Girls Were Girls And Men Were Men

Sweden’s top toy chain has released a gender neutral Christmas catalog after it was criticized for stereotyping.
The catalog from Top Toy, the franchise holder of Toys R Us in Sweden, shows a boy playing with a baby doll instead of a girl, and a girl holding a toy machine gun, AFP reports.

“For several years, we have found that the gender debate has grown so strong in the Swedish market that we … have had to adjust,” said Jan Nyberg, the director of sales at Top Toy. The company made the switch after Sweden’s advertising watchdog scolded it for publishing a 2008 catalog that featured boys in superhero costumes and girls playing princesses.

“With the new gender thinking, there is nothing that is right or wrong. It’s not a boy or a girl thing, it’s a toy for children,” Nyberg told AFP.

I’m not even 40 years old yet, but I’m already starting to sound and feel like my Grandpa when he talked about “the good ‘ol days,” while sitting around the dinner table on any given Sunday back when I was a kid. I rolled my eyes back then. I still roll my eyes today, but for a different reason. Actually, it is probably for the same reasons.


Did you go for a slice of white meat on Thanksgiving?

Then, according to Slate, you are probably a racist.

Maybe that’s why I have a prejudice against the white-meat sacrament of the holiday that covers up the white man’s crimes.

It’s Lowell writing about his pilgrim ancestors who began the rolling genocidal slaughter of those nice Native Americans who made the first Thanksgiving possible.

The real Thanksgiving story is extremely dark, far darker than any leg and thigh meat.

Could fear of facing our dark history be behind the prejudice against dark meat? Or is there more to the darkness of dark meat that feeds that fear?
This is what occurred to me when I put the question to my cohort of Facebook “friends” the Monday before Thanksgiving. There was one comment in particular that made me wonder whether something deeper wasn’t going on: “I hate dark meat it’s slimy and viscous.”

I had always thought it was a matter of the tastelessness of white meat, but here was an instance of some profound and fundamental revulsion against the threatening sensuality of dark meat.

Reading that passage caused a 10% drop in your IQ. Sorry.


GOP Rolls over and Shows Tummy

They are going to agree to raise taxes.

More congressional Republicans are breaking a long-standing pledge to oppose tax increases before returning to Washington on Monday to avert a looming fiscal crisis with a deal that increasingly appears impossible to reach without changes to the tax code.

The decades-old pledge from the Americans for Tax Reform group has been signed by 238 House members and 41 senators in this Congress and has essentially become inescapable for any Republican seeking statewide or national office over recent election cycles, especially in the Republican-controlled lower chamber.

New York Rep. Peter King and Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday they would break the pledge and accept tax changes to generate more revenue to curb the trillion-dollar federal deficit.

I have two reactions…

1) Damn. Do pledges mean nothing to politicians?


2) This is exactly what they are going to have to do. Taxes are going up in January. They will do it in a controlled way or they will do it in an uncontrolled way. If you are Republican member of Congress, you can vote for an increase on high earners giving Obama what he has asked for or you can go over the cliff and see a tax increase on everyone.

The former will be owned by Obama. The latter will be far worse and owned by Republicans.

The bottom line, the GOP is checked. Their only move remaining is a forced move. Elections have consequences.


Fracking Awesome!

There is one shred of hope for the future. Naturally, the Obama Administration wants to crush it.

If there’s been one consistent thread running through the U.S. economic story since 2008, it’s been the steady drumbeat of gloom.

Outright recession or sub-standard growth, stubbornly high unemployment and fiscal crises have been the topics du jour when it comes to the world’s biggest economy.

But now an unlikely champion for U.S. growth under the Obama administration has emerged — a former adviser to a Republican Party presidential candidate and Harvard history professor, Niall Ferguson, who says America could actually be heading toward a new economic “golden age.”

And it has nothing to do with Washington and everything to do with energy.

Hydraulic Fracking is an absolute game changer with the potential to produce centuries of low cost, abundant, low greenhouse gas producing energy making America energy independent.

Naturally, the Obama Administration is thinking about crushing this last, best hope for America.

The drilling process that has brought U.S. energy independence within reach faces renewed scrutiny from the Obama administration and an uncertain future in many states.

The completed EPA study won’t be finished until 2014, but the draft will provide an early indication to which energy path the Obama administration will take in the next four years.

Many in the energy sector, along with congressional Republicans, fear the report will paint fracking in a negative light and give the White House political cover for cracking down on it in the name of science, something environmentalists have hoped for since Mr. Obama came into office in 2009.


Preppers Vindicated: Part 3

The following set of Real Revo posts are fictional. None of this happened.

Part 1

Part 2

May 7th, 1435: A lot of the media seems to have abandoned their posts. I am still getting news on the Internet and on AM Radio. Very little on television although I am still getting BBC World off of satellite. They are predicting that the virus will sweep the United States and beyond. I think it is more virulent than even the terrorists expected.

Hawaii is still unscathed but an airliner from San Francisco on its way to Oahu was diverted to a remote airstrip on the big island. It is under quarantine. Paramedics are supposedly on the way but for now it is being held at the end of the runway under gun point. They aren’t even letting them open the doors. I can’t imagine the hell inside. I wonder if they will find anyone alive.

May 7th, 1541: I have decided to bring my son, his wife and two children to my house. They are the last people I will let in. We are now eight. Five adults and three children. We only have about a week of diapers for my grandson. I hope we don’t need much more than that.

May 7th, 1942: We are now being told to assume it is everywhere. It has only been 36 hours! Evidently it is spread like flu in general. You have to come in contact with others or objects they were in contact with. It isn’t in the air. We can go outside but we must stay close to the house. We are isolated and have to stay that way.

May 8th, 0023: The Northeast is blacked out. Electric company crews are not coming to work and powerplants needing to reduce output or shut down. That means widespread blackouts including, eventually, here. I will continue to blog for the record even if we lose power.

BBC World is reporting outbreaks in Japan and France. There are bodies in the street in San Francisco. I never thought something like this could happen. It is bizarre. I can still see the lights of my neighbor’s house but he might as well be a million miles away. It is a starry night. I can hear an owl. If I didn’t know better, I would think all was normal. How long will it last? Can we survive locked up like this? I have to tell you, I am scared.

May 8th, 0704: There are sick people five miles from my house. Hospitals are crowded and there isn’t enough protective gear to go around. The radio describes horror everywhere. All this and I still have power and Internet. It is surreal.

May 9th, 0934: Mom said she has been trying to call for hours until she finally got through. Mom and dad are in their church which serves as a food bank. They are with about a dozen other people. The power is out and they are sealed in a sweltering oven. They are turning people away who are begging to get in. Some are threatening violence but so far, no one has attacked them. They say the scene outside is ugly. Quiet streets except for an occasional car speeding here or there. She is scared the water will stop. I told them to fill every container they can find. I don’t suppose there will be cellular connectivity much longer. Then I won’t know what happens.

May 9th, 1025: My wife, daughter and daughter-in-law have inventoried everything we have. We have food for at least two months. Three if we conserve. That was based on my plan for a year for the three of us who live here. I pray I won’t need three months of food.

A lot of the food is in our freezer. I don’t know how long we can keep that frozen. I have a generator but how long per day do I have to run it to keep the meat frozen? I really don’t know and I don’t know how long I will need to run the generator. We are going to eat the frozen food first.

All I can say is thank God it isn’t the dead of winter.

May 9th, 1345: I just got off the phone with a neighbor. Everyone is pretty stressed out. He thinks they have enough food to be inside for four or five days. He doesn’t have a generator at all. I don’t see how thing is going to be over in in four days. I didn’t know what to tell him. He asked about my food supply and I lied. I told him I also have only four or five days. I feel like shit. He is a friend. What can I do? I can’t feed everyone. Hell, I can’t even go see him face-to-face.

May 9th, 1644: I have been trying to call mom. Can’t get through. I am really stressed out about my folks.

May 9th, 1709: Well, the power is off. They are saying on the radio that they were below staff limits to keep some plants open. There is some kind of a plan for rolling blackouts so we shall see how long it will last. I am on laptop battery and posting via cell phone. I doubt that will last much longer.

May 9th, 2204: Someone knocked on our door and I shouted that they had to go away. It turned out that it was a woman from my church. She was crying that she couldn’t go home for some reason… something about sickness there. She begged us to let her in. We couldn’t. She sat on our step and wept for what seemed like an hour. And then she went away in the darkness. I feel like shit. I don’t know if I can do this…

Coming Up: Part 4


Bill Whittle: The Gods of the Copybook Headings

There is a reckoning, and Bill adapts the story to a more modern framework:

Ladies and gentlemen, the current leftist forces are constant; they won’t cease. But you must understand that math, economics, and physics shall not ever rest. They are far more tireless than mere mortals are. There will always be a reckoning.

Gather your resources. Prepare your families. We may each be too small to divert the path of the giant boulder, but we may still yet each be able to safeguard our own kin.

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Checking In On The Remaking Of The Global Economy

Read this entire article!

This entire article was taken shamelessly from the Big Government website. I am using it under the fair use doctrine for educational purposes and crediting the author and owner of the content while not seeking any personal remuneration of any kind.


You can catch up very quickly on the goings on of globalist financiers and their plans for the degradation of America, our lifestyle, and our status in the world.

What would you think if George Soros were organizing his fellow anti-American, globalist, neo-Marxist “thought leaders,” in pursuit of globally governed banking and finance, in a second Bretton Woods conference?

Would you consider that their goals include dragging American influence and incomes down, while confiscating much of our personal finances and giving them to other nations (and yes, the age-old financier network behind them) in the name of “communitarianism?”

Would you find their goal is to replace the bad influences of the IMF and the World Bank, with a much worse, more powerfully controlling, post-American global apparatus?

What would you think, if that meeting were being held this April 8th through 11th?

More below the fold…


Why we should never cave to moonbats

There is a sustainable agricultural college in Vermont that uses oxen as beasts of burden by the students to learn farming techniques. When one of the 2 resident oxen became injured it was planned that they would both be slaughtered (since they work as a pair) and served in the cafeteria. On the farm, this is called reality. Farmers that lose an animal that can’t be put into the food chain have to pay for it’s removal, or compost it.

Unfortunately, instead of just going ahead with the acquisition of new oxen to replace Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s menu, the admin of the college had a meeting with the members of faculty and attendees of college and word got out. Typical moonbat rallying led to a facebook and twitter campaign that garnered support and signatures (by some reporting thousands, or 3 million, or 4 million signatures, depending upon which source), because we all know that the lives of two oxen are more important than anything else we face today.

The decision to slaughter the oxen triggered a storm of protest that included e-mails to faculty and administrators and online alerts and petitions pleading for the animals to be sent to a sanctuary. Many messages were heated and some were threatening. Veganism is the Next Evolution, or VINE, Sanctuary in Vermont had offered to take them.

The college added: “These groups also harassed and threatened local slaughterhouses, making it impossible for them to accept our animals and carry out our decision expeditiously. One of the few Animal Welfare Approved slaughterhouses in the area was forced to cancel our appointment as a result of these hostile threats.”

Lou, the injured ox was euthanized and buried on college property a few weeks ago, because he was suffering and no longer fit for consumption. Result: wasting 1,000 lbs of meat and sending a message that threatening violence does pay. And did the sustainable farming college learn anything from this episode? It was obvious that they knew what was really going on.

The college president characterized the decision to slaughter the oxen as “a typical decision made every day on ­every farm.”

The animals, “worked for us,” he said. They were not pets. They were not mascots. They were working oxen on the farm. They’re now going to go on to the next stage.

“Others would say, ‘Why don’t you send them to a sanctuary?’ That could be another decision, but it wasn’t the decision that we made. Some people don’t like our decision. They want to force their views on us.”

Said Ackerman-Leist: “It’s now no longer just about Bill and Lou, no longer just about Green Mountain College. It’s about the ability of farms to make their own decisions about livestock.”

More here

This story is a chilling example of what happens when the mob mentality is more powerful then reason. It’s with little consolation that academia was victim to the monster they helped create, as all our private property rights are now under assault.



Hey You: ‘Slut-Shaming Pedophile’ – Yeah, You!

I’m not adding anything to this:

Some left-wingers don’t beat around the bush. Take this Daily Kos blog post, titled “The REAL Pro-Life Movement: Murderers, Rapists, Incest-Enablers, Pedophiles, and Liars.”

The blogger named “Bad Kitties” began: “The ‘pro-life’ movement is absolutely anything BUT ‘pro-life.’ This hypocritical and misleading nomenclature should be discontinued immediately. ‘Anti-choice’ is also far too tame.” They’re slut-shaming slimebuckets:

This group of thugs, hiding behind declarations of piety about “the sanctity of life,” needs to be labeled exactly as they ARE: Forced-birth slut-shamers, advocates of murder, hypocrites, pedophiles, enablers of rape and incest, and generally all-around lying slimebuckets.


Tolerance Is The Virtue Of Those With No Convictions

If the Republican Party supports abortion, I will never support them again.

Former Republican presidential candidate John McCain said on Sunday the GOP needs to embrace a bigger tent and immigration reform – and leave abortion “alone” in the wake of the disappointing 2012 presidential elections.

“We have to have a bigger tent. No doubt about it. And obviously we have to do immigration reform,” McCain said on “Fox News Sunday.” “There is no doubt whatsoever that the demographics are not on our side.”

The Arizona senator added that the GOP needed to have a more proactive conversation about the policies it supports.

“We are going to give a much more positive agenda. It can’t be just being against the Democrats… You’ve got to be for things, and we have to give them something like the ‘Contract for America,’” he said

I draw an absolute “DO NOT CROSS” line-in-the-sand on saying that any among us does not deserve their right to life. If that is their party platform, they are not my party.


Your Fair Share: How Much Is Enough?

If top 1% paid 39% of taxes, what is their ‘fair’ share? The top 5% pays 64% of all taxes.

Riding a wave of confidence after his re-election victory, President Obama is eager to collect scalps from the class war he appears to have won. Americans, Obama said in his postelection news conference earlier this month, “want to make sure that middle-class folks aren’t bearing the entire burden and sacrifice when it comes to some of these big challenges. They expect that folks at the top are doing their fair share as well.” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., echoed this point in a fundraising pitch sent out on Monday: “Voters sent a clear message to Republicans in the election: we must stand up for the middle class and ensure the wealthy pay their fair share.”

Although Obama and his fellow Democrats repeatedly call on wealthier Americans to pay their “fair share,” they never specify what percentage of the nation’s tax burden the wealthy would have to bear. As matters stand, the top 1 percent of American households paid 39 percent of income taxes in 2009, according to the most recent data compiled by the Congressional Budget Office, and the top 5 percent of taxpayers paid 64 percent.

But income taxes, taken in isolation, do not tell the whole story, because lower-income Americans do pay payroll taxes. But even taking into account all forms of taxation, the top 1 percent still paid 22 percent of federal taxes while earning just 13.4 percent of household income. The top 5 percent paid 40 percent of all federal taxes, despite earning only 26 percent of all income. No matter how you slice the numbers, it’s hard to understand why anyone would think the wealthy aren’t already shouldering a burden commensurate with their blessings.


Preppers Vindicated: Part 2

The following set of Real Revo posts are fictional. None of this happened.

Read Part 1 first.

Part 2

May 6th, 1945: I just got back from the gas station. I figured I had better stock up on gasoline. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much of a line. Small town Iowa… I got 28 gas gallons including three five gallon paint buckets. Nobody said boo about illegal containers. I also topped of the tank of my pickup for another 24 gallons. If they stop all trucking, there won’t be much more to be had. The shelves in the convenience store were empty. Damn. I only have about 20 lbs of dog food.

May 6th, 2255: New York, San Francisco, Houston and Minneapolis are locked down with 24 hour curfews. Nobody is allowed in or out. Police and National Guard are stopping people but plenty are sneaking out anyway. How in the hell do you lock down whole cities? It would seem that the terrorists’ claim that they released the virus in 100 cities is bullshit. There is no sign of widespread outbreaks elsewhere. I feel sorry for anyone in these cities. Are there any Revoistas in these areas?

It looks like this is the real thing. I hope you have been reading the survival tips and getting ready. It is too late to start now.

May 7th, 0225: Well, they may not have released the virus in 100 cities, but there are outbreaks popping up all over. It seems that infected people were able to travel before the lock down and now it is spreading. Whole planeloads out of New York and the other cities are sick. Damn, folks, this is worst case scenario. It isn’t contained. We are looking at a full pandemic. Thank God we are indoors. No reports in Iowa… yet.

They are now saying that United Airlines crash in western Nebraska yesterday was out of JFK in New York. They are speculating that the crew was too sick to fly. This thing must come on like lightning!

May 7th, 0556:Shit. I just got of the phone with my parents in Fort Lauderdale. There is a major outbreak in Miami. They are indoors but they are not set up for a long haul inside. Damn it! Damn it Damn it! They are stuck and there is nothing I can do to help them.

I was right. According to my local news, gas stations are already running out of fuel. I need to go double check my propane tanks right now.

May 7th, 0802: Thank God. My daughter just made it home from Iowa City. My son and his family are a block away in their home. He isn’t stocked with much food. I hope this thing passes quickly because there is already nothing left in stores.

CNN is now reporting outbreaks all over the US. Most are smaller than in the four major cities but for how long? If this thing continues to spread…

May 7th, 0842: Bleach. You need bleach. I just checked my stock. Two and a half gallons. I wish I had more. Bleach is a disinfectant. You need bleach to disinfect your hands and anything else you come in contact with. Keep bleach and water in a bucket for constant use.

I had meant to buy and store a 50 lb bag of HTH: swimming pool chlorine powder. I didn’t do it. Damn.

May 7th, 0909:CNN is now saying that there have been outbreaks in 46 states. Iowa too in Des Moines and Mason City. The News Networks are saying that everyone should stay indoors. I don’t know what the hell is going on, however. Fox is running a week old Hannity and CNN has repeats too. WTF? The only updates are on the ticker on the bottom of the page.

May 7th, 1109:One of my local stations just went off the air. I also notice the blog is getting pretty slow to load. In fact, a lot of the net is getting goofy. Is anyone else seeing this?

Coming Up: Part 3

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Men on Strike

The reality of the so-called war on women is that it is really a war on men. The constant drumbeat of leftist claims that men are abusing women is having an impact on men.

The battle of the sexes is alive and well. According to Pew Research Center, the share of women ages eighteen to thirty-four that say having a successful marriage is one of the most important things in their lives rose nine percentage points since 1997 – from 28 percent to 37 percent. For men, the opposite occurred. The share voicing this opinion dropped, from 35 percent to 29 percent.

Believe it or not, modern women want to get married. Trouble is, men don’t.

Women are the majority in the workforce. Women get most of the college degrees. Federal programs mean “Julia” doesn’t really need a man; at least not for economic support. There are no more Ward Cleavers or even Cliff Huxtables in popular culture. In American popular culture, father sure as hell doesn’t know best. In fact, if he is present at all it is as a clown. Women dominate the culture and men are optional. Men are getting the message.

A society that abuses men, degrades them, ridicules them and calls them redundant is likely to see some percentage of men go on strike. That is exactly what is happening. It won’t be good for women.

Read it all.


Preppers Vindicated: Part 1

The following set of Real Revo posts are fictional. None of this happened.

Part 1

May 6th, 0634: It would seem there is something going on in New York this morning.

Several hundred people fell ill near Times Square early this morning in what authorities are calling a possible terrorist attack. Several dozen became ill after visiting a coffee shop and a bakery. Authorities are not releasing details but a report from an unnamed source at Bellevue Hospital indicates there have been several deaths.

Clearly, something is up. This is worth keeping an eye on.

May 6th, 0844: They are now reporting that whatever is making people sick in New York is spreading.

Thousands of people in midtown New York have fallen ill due to what authorities are now calling a terrorist attack. Police are blocking off whole blocks and people are being told to stay in their homes and businesses with doors and windows closed.

This is serious folks.

May 6th, 1043: Holy shit! Now they are saying a similar situation is underway in San Francisco. People with the same symptoms are falling ill in that city. They are saying people are going into respiratory shock, suffering intense coughing attacks and literally dropping dead. It sounds like it is a choking agent or, God forbid, a biological agent.

May 6th, 1129: It is time to start praying. Fox News is now reporting similar events in Minneapolis and Houston. The governor of New York, after consulting with the CDC is ordering tunnels and bridges into NYC shut down. That sounds to me like a biological attack, not a chemical weapon.

Fox is reporting that the president is going to make a live address at 1:00 pm Eastern…

May 6th, 1202: Okay, CNN says a group calling itself the Islamic Tide has claimed responsibility. My God, they are claiming that it is a weaponized influenza virus and has been released in hundred American cities!

May 6th, 1344: It is a terrorist attack alright and it is a contagious biological weapon. The president has ordered quarantines in New York, California and Houston. Reports are spotty out of New York but Fox reported that there indications there have been hundreds of deaths. The POTUS ordered all domestic aircraft grounded just like during 9/11 and said there are more travel restrictions to be announced.

I just saw video of soldiers in full MOPP – gas mask and chemical protective gear – setting up roadblocks in New Jersey. People are being told to stay home. I am leaving my office and heading back to my house and my wife is picking up the kid at school.

May 6th, 1603: CDC just confirmed that it is a virus, it causes illness after exposure faster than any previously known virus. Some news sites are saying it is contagious and it is deadly in at least 20% of cases… so far! Current stocks of vaccines, evidently, do not protect against this strain. My God.

May 6th, 1655: My local news just showed video of panic shopping at local grocery stores. It is like Black Friday except it is groceries, not TVs flying off the shelves. From the video I saw, the shelves are already empty. I think they are going to stay that way too. POTUS just ordered the suspension of all interstate trucking and, in fact, all interstate travel not part of the emergency effort. Fuck. My neighbor is in Oklahoma on business. How the hell is he going to get home?

Folks, you if you aren’t stocked up, you better go get what you can. This shit is getting real.

Coming Up: Part 2


Why I Demand More

I have no illusions of my importance. I am just one person, in a sea of hundreds-of-millions. I have opinions. I have thoughts. Many of them original. Developed somewhere in the recesses of my mind, cultivated by a lifetime of experience in a lop-sided ratio of hard-living and relative comfort.

Many of my thoughts have been cultured by the thoughts, deeds, and actions of others. Many of those influences have occurred right here on The Real Revo. I had a drug-addict for a mother. We had multiple drug-addled step-fathers/live in boyfriends. Life with her was not fun. We lived in shitholes. We used to celebrate the trip to the day-old bread store, because delicious, sweet confections were cheap and they accepted food stamps.

My father, nay, my Dad – was an honest, hard-working, God-fearing, righteous-living American who, like his father before him, raised his family with a stern hand. He never hesitated to tell us he loved us. He also never hesitated to correct us when we stepped out of line.

His wife, God rest her soul, was my Mom. She is the only Mom I have ever known. They weren’t rich. Not even middle-class, really. But, they loved us. They wanted us to do right. They wanted us to live right. They wanted us to be and remain, free.

More below the fold…


A Four Year Stress Test

So, here we go: Into the next four years. It will be, as I read elsewhere, a four year stress test of liberal government. Those who voted for Obama are going to discover what it means to get what they want.

Obamacare will go into effect, and as a result, millions working nearly full time will be reduced in hours to half time. They didn’t have employer provided health insurance before and they won’t now. They will, however, be required to get coverage. Many will be forced to take a second part time job; if one can be found. Many more will be forced on to government assistance beginning a life of government dependency.

The national debt will continue to rise and the Fed, left with no other options, will continue to monetize the debt by quantitative easing; printing money. The result will be rising inflation. When the government monetizes its debt, it prints money to pay its creditors. That, of course, reduces the value of savings and paychecks. It is essentially a transfer of value from citizens to pay public debt. Inflation taxes people with no income at all. Inflation taxes the poor at at a greater level than the wealthy who can purchase hard assets to avoid it. Inflation is the most insidious, regressive tax ever employed in America. It will be a heavy burden on those who supported this president.

Economic uncertainty will grow. Businesses will become very conservative as they wait for rule making for Obamacare and other federal programs. Investments will be stalled. Business plans put on hold. Hiring frozen. The economy will remain destabilized.

When government provides a stable environment over a long-term planning period it instills the confidence investors and entrepreneurs. The result is economic growth, wealth creation and job creation. The opposite is also true. A government that destabilizes the business environment by making constant changes, imposing thousands of new regulations, experiments with economic policy and demands transformative change chills investment, stunts growth and stymies job creation. The Obama Administration is a textbook study in economic destabilization and the result will likely be a slide back into recession. People still working will soon be lining up for the dole.

Complex and costly new regulations, skyrocketing prices, a chilled business environment, tight money and growing joblessness. Maybe, just maybe, at the end of the next four years of horror, people will, once again, look to policies promoting free markets and free minds for America.

We will be ready to retrain them.


And now the cover-up of the cover-up

No progress on Benghazi and the MSM yawns.

It now looks as though the White House’s excuse for the pre-election Libya cover-up is itself a cover up. Last week we were told by the Administration (and the compliant media) that during her now-infamous round robin of five Sunday news shows, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was only telling us what she was told by the intelligence community. We were also told that references to al-Qaeda were edited out of the talking points in order to avoid tipping off the attackers that we were on to them. According to a number of CBS News’ sources, this simply isn’t true.

There will never be a break through. We know what we know but don’t expect any satisfaction. There will never be consequences. They ran out the clock until election day and now it is over.


Libs Hate Red Dawn 2012: It Must Be Good

‘Red Dawn’ Then and Now: Critics Recoil at Pro-America, Anti-Communism Messages

It’s considered a cult classic today, but “Red Dawn” served up plenty of cheese along with its stirring story of young Americans battling against a Communist invasion. The film’s critical drubbing was about more than just storytelling hiccups, says National Review contributor John J. Miller:

“Better dead than Red Dawn,” sneered the Washington Post’s Rita Kempley, who called the film “sick and silly.” Janet Maslin of the New York Times labeled it “rabidly inflammatory,” “incorrigibly gung-ho,” and “a virulently alarmist fable.” Bob Thomas of the Associated Press condemned its “bathos” as “unrelenting.” Perhaps these were the honest assessments of dispassionate reviewers….

The makers of Red Dawn, complained Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times, “spent too much time playing to the rabid anti-Commies.” You know: The movie must be awful because those icky conservatives approve of it. Even today, many liberals resort to knee-jerk denunciations: “Its guiding ideology is actually fascism,” wrote David Plotz of Slate in 2008.

That was then. This is the response the “Red Dawn” remake is getting from movie critics.

The Chicago Reader calls it a “Tea Party wet dream.” Time Magazine says “both movies play like hokey advertisements for the National Rifle Association, injected with high school pep rally enthusiasm.”

The Washington Post’s review says the film will be “red meat for tea party patriots,” as if Obama voters would rather allow an invading force take over rather than fight back.

Red Dawn thrives, despite critical backlash.


Saxby Chambliss(R-Ga) First Rat To Abandon Honor

So if his word means nothing after 20 years, I wonder what the Constitution means to him. Or, his marriage vows. Does anyone here believe that negotiating the ‘fiscal cliff’ will reduce our national debt in any way? He is accepting the liberal narrative that tax cuts/breaks cost the government money. He is moving left, as most Republicans will soon do.

A top Republican senator is casting aside an anti-tax pledge he signed, saying that solving the country’s looming fiscal crisis is more important than honoring the decades-old pact.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., broke ranks with other conservatives Wednesday when he made the remarks to a local television station. Chambliss is a member of the Gang of Six, a bipartisan group of senators tasked with finding a solution to the country’s fiscal woes.

“I care more about my country than I do about a 20-year-old pledge,” he told WMAZ-TV. “If we do it his way then we’ll continue in debt, and I just have a disagreement with him about that.”

Congress and the White House face a year-end deadline to reach a deal that staves off an avalanche of tax increases and deep cuts in government programs – commonly referred to now as the “fiscal cliff.”

Chambliss signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, authored by conservative activist Grover Norquist and embraced by the majority of congressional Republican lawmakers. In it, Norquist, an anti-tax lobbyist and head of Americans for Tax Reform, does not allow for tax rates to rise.


Dirtbag Liberal Gets Fired For Disrespecting Tomb

Feel-good story:

Lindsey Stone, the Plymouth, Massachusetts woman who posted a photo of herself giving the middle finger in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, creating a firestorm of Internet backlash and outrage, was let go from her job Wednesday.

Stone’s employer, Living Independently Forever, Inc., a non-profit based in Hyannis, announced that both Stone and the co-worker who took the photo were let go after thousands of people rallied for the pair to be removed from their jobs, saying what they did was disrespectful and offensive.


Irony: Hurting People For Junk A Day After “Thanks”-giving

We have descended into utter madness. I think our hopes of living in a free, civilized society are irretrievably lost.


This is why I do all Christmas shopping online…

Matt Drudge documents…


This appeared on my Facebook page…

I “liked” it.

Hope everyone had a great Thanskgiving! Much to be thankful for this year.

He would have made a fine president.


The Muslim Brotherhood Has Installed A New Pharaoh

Meet the new Pharaoh… same as the old Pharaoh.

[…]But the ink had barely dried on the international paeans before Egypt’s first democratically elected Islamist president made a domestic move replete with ideology.

In a presidential decree announced on state television Thursday afternoon, Morsi stipulated that any challenges to his decrees, laws and decisions were banned.

“The president can issue any decision or measure to protect the revolution,” said the decree, which further stipulated that, “The constitutional declarations, decisions and laws issued by the president are final and not subject to appeal.”

The decree also stated that no court could dissolve the country’s Constituent Assembly, which is drawing up a new Egyptian constitution.

The rewriting of the new constitution has been a controversial issue, with most non-Islamist members quitting the Constituent Assembly – including representatives of the Coptic Christian Church and the April 6 Youth Movement, which played an influential role in the 2011 ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak.

Reacting to the announcement, prominent Egyptian opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei accused Morsi of usurping authority and becoming a “new pharaoh”.

I don’t enjoy being right as much, when tens of millions of peaceful Egyptians will suffer under the boot heel of this new, oppressive regime… same as the old oppressive regime, only this one is radical Muslim.

Apparently the lesser revolutionaries aren’t terribly keen on the Pharoah’s new edicts. It seems the people want to have their say.


Joe Nobody: Defender Of Liberty!

PHOTO: In this Nov. 22, 2012 file photo, people stand near a house sitting in the middle of a new main road on the outskirts of Wenling city in east China's Zhejiang province.

Don’t ever be afraid to stand up for what’s right, even if you’re the only person who thinks you’re right.”  My Dad told me this, growing up. I’ve never failed to remember it any time that I’ve found myself  thinking ‘someone should do something’ or ‘that’s just not right’

In the middle of an eastern Chinese city’s new main road, rising incongruously from a huge circle in the freshly laid pavement, is a five-story row house with ragged edges. This is the home of the duck farmer who said “no.”

Luo Baogen and his wife are the lone holdouts from a neighborhood that was demolished to make way for the main thoroughfare heading to a newly built railway station on the outskirts of the city of Wenling in Zhejiang province.

Dramatic images of Luo’s home have circulated widely online in China this week, becoming the latest symbol of resistance in the frequent standoffs between Chinese homeowners and local officials accused of offering too little compensation to vacate neighborhoods for major redevelopment projects.

There’s even a name for the buildings that remain standing as their owners resist development. They are called “nail houses” because the homeowners refuse to be hammered down.