme policies that put Tea Party politics ahead of middle class families,” said Ben Ray, spokesman for the Democratic opposition research organization said, adding that Cruz’s “run for President will do exactly what he’s done in the Senate: bring out the Tea Partier in every last Republican candidate.”

From Bloomberg Politics

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Hillary’s Base Is Catching On

even her base is starting to get it

From Springer’s Blog

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Need A Flamethrower? XM42 Is Planning to Build And Sell Them

XM42 from $699.00. Currently being crowd-funded.

More at Bearing Arms


Happy Monday


Read ‘The Pig Trap’

It’s a long but well-written story.


It’s a story of the second American Civil War:

I said, “Well, you are a military man… what would that look like?”

Wheeler said, “Well, it wouldn’t look like the first Civil War… no lines of men standing in ranks and shooting across a field at each other, no “North and South” or sharply defined state lines for friendly and enemy territories, at least, not in the beginning. No, it would look more like Iraq or Afghanistan, with house to house fighting, IED’s, snipers, small factions and independent militias operating on their own, refugees streaming away from battle zones in all directions…”

“But the first question to ask is who would the combatants be? I mean, the Army isn’t going to just roll out onto the street in tanks on day one, so my guess is that it would start out as a police action, with Federal agencies like ATF and FBI taking the lead, supported by local law enforcement. But once people start shooting back, they would have to ratchet things up, do things like institute curfews and roadblocks, and they would eventually try to press the various state Guard units into service. That’s where it all goes squirrelly, because both local law enforcement and the Guard will be riddled with people who support gun rights, regardless of what laws the politicians pass, and they won’t be crazy about having to police, and maybe even fight against, their own people. The Governors may well object to the state Guard units being activated and may not wish to cooperate…”

“And it is not clear to me how many LEO and Guardsmen would remain loyal to the government and how many would join the “rebellion”. My guess is that both sides would be riddled with defections, informants, and spies. But what if, say, the Gulf states like Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida secede, and they take control of all military bases and equipment, and you suddenly have gone from an insurgency with rifles to a breakaway nation, or maybe several breakaway nations, armed with fighter jets, drones, tanks, and a navy? Whoo, buddy… now all bets are off… kiss posse comitatus goodbye. This would be the ugliest thing this county has ever seen…”

iowahawk 1200

Another teaser:

Wheeler got quiet for a few moments, and then he said something that I will never, ever forget.

“These people are playing with matches… I don’t think they understand the scope and scale of the wildfire they are flirting with. They are f*cking around with a civil war that could last a decade and cause millions of deaths… and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the f*cking head.”

The entire post is here


“Ted Cruz to announce presidential bid Monday”

The race for the Presidency will get a lot more interesting if this is true. Senator Cruz is detested by the left. MSNBC haters refer to him as the modern day Joe McCarthy. They will try everything, including false allegations, to try to Palinize him.

I salivate at the mere thought of a televised debate between Cruz and Hillary Clinton.

A question: Who would he pick for a running mate? Another: How would he be received in Iowa and New Hampshire? I’d bet he’d get standing O’s.

cruz pointing

Sen. Ted Cruz plans to announce Monday that he will run for president of the United States, according to his senior advisers, accelerating his already rapid three-year rise from a tea party insurgent in Texas into a divisive political force in Washington.

Cruz, scheduled to speak Monday at a convocation ceremony at Liberty University in Virginia, will not form an exploratory committee but rather launch a presidential bid outright, said advisers with direct knowledge of his plans, who spoke on condition of anonymity because an official announcement had not been made yet. They say he is done exploring and is now ready to become the first Republican presidential candidate.”

Read the rest at the Houston Chronicle


Camille Paglia Doesn’t Like Hillary

Sounds like she has her figured out.

From Wikipedia:

Camille Anna Paglia (/ˈpɑːliə/; born April 2, 1947) is an American academic and social critic. Paglia, a self-described dissident feminist,[1] has been a professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, since 1984.[2] The New York Times has described her as “first and foremost an educator”

Hat tip to Kate who has a link to the longer version of this interview.

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“The UN Just Condemned a Single Nation for Women’s Rights Violations”

Can you guess which one? Israel.

The U.N.’s Commission on the Status of Women released nine official documents over the course of its annual meeting this week, but as Ynetnews reported, only one of the U.N.’s 193 member nations was singled out for a reprimand: Israel.”

This did not take place in Israel

This did not take place in Israel

The report blames the Israeli occupation of the West Bank for ”[h]igh levels of unemployment and poverty” among Palestinians that hit women especially hard.”

More at The Blaze


Brilliant. Hillary Goes For A Ride

NAPA knows this will be shared a million times.

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A Sunday Sermon

Good morning Revo World. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. It is a day that the Lord has made most excellent for worship and rest.

This morning our leaders are working to betray us. Our Enemies are working to kill us. This Sunday morning as is the case with every other day that ever was, God is in control. We have shared a most worthy conversation this week and I believe it is a conversation that will continue. In that conversation I explained why it is that the doors to the Revo Chapel always be open on Sunday morning. This is a hospital for the world weary soul.

I recognize the fact that not all Revoistas are believers. I further recognize that not all believers are accustomed to receiving the word of God in the manner Hollerin’ Herb delivers it. Nonetheless, Pastor Herb is a highly educated man who is ordained and chosen by God to be one of his messengers and in the word he delivers is the Truth. The story of the Gospel ends in Victory over Evil and that is the Victory we fight for every day.

The doors of the Church are open, come on in

A Ray of Hope – A message by Pastor Herb Reavis of North Jacksonville Baptist Church


Plan a road trip on 1.75 gas

A man I know in Ft Worth, a man I’ve been quite amazed with recently, is about to be in a world of butt hurt as are an awful lot of others like him who ramped up capacity in Texas oilfield support trucking. This acquaintance of mine has gone from 5 to over 60 rigs in the last 2 years as the oil boom raged and the frack sand biz expanded exponentially. This was of course all possible because of the high prices and demand for crude. The last 9 months have reversed both demand AND supply problems.

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NYT: “‘Draft Joe Biden’ Group Urges Race Against Hillary Clinton”

Biden is 72 years old. During the 2016 election campaign he will be 74. He is also stupid and has trouble keeping his hands off women and young girls.

biden kisses little girl

Amid Hillary Rodham Clinton’s email problems and Senator Elizabeth Warren’s reluctance to run for president, the “Draft Joe Biden” movement is getting real.

A group billing themselves as “former staffers and campaign veterans” launched Draft Joe Biden on Thursday night along with, a website for organizing volunteers and a petition urging Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. to jump in to the 2016 race.

Mr. Biden has hinted that he’s considering another run for president, but his poll numbers have been weak and he does not appear to be making the usual pre-campaign moves.”

More at the New York Times


“Get yer race conversation right here”


Satire from here

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Thousand Dollar Pre-School In NYC For Adults

I got nothin’.


New Word: ‘Conservatarian’. I Like It

It’s a cross between ‘Conservative’ and ‘Libertarian’. Senator Rand Paul went to the heart of liberal California, the area known as Silicon Valley. He spoke to a rather large group of people about Conservatarian values.

The term came from the title of a book by Charles C.W. Cooke titled, ‘The Conservatarian Manifesto’.

conservatarian manifesto

The book is described as:

A call to arms for the growing movement of “Conservatarians”—members of the right who are fiscally conservative but socially liberal—and a fascinating look at conservatism’s past and future.

There is an underserved movement budding among conservatives, in which fiscal responsibility, constitutional obedience, and controlled government spending remain crucial tenets, but issues like gay marriage and drug control are approached with a libertarian bent.”

This is the kind of thing that Sen. Paul does well. He reaches out to political opponents using logically crafted discussions. He will certainly not convince all of them but he is a beacon of Conservative/Libertarian thought that does appeal to some.

More at the Washington Free Beacon

Auto-start video below.

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Friday Night at the Movies – 2020 Texas Gladiators

untitled (35)

Welcome to another exciting Friday night. The weekend is here and so are you. The Real Revo Theater is now open and as you can see from the artwork, we’ve got a real humdinger for you tonight. I’ve been holding off on presenting this one here because it’s just too awesome. We found ourselves in the Lone Star State on our previous Friday Night Flight and I just felt like a return trip is needed.

I want to get back to Texas so bad I can smell it…

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Friday Night Music Videos

Clues as to the nature of our Friday Night Movie…

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“ATF Director B. Todd Jones Stepping Down After Nearly 4 Years on Job”

B. Todd Jones

B. Todd Jones

The man brought in to repair one of the nation’s top law enforcement agencies after it was scarred by a gun-running scandal is stepping down, ABC News has learned.

Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Director B. Todd Jones has informed Attorney General Eric Holder he plans to resign, effective March 31. Jones has secured a new job in the private sector in New York City, and may be joining a professional sports league, ABC News was told.”

From ABC News

The Washington Times says his departure is a result of his attempt to ban green tip 5.56 ammo.


Finally Friday

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“Hillary Clinton Wants to Send Citizens to Camps—Fun Camps!”

Fun camps. That’s just what the government needs to do; build camps for old people. That’ll work fine.

So Clinton hands over to us all to consider the idea of a progressive sending adults to camps, and the idea of a politician infamous for being humorless and suspicious being an arbiter of “fun,” wrapped in a great big bow.”

This is from where they note also that, ” …On an entirely unrelated note, “joycamp” was the Newspeak term for forced labor camps in George Orwell’s 1984.”



Anti-Gun O’Malley Goes To Iowa

He thinks he should be President of the United States.

How much luck do you think this anti-gun lizard will have with the people of Iowa – or the rest of the country for that matter?

martin o'malley

From the Washington Post, Jan. 14, 2013:

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley will seek to institute some of the nation’s strictest gun-licensing requirements, ban assault weapons and restrict visitor access to schools in one of the most expansive government responses sought to last month’s school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

Perhaps most controversially, O’Malley (D) will ask the General Assembly to force prospective gun owners to provide fingerprints to state police, complete a hands-on weapon-familiarization and gun-safety course, and undergo a background check to be licensed.”


I’m Surprised This Made It Onto TV News

“Haitians Protest Outside Of Hillary Clinton’s Office In NYC Over ‘Billions Stolen’ By Clinton Foundation”

Haiti is the poorest country in the Americas. Anyone who steals from them is evil.


Rhymes With Barf

State Department spokesgirl Marie Harf is asked what she thinks her biggest gaffe has been as spokesgirl. She recalls what she calls a ‘Totally innocent comment’. It seems she is referring to when she said jihadis need jobs. Instead of taking responsibility for her gaffe she balmes it on others, “Because of the way I look, because I am a woman.”

It would seem to be impossible for her to lose more respect from others – but she did with this comment.


“Dianne Feinstein’s husband wins near-billion dollar California ‘high speed rail’ contract”

California is not to be outdone by Chicago. They have their pride, you know – and their offshore bank accounts.

"Well, what a surprise!"

“Well, what a surprise!”

To the surprise of absolutely no one familiar with the ways of Corruptifornia, the one-party state completely in the hands of the Democrats, a consortium whose lead firm is controlled by Richard Blum, husband of Sen. Diane Feinstein, was awarded a nearly billion-dollar contract for the construction of the first phase of the so-called high-speed rail line to link San Francisco and Los Angeles. Those paying attention to the project call it the “half-fast” rail line because it will share trackage with conventional commuter rail trains in the sprawling Los Angeles and San Francisco areas, lowering its average speed to levels achieved by American railways a century ago.”

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