“Fiorina’s Road: Carly is Officially in the Game”

I love the artwork. Click to enlarge:

Fiorina_1024 Regarding the second GOP debate:

Both Trump and CNN wanted a reality TV show, and they were getting it. But as the cliche goes, be careful what you wish for. When primary long shot and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina was given her moment, the target of Trump’s Biff Tannen-level attacks in the days before the debate took it, channeled it, unleashed it and transformed one of Trump’s one-liner quips about Jeb Bush into the viral moment of the night. It stung — and now a restless GOP base has their own Duke, screaming in their face between early rounds Trump isn’t a machine. He can be cut. He can bleed.

Fiorina’s response to Trump’s attacks on her physical appearance left him grinning like a goofy idiot, silent as the audience cheered for the first time of the night. This was the beginning of the end of Donald Trump, and seemingly the end of the beginning for Fiorina.”

And more:

To members of our dutiful media, Carly Fiorina is a cipher who mysteriously exploded onto the scene two weeks ago twirling Trump’s testicles around in her hand like a pair of luxuriously classy gold-plated Ben Wa balls. But in fact she’s always been a bit of a campaigning ninja — it’s just that nobody was paying attention before. If anything, this proves that nobody in the media actually watches Seth Meyers’ late night show. Back in May, when Fiorina was a guest on Meyers’ show, he tried to needle her with the trollish point that her campaign had failed to secure her own name as a URL for a website. Fiorina turned the tables when she revealed she had actually just registered “sethmeyers.org” in the green room before appearing on his show. It was a deft media move that proved Fiorina understands the new rules of the late-night game, where hosts moonlight for the Left as political point-scorers. Chris Matthews didn’t fair much better in a post debate dressing down that left him speechless and tingle less. Trump should have done his homework.”

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10 things I trust more than Hillary Clinton

10) Grocery store parking lot discount bungee jumping

9) Guatemalan tap water

8 ) A late night car ride with Ted Kennedy

7) A Brian Williams war story

6) A Nigerian email business offering

5) An unsolicited, out-of-the-blue, Facebook friend request from this person

4) Career advice from a “local mom” making $87 per hour at home using “one weird trick”

3) The Blaze

2) Stopping passersby and asking if they can change a hundred in Brad’s neighborhood

1) Bill Fucking Clinton


Carly Fiorina And “The Character Of Our Nation”

Fiorina has been repeatedly accused of lying about what she saw in the Planned Parenthood videos. Most recently, yesterday Chuck Todd interviewed Carly Fiorina and began by accusing her of citing a video of a born-alive fetus termination that did not exist. Now she is using footage from the video that shows a live, kicking child lying on a stainless table with forceps beside it.

A New York Times writer claims to have seen the videos and says the scene she described doesn’t exist. Leftist media people are hanging their arguments on what was written in the NYT instead of viewing the videos themselves. Fiuorina has upped the ante with this ad.


Yes Virginia, there is a free lunch!

Trump’s tax plan is in. Here is the first bullet point…

If you are single and earn less than $25,000, or married and jointly earn less than $50,000, you will not owe any income tax. That removes nearly 75 million households – over 50% – from the income tax rolls. They get a new one page form to send the IRS saying, “I win,” those who would otherwise owe income taxes will save an average of nearly $1,000 each.

Remember Romney’s 47% who don’t pay taxes? Trump’s plan is to increase that population. Old fashioned wealth redistribution wrapped in old fashioned pandering.

I wonder where the rest of us will write “I lose” on our forms.


Putting It Into Words

“What The Hell Is An Angry Conservative Supposed To Do?”

This is written by Kurt Schlichter for Townhall.

Kurt Schlichter

Kurt Schlichter

Something is going to end up a smoldering ruin. Maybe it will be the whole country. Maybe it’ll just be the elite-run GOP. Hopefully it will be whatever painfully white, elderly, socialist creep the Democrats nominate. But regardless, I’m one of those many people who is so angry he just wants to see something burn.

Boehner down, plenty to go. Now is this reasonable? Is this a smart, savvy strategy? I’m not sure we even care anymore.

See, we’ve been shafted too long– these hacks can’t even keep the government from spending money on baby dismemberment – and someone or something has got to pay. I’d prefer it be the Democrats, but I’m happy to wreck unholy vengeance on the GOP elite that has lied to us, cheated us, and run away faster than Brave Sir Robin.”

Schlichter then discusses the GOP candidates. He has a pretty good handle on them, too.

Trump has the aggression – that’s the only thing I like about him – but it’s also the only thing he has.”


And learn from Donald Trump – did I say that? Stop sucking up to the media. Let’s practice:

Media Hack: “So, do you think Donald Trump should have corrected that random guy who thinks Obama is a Muslim?”

Rubio: “I think you liberal media hacks should stop asking me stupid questions. Why don’t you scurry off to the Hillary-o-tron and start asking it while it didn’t repudiate President Fail when he compared patriotic Americans to the mullahs for opposing his Iranian nuclear sell-out. Now get out of my face or I’ll slug you. Jerk.”

I’m sick of Rubio coming across like the kid who reminds the teacher she forgot to assign the homework. But on the plus side, he knows foreign policy and his wife is hot, so there’s that.”

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ABC’s New Muppet Show Is Not For Kids


One Million Moms (1MM) suspects there are going to be a lot of shocked moms and dads when they discover that the family-friendly Muppets of the 1970s are no more. It appears that no subject is off limits. ABC’s new Muppet Show, airing on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT, is not what Jim Henson imagined and created. The new show is aimed at a mature, modern audience and addresses subjects not suitable for family viewing.

“It’s sort of an adult Muppet show,” Kermit the Frog said during a promotional video for the show. One ad read, “Finally, a network TV show with full frontal nudity.”

The mature version of The Muppets will cover a range of topics from sex to drugs. Miss Piggy came out as a pro-choice feminist during an MSNBC interview. The puppet characters loved by kids in the 1970s, 1980s and beyond are now weighing in on interspecies relationships and promiscuity.

ABC hopes children watch the show and predict they would enjoy some of the humor, but 1MM would disagree. It is not the show it once was. ABC has ruined The Muppets. How many parents want to explain the punchline of sexually charged jokes to young children?”

Read more at Charisma


WSJ: “GOP Discontent That Helped Sink John Boehner Isn’t Easing Up”

“Speaker’s exit likely won’t mollify conservative lawmakers or presidential primary voters”

mcconnell boehner

The most militant House Republicans are expected to be emboldened by Mr. Boehner’s departure, and even less likely to agree to a compromise with Democrats in setting spending levels for the rest of fiscal year 2016. Republicans are already divided over whether to raise spending above caps set in a 2011 deficit-reduction deal.

Conservative objections to raising the debt ceiling may also trigger a standoff that could imperil the Treasury Department’s ability to pay its bills on time. Treasury has used emergency measures to avoid breaching the ceiling since the federal borrowing limit’s most recent suspension ended in mid-March. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew has said those steps would run out some time after late October.”

Read the rest at the Wall Street Journal


Manic Monday Madness


The 4th Blood Moon has come and gone. Some say that this is a sign that Donald Trump will be our next President. In spite of that there is a poll out there that Donald Trump has not won.

How could this be? We have seen the signs in the Heavens. Donald Trump and Gene Simmons have been chosen to lead us. That has been made clear.

How do we explain these stunning poll results?

Happy Monday.

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Thinking About What Is Most Important

A few days ago I posted something about the real, important threat to the United States. It was an article by Niel Schnurr that called illegal immigration the only campaign promise that mattered. Since then I have been doing some searching and I believe Schnurr was wrong.

There are a lot of ways to look at what is ‘Most Important’. Of course there is the political angle. Politicians are interested in winning the next election. The things they find important can change from election to election and from poll to poll.

Then there are fears for one’s country. That is what Schnurr was tapping into with his essay. Nothing wrong with that.

But I believe there are things that are more important than the survival of our country. There is, perhaps, the survival of our souls.

There are only a couple of Presidential candidates who are willing to go there. Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina have both taken stands against publicly funded abortions and all the ‘Tissue harvesting’ and other things that follow it. For people who want to make peace with their God this must be more important than Islam and how we might die.

What is more important to you? Neither Cruz nor Fiorina are perfect but they understand this.


Cody Makes Nitroglycerine…

… And he hits some with a hammer.


Starting at 9:07pm Eastern…


Three Minutes to Live

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83 Year-Old Tuyen Nguyen Attacked By ‘Unidentifiable’ Man Playing Knock-Out Game

No one claims to know why he was attacked. The whole thing was caught on security camera. The assailant wasn’t satisfied with knocking the old man down. While he was down the coward continued to beat him.

Santa Ana police on Friday asked for the public’s help in identifying an assailant who punched and kicked an 83-year-old man in a vicious attack that was captured on surveillance video. …

Family members later gave the man’s name as Tuyen Nguyen. …

Footage released by authorities shows Nguyen walking unassumingly when he is suddenly approached by another man, who punches him in the face.

In an attack that police detectives described as “without provocation,” Nguyen then falls to the ground and is apparently punched at least two more times before being kicked by the assailant.

The elderly man was hospitalized at Fountain Valley Regional Medical Center, where he was treated for a brain hemorrhage and broken facial bones, according to relatives.”

More here


“Draft Biden Movement Staffing Up”

draft biden staff

Reuters is reporting that the draft Biden folks in eleven key primary states are staffing up. Apparently they are concentrating on the super Tuesday states. Generally one does not begin to add paid staffers until they are sure they are going to run. The Draft Biden group is a PAC not a campaign staff and the two are not allowed to talk to each others but it seems to make sense if draft Biden is staffing up someone from the SHMOTUS’ must have given them the wink, wink! They are also staffing up in Florida whose primary is on March 15th. Florida adds another 207 elected delegates.”

More at Diogenes’ Middle Finger


Bill Clinton Says GOP, Media Are To Blame For Hillary’s Email Woes

Nowhere does he even address whether her use of a private, insecure server was legal for the /Secretary of State to use. Nor does he mention secret and top secret emails she sent and received, illegally, on that server. He doesn’t get into her lying about what was on the server, he doesn’t mention illegally trying to erase the hard drive, sharing secret and top secret documents with aides and IP personnel who were not cleared for them.

Nope. It’s always someone else’s fault.

He's laughing at you

He’s laughing at you

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Bill Clinton blamed Republicans and the media for the controversy surrounding his wife’s use of a private email server as secretary of state, arguing that GOP rivals want to focus on political hype to undercut her presidential campaign.

“I have never seen so much expended on so little,” Clinton said in an interview to be aired Sunday, describing the email furor as resulting largely from the GOP’s “full-scale frontal assault” on Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton. Excerpts of the interview on “CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS” were released on Saturday.”

Read it all at the aptly named Yahoo


A Sunday Sermon

Good morning Revo World. Today is the day the Lord has made. It is a day of worship and rest for the faithful.

The Word of God is an amazing thing. Whenever it is presented there is always something in it that applies to the lives of those who receive it. It becomes an eternal blessing. So it is in the midst of the Evil that surrounds we can find refuge in his Word and that is why it is presented here every Sunday.

So it is that the Doors of the Real Revo Chapel are open to the world weary traveler so that he or she may find rest and revitalization. You are always welcome here. Come on in and have a seat.

At the link below you will find the streaming webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church. The webcast will stream content all day, along with the live webcast of our Sunday Morning Worship Service that starts at 10:45am East Coast time. Please feel welcome to join us.

The streaming television webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church is found HERE

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Fish ON! Fish ON!

I remember catching my first fish, but it was unsuccessful. I learned that you don’t necessarily need to keep reeling it in all the way to the tip of the rod. Apparently, most fish can’t quite fit through the last eye of most rods. Being a novice fisherman fisherperson at the time, I didn’t understand that. I figured that if I kept reeling and reeling, the fish would slip through all of the eyes, down the rod, and into my hands. Nope. It doesn’t work that way. But I did discover how to take a hook out of a fishes mouth the easy way and relese it back into the wild.

I believe in catch and release.


Mad Brad Put This Video Below The Fold in The Post Below

I don’t think I’d do exactly what this man says – yet. NSFW language.


It’s fun watching people explain what we already know


Let’s play Shootout

I’ve promised to report any and all deteriorating conditions here at the Real Revo Southern OP Ghetto. It’s part of the early warning system of what’s going on in the Urban Hood to those outside of it. I haven’t had much to report in a while but here’s the latest.

There is a new level of depravity that the neighborhood has sunk to. I have found that I probably need to double the size of my Canine protection force. A Wolf Dog and an old Ghetto Mutt are no longer sufficient. A security breach occurred about a Month ago. The tactic of Dog Distraction was used to get my Dogs away from my gate long enough for someone to come through the gate and steal something that was fairly worthless but they didn’t know that. I caught someone taking a keen interest in my Wolf Dog recently, standing just outside the gate and eyeballing him. I let that person know that if anything happened to any of my Dogs that I was going to kill him first. Of course I was totally serious about that. It was clear that I wanted to do harm to that person just for standing there eyeballing my Dog. My oldest Dog is not receptive to other Dogs in the yard and I’m trying to figure out how to handle this with her. I need two more Dogs. I actually need two more Wolf Dogs.

Two notorious thieves just got out of Prison and have returned to the neighborhood. Sam Bam and JJ start making the rounds at about 4am. Bebe is back on the Crack Pipe and has a new set of bolt cutters. I am sure that he stole them because he’s been trying to sell them to people. You know that you are in a rough neighborhood when a thief is selling bolt cutters.

Last night we had an extreme commotion in the neighborhood.

An 11 year old boy who lives in the house across the street went missing.

More below the fold…


“Ted Cruz Blasts McConnell: ‘Harry Reid Is the De Facto Leader of the Senate’”


Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) offered a sustained denunciation of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s leadership since the 2014 midterms today, saying that the electoral victories had not produced any meaningful policy successes over the last year.

Cruz made the comments while faulting McConnell for scheduling show votes, such as a Thursday vote to strip money for Planned Parenthood from a continuing resolution to fund the government. Before the vote, GOP leaders promised to offer a so-called “clean” CR — one with the Planned Parenthood funding intact — after the Democrats filibustered the first bill.

“Today, Harry Reid is the de facto leader of the Senate,” Cruz told reporters during a briefing in his office Thursday. “Nancy Pelosi is the de facto leader of the House. Why? Because Republican leadership will advance nothing unless Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi agree with it. They have veto power.”

Read more at National Review

Related – Also from National Review:

GOP Representative: Mitch McConnell ‘Next Guy in the Crosshairs’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) will be the next target of conservatives frustrated with party leadership, according to one of the conservative representatives who pressured House speaker John Boehner in the weeks leading up to his resignation. “Next guy in the crosshairs will probably be McConnell,” Representative Matt Salmon (R., Ariz.) said in a text message to Senator Mike Lee (R., Utah), according to National Journal’s Sarah Mimms. Lee replied that he doubts that will happen.”

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California: HS Student Saves Blind Kid From Being Beat Up By Bully…

… Savior gets suspended and kicked off football team.

Here is another example of school officials hiding behind a ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy for violence rather than doing their jobs.

A California teenager who rushed to help a blind classmate being beaten up by a bully has been kicked off the football team.

The high school junior was hailed as a hero for intervening after he saw the ‘visually impaired’ student being repeatedly hit round the head during lunch break at Huntington Beach High School, California on Wednesday.
Footage, filmed by a bystander, shows the teen knocking the bully to the ground with a single punch to stop the attack.”

No arrest is expected for the intervening teen who has been praised by his peers and online for standing up for his classmate.

But his school took a different approach and are believed to have kicked the have-a-go-hero off the football team after he breached their ‘zero-tolerance’ policy on violence.”

Read more at the UK Daily Mail


WaPo Admits: “U.S.-trained fighters in Syria gave equipment to al-Qaeda affiliate”

So, now, again, the United States has armed the enemy. Still the administration persists. We have asked whose side this president is on but we do know, don’t we.

machine gun on pickup

American-trained Syrian fighters gave at least a quarter of their U.S.-provided equipment to al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria early this week, the U.S. Central Command said late Friday.

In a statement correcting earlier assertions that reports of the turnover were a “lie” and a militant propaganda ploy, the command said it was subsequently notified that the Syrian unit had “surrendered” some of its equipment — including six pickup trucks and a portion of its ammunition — to Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s arm in Syria.

The acknowledgment is the latest discouraging report regarding the $500 million train-and-equip program, which Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III, head of Central Command, said last week had only “four or five” trained Syrian fighters active in Syria. Since then, the military has said approximately 70 fighters have been added.”

Read it at the Washington Post

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A Secular Muslim Says Ben Carson Was Right

Great line:

“Take it from someone who’s been fighting it her whole adult life: The sad truth is that too many Muslims want to mix mosque and state.”

mosque and state

Ben Carson’s blunt remarks about a Muslim president triggered much outrage, even after he partially walked them back. But secular Muslims like me, who reject political Islam, understood what he meant: He doesn’t want a Muslim as president who doesn’t believe in the strict secular separation of mosque and state, so that the laws of the state aren’t at all touched by sharia, or Islamic law derived from the Quran and hadith, the sayings and traditions of prophet Muhammad. Neither do we. We really don’t want a first lady—or a president—in a burka, or face veil.”

Read the rest at The Daily Beast


Goofball Bill Nye Supports Planned Parenthood, Tells Republicans They Don’t Know What They’re Talking About

Bill Nye, Junk Science Propagandist And Anti-Semite

Bill Nye, Junk Science Propagandist And Anti-Semite

This is from Techinsider:

Bill Nye gives abortion opponents a scientific run for their money in a new video for the website Big Think. In the video, he explains why he thinks anti-abortion legislation is sexist; based on bad science; and a waste of time, money, and energy.”

As you can plainly see ‘The Science Guy’ does not rely on science at all. What he is giving readers is his opinion.

Unsurprisingly, on a different page of Thechinsider, a writer named Julia Calderone has an essay titled, “Yes, Planned Parenthood is paid for fetal tissue. No, it isn’t illegal.” Calderone admits that, in spite of what Nye said, PPA does, in fact, sell fetal tissue. Her argument is that it is not illegal. She has not watched any of the videos. She is relying on what was reported in the New York Times.

Calderone does not claim that it was legal to harvest the brain from a living baby. She just says it did not happen. Those who have actually watched the segment know differently. It did happen. That is illegal. It is murder.

Don’t look below the fold if you have a weak stomach. There is an image of the live fetus that was sacrificed for its brain.

More below the fold…

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