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A Resurrection Sunday Worship Service

What a beautiful day it is today. Today we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Death, Hell and the Grave have been conquered through the most amazing act of Love that has ever been shown to us. How could a perfect and just God love us imperfect, miserable sinners so much that he would send his Son to live among us in the flesh and then pour put his wrath upon him as an atonement for our Sins so that we would have the opportunity to spend all eternity with him? The Love that he has for us is much greater than our ability to comprehend it. How could he possibly love us that much and why does he?

It’s because we are his children. He loves us as much today as when he created us. As imperfect as we are, he gave us the opportunity to take part in his perfect plan by way of the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Whosever shall call upon the name of Jesus Christ shall be saved. Today is a great day to call on his name.

At the link below you will find the streaming webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church. The webcast will stream content all day, along with the live webcast of our Sunday Morning Worship Service that starts at 10:45am East Coast time. Please feel welcome to join us.

The streaming television webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church is found HERE


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Jesus Christ is risen today!

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Nork Failure to Launch

Nork missile explodes on launch. Nork rocket scientists prepare to die.

North Korea has attempted to launch a missile on its east coast which is believed to have failed, South Korean and US military officials say.

The US said it had detected a ballistic missile, which blew up immediately.

It comes a day after North Korea warned the US that it was “ready to hit back with nuclear attacks” amid mounting tension in the region.
The state has already conducted five nuclear tests and a series of missile launches.

Meanwhile, US Vice-President Mike Pence is flying to the South Korean capital, Seoul, where he is expected to discuss the best way to deal with North Korea’s missile and nuclear programmes.


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Well, If They Can Get One Of Their Rockets To Fly More Than A Few Miles…

“Expert: North Korea’s H-bomb is ‘Super-EMP’ weapon”

North Korea’s surprise detonation of a low-yield H-bomb, dismissed as virtually irrelevant by some media experts, is exactly what others have been warning about: a potential Super-EMP weapon that could easily wipe out the electric grid, cars and electronics over a wide swath of the United States.

Once dismissed as Buck Rogers fantasy, concerns about electromagnetic pulse and the effect on the electric grid are being addressed in Congress due to a major concern that North Korea or Iran would explode an H-bomb like device over the U.S. It could easily be fired from a freight ship off the U.S. coast, they claim.”

Read more at the Washington Examiner


Wellesley College Snowflakes Want To Stop Criticism Of Their Attacks On Speech

In an editorial written by the College’s newspaper staff, they say they want others to quit saying they oppose free speech.


Many members of our community, including students, alumnae and faculty, have criticized the Wellesley community for becoming an environment where free speech is not allowed or is a violated right. Many outside sources have painted us as a bunch of hot house flowers who cannot exist in the real world. However, we fundamentally disagree with that characterization, and we disagree with the idea that free speech is infringed upon at Wellesley. Rather, our Wellesley community will not stand for hate speech, and will call it out when possible.”

That probably sounds all noble and stuff to a twenty year-old student. The trouble is that the very next paragraph lists the kinds of speech that will not be tolerated:

Wellesley students are generally correct in their attempts to differentiate what is viable discourse from what is just hate speech. Wellesley is certainly not a place for racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, transphobia or any other type of discriminatory speech. Shutting down rhetoric that undermines the existence and rights of others is not a violation of free speech; it is hate speech.”

Adults know that children and other leftists used those terms listed above to shut down conversation. They hurl charges of racism, etc. when they can not defend their closed-minded fascism. We sometimes laugh about it.

But these kids take it seriously. They think they have the answers to the problems of the world – but they not only don’t have answers, they don’t have questions. Any person who asks a question they find uncomfortable will be charged with hate speech. It’s really sad that this attitude is so common on campus. Many of the professors feed the problem, telling students things that are simply untrue.

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Here Comes The Fatwah…

At the risk of sounding disrespectful – which I don’t mean to be – I’d say this Bishop knows his job. As far as I can tell this is a first from any Christian church leader. It should not be so uncommon. Christian leaders are supposed to spread The Gospel. Especially to non-believers like Muslims.

“Greek Orthodox Bishop calls on Erdogan to denounce Islam and be baptised”

Metropolit Seraphim of Piraeus

Greek Orthodox Bishop, Metropolit Seraphim of Piraeus has caused controversy by urging Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to convert to Orthodoxy with Russian President Vladimir Putin as his godfather. And no, it’s not a joke.

In a 37-page letter to Erdogan written in Greek, Metropolit Seraphim asks the Turkish leader to denounce his Islamic faith and be baptised in the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.


“We propose and we advise you to come to the arms of the Greek Orthodox Church before the end of your life on earth.

“Otherwise, you will unfortunately find yourself, your family and your people in the same place where Allah, Muhammad and his followers are, ie. in the place of suffering, eternal and unending hell.”

He calls on Erdogan to “repent, cry, be humble and believe in Christ,” and claims that “the Holy Trinity of God will open the arms for you”.”

More at Neoskomos


Good Friday Night at the Movies

Welcome to Good Friday Night at the Movies. Each Good Friday I know what the subject matter for the movie selection needs to be and each year it gets harder to find one. We have either seen them already or they are not available. Tonight we have the good fortune of having one available that we haven’t seen here before and as an added bonus, it’s a good movie. I saw it in the theater this time last year. There is no telling how much longer it will be available here on the Tube. This is one of those movies that is just good to see on Good Friday.

I sure hope that this one doesn’t get taken down before show time because if it does there will be nothing I can do about it. Tonight I will be showing this movie to the boys out at the correctional facility and won’t be able to go find another to put in its place should this one get discovered and removed.

If we can’t have a movie that honors Good Friday then maybe we shouldn’t have a movie at all.

I do hope you will enjoy this…


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Donald Rodham Trump?

You be the judge.

Mr. Trump had long insisted that China was devaluing its currency and should be punished, but the executives pushed back and told him Beijing had actually stopped. And while Mr. Trump at first resisted — as late as this month calling the Chinese “world champions” of currency manipulation — after many talks like the one in February he reversed himself, declaring this week that “they’re not currency manipulators” after all.

The past week has made that abundantly clear. He discovered that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia may not be the “best friend” he imagined and that staying out of the civil war in Syria was harder than he assumed. He acknowledged that 10 minutes of listening to China’s president made him realize he did not fully understand the complexity of North Korea. He dropped his opposition to the Export-Import Bank after learning more about it. And he said he no longer thought NATO was “obsolete.”

Just weeks ago, in the midst of failed efforts to scrap President Barack Obama’s health care program, he acknowledged that the issue was more involved than the repeal-and-replace mantra of a campaign rally. “Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated,” he said with amazement. Nobody except anyone who had spent any time in Washington policy making. But for Mr. Trump, never much of a policy wonk, it was an eye opener.

He delayed his vow to move the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem after King Abdullah II of Jordan rushed to Washington to warn him of a violent backlash among Arabs. He abandoned his intention to bring back torture in terrorism interrogations after Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told him it was ineffective.

He has not appointed a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton, ripped up or renegotiated the nuclear agreement with Iran, reversed Mr. Obama’s Cuba policy or terminated his predecessor’s program permitting younger unauthorized immigrants to stay.

During the campaign, Mr. Trump sided with conservatives who wanted to eliminate it because the government should not finance large corporations and effectively pick winners and losers in a free-market economy. But on Wednesday, Mr. Trump embraced the bank.

What does it all mean? It is hard to tell. The man is anything but predictable.


The Old Rugged Cross


Religious Fanatic Detroit Doctor Cut Off Little Girls Clitorises

I refuse to sugar coat stuff like this. Other reporters are referring to the act as ‘Female Genital Mutilation’ or abbreviating it as ‘FGM’.

“Detroit emergency room doctor charged with child genital mutilation”

DOJ Arrests Michigan Doctor For Genital Mutilation of Six Year Old Girls

More here

And here


It’s Not The First Time Democrats Have Embraced Terrorism.

The Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist arm of the Democrats. Their function originally was to prevent newly franchised black people from voting or otherwise taking part in political functions.

Now they are aligning themselves with communists, socialists, and Islamists.


The Democrats have committed to overthrowing our government.

What does #Resistance really mean? It means the overthrow of our government.

In this century, Democrats rejected the outcomes of two presidential elections won by Republicans. After Bush won, they settled for accusing him of being a thief, an idiot, a liar, a draft dodger and a mass murderer. They fantasized about his assassination and there was talk of impeachment. But elected officials gritted their teeth and tried to get things done.

This time around it’s “radically” different.

The official position, from the Senate to the streets, is “Resistance.” Leftist media outlets are feeding the faithful a fantasy that President Trump will be brought down. There is fevered speculation about the 25th Amendment, a coup or impeachment due to whatever scandal has been manufactured last.”

More at Front Page Mag

Here are some #resist links:



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Is ‘Stooge’ A Strong Enough Word?

President Obama spent his two terms in office doing just two things: Playing golf and trying to diminish the United States of America. He would have had more success with the second if he had cut back on the amount of time he spent on the first.

“Turns out Obama was the real Russian stooge”

Barack Obama and Donald Trump

The circumstantial evidence is mounting that the Kremlin succeeded in infiltrating the US government at the highest levels.

How else to explain a newly elected president looking the other way after an act of Russian aggression? Agreeing to a farcically one-sided nuclear deal? Mercilessly mocking the idea that Russia represents our foremost geo-political foe?

Accommodating the illicit nuclear ambitions of a Russian ally? Welcoming a Russian foothold in the Middle East? Refusing to provide arms to a sovereign country invaded by Russia? Diminishing our defenses and pursuing a Moscow-friendly policy of hostility to fossil fuels?

All of these items, of course, refer to things said or done by President Barack Obama.”

More at the New York Post

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Illinois Doubles Down On Failure

I didn’t know there were ‘A whole bunch of Republicans’ left in Illinois.

“Democrats In Illinois Just Unseated A Whole Bunch Of Republicans”

In a spate of local elections last week in Illinois, Democrats picked up seats in places they’ve never won before.


“We had a pretty good day,” said Dan Kovats, executive director of the Illinois Democratic County Chairmen’s Association. “We won in areas we normally would win, but we also won in areas Republicans never expected us to be competitive in. They were caught flat-footed.”

Read the rest at Huffington Post


Good Friday Follies

President Trump and the Pope were hanging out at the water’s edge at Mar-a-Lago discussing immigration reform. A power boater was passing by at high speed, took a wave the wrong way and flipped over. The shipper of the boat was thrown a great distance out of the boat and into the water. President Trump directed his Secret Service detail to launch a rescue. The Secret Service responded that it would take a few minutes before they could launch. President Trump then decides to act alone. He walked out on to the surface of the water, walked over to the injured boater, pulled him up out of the water, threw him over his shoulder and brought him safely to shore.

The headlines in the newspapers the next day…

“President Trump can’t swim”.

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Good Friday Music

In Honor of the greatest gift ever given to the human race.

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Good Friday Photo Caption Contest


“Notes for a White Kid in University: An Introduction to the Blindingly Obvious”

From Fred Reed:

If you are a white student in college, you doubtless hear daily that white people are evil, the principal cause of everything wrong with the world. Whiteness is bad, white people are bad. We are to blame for everything.

If you believe this, you are being gamed. What you are being told is nonsense. If you have the intelligence and self-respect to think for yourself, ask:

“What have other races and ethnic groups accomplished in the world compared to what we white people have?”

This question will be shocking to you because you have been carefully programmed not to think such things. But ask. I think you will find that the groups who complain the most have accomplished the least. Check for yourself.”

A white man’s stick hut. We began building these things in 1137.

If you talk about these things on campus, you will be called a “white supremacist.” This is silly. But calling you a racist is an effective way of making you shut up. Do you want to be supreme over anyone? I do not. Yet other races are proud of their achievements. Why should you not be? Ask where they would be without electricity, sterile water, telephones and–well, just about everything.


The current hostility on campus to white people is stupid. The human race faces many serious problems. Trying to cripple the group most likely to solve them is good neither for you, the United States, nor the world. We need a cure for cancer. For reasons involving science that you have probably not heard of, we are getting close. If I were cancer these days, I believe I would go into hiding.”


House Republicans take a fresh look at Lois Learner

She ain’t out of the woods yet.

Two top Republicans involved in crafting tax legislation asked the Department of Justice to take another look at embattled former IRS employee Lois Lerner.

Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) and Kevin Brady (R-Texas) wrote a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions requesting a “fresh look” into evidence against Lerner, The Hill reported.

The legislators, who sit on the tax policy-writing ways & means committee said a new probe of the IRS would help restore taxpayers trust in the institution.

President Obama’s justice department decided against filing charges against Lerner or anyone else involved in the alleged targeting.

Yeah, probably less smug these days, huh?


MOAB Bomb Tested On Humans In Afghanistan

Fox News Channel has just reported that a MOAB bomb was dropped on eastern Afghanistan. The MOAB boasts a payload of 21,000 lbs. of explosives.

The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB, aka Mother of All Bombs, most powerful non-nuclear bomb made so far) deliver a hell of a punch & blast radius of up to one mile(on each side) ..”


More From The Crack Brains Heads At UC Berkeley

“Shoe-string theory: Science shows why shoelaces come untied”

More here


Lil’ Kim Makes Threats

Isn’t it already Friday In Korea?

“Foreign journalists in North Korea told to expect a ‘big and important event'”

Scary guy

Foreign journalists in North Korea have reportedly been told to prepare for a “big and important event” on Thursday.

North Korean officials provided no details about the nature of the event or its location, according to a report by Reuters.

200 foreign journalists are in Pyongyang ahead of the nation’s biggest national holiday, the “Day of the Sun.”

From The Hill

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An Adult, Gen. McInerny, Evaluates Statement From Hillary’s Former Campaign Manager

“Lt. Gen. McInerney BLASTS Hillary’s Nutty Campaign Mgr: “You Can See Why Hillary Lost”

On Tuesday former Hillary Clinton Campaign manager Robbie Mook went on FOX News and compared the current African famine to chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

McInerney blasted Mook: “That is the most bizarre comment I have ever heard out of anybody to try to compare both of those, Liz. You can tell one of the reasons why Hillary Clinton lost her election.

From here

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Is There Such A Thing As A ‘Moonbat Olympics’?

This guy would win.

“SALON editor-at-large endorses Maxine Waters for president”

“I Feel Good!”

The left-wing site Salon is apparently casting its lot with California Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Editor-at-Large d. Watkins published a video on Twitter Wednesday in which he provided 5 reasons “why Maxine Waters should be our next president.”

“Maxine understands the people,” Watkins said as his #5 reason.

“Number 4, Maxine Waters has an amazing reputation of being a fearless, outspoken advocate for women, the poor, children, people of color — pretty much everybody that was left out of the Trump campaign,” he said.”

More at American Mirror

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