Bill Whittle: Why You Should Vote For Obama

Well done.

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A Warrior’s Prayer


Occupy Exposed

For those of us here (roughly everybody) who understand the history of Communist Revolution, we recognized the Occupy Movement for what it was. Now there is a movie that lays this out for others. I know, all of the things exposed in this movie are not things we will find to be surprising but there are some really ignorant people in this world. I’ve met a lot of them. They exist.

In showings so far, Bannon said “middle-class audiences are shocked. The film is rated ‘R’ for violence and vulgarity. Regular people didn’t see any of this footage of this level of violence. It makes people go ‘wow, I thought it was just college kids dancing.’”

Alas, only the ignorant can be shocked by any of this…

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Obama’s Succeeding in Maine

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$100,000 Reward For Fast And Furious Information

Andrew Breitbart started this when he offered $100K for evidence that a Tea Party supporter made a racial slur during a demonstration in front of Congress. A group of black lawmakers walked through the group, intentionally trying to antagonize them. Afterwards they claimed that racial epithets were hurled at them by the demonstrators. Knowing that the demonstration had been filmed by hundreds of people, Breitbart offered the reward for any piece of video that proved the slur occurred. No one ever collected.

From the Washington Examiner:

One of the nation’s oldest conservatives group is offering whistleblowers a $100,000 reward for information from the White House and Justice Department on the “Fast & Furious” administration gun-running bungle.

The Conservative Caucus told Secrets that it believes that the scandal which led to the death of a U.S. Border Control agent is a potential Watergate.

Their reward poster reads: “If you have verifiable evidence that President Obama or one of his aides knew about Operation Fast & Furious while it was underway, Call 1-888-692-7374 toll free. This is your opportunity to save yourself before Operation Fast & Furious comes crashing down like Watergate. Don’t go to jail. Turn states evidence now just like John Dean did. The truth will come out. Will you be caught in the web of Operation Fast & Furious, or will you avoid jail time?”

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Barry’s Too Busy To Meet With Jobs Council

Plenty of time for golf, vacations, campaigning, and approving negative ads, though.

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“Non-partisan Ernst & Young accounting firm estimates Obama tax hike will kill 710,000 more jobs”

From Doug Ross:

A new study conducted by Ernst and Young proves conclusively that the President’s tax increase would be devastating to the economy and jobs.

The study finds that, if Congress misguidedly adopted President Obama’s plan to raise taxes on job creators by allowing the Bush-era tax policies to expire for incomes over $200,000 ($250,000 for married filers), the economy and jobs would suffer terribly:

Output in the long run would fall by 1.3 percent, or $200 billion, in today’s economy;
Employment in the long run would fall by 0.5 percent or, roughly 710,000 fewer jobs, in today’s economy;
Capital stock and investment in the long run would fall by 1.4 percent and 2.4 percent, respectively; and
Real after-tax wages would fall by 1.8 percent.

There are almost 13 million Americans out of work today. President Obama’s tax increase would needlessly add almost three-quarters of a million people to that already much too large number. Even those with jobs wouldn’t escape the pain of President Obama’s tax increase, as they would see their wages suffer.”

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New Romney Ad: “These Hands”

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. But President Obama’s comments last week show that he just doesn’t understand who the real job creators are. How can he help small businesses when he doesn’t even recognize their value?”

He doesn’t want to help them.


Comida Gratis

I had a really hard time justifying the acceptance of $180 as one-time emergency food assistance from Uncle Sugar. I justified it knowing that I had paid into that system hundreds of times over. I had plenty of people telling me how I should take advantage of gubment program there is during my period of unemployment.

I could not imagine immigrating to another Country to eat out of their substance as part of some bigger plan to better my standard of living.

Such attitudes are highly antiquated in modern American Society – Read about it HERE

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What could possibly go wrong?

Just another example of typical government performance but this is just inexcusable.

I’m starting to feel like the Government Accounting Office has greater investigative power than federal law enforcement. Oh, that’s right. federal LEOs have been instructed to not uphold the Law in cases related to the issues here.

Rep. Mike Rogers (R.-Ala.), chairman of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Transportation Security, said he found the GAO’s findings “amazing.”

“We have cancer patients, Iraq War veterans and Nobel Prize winners all forced to undergo rigorous security checks before getting on an airplane,” said Rogers, “and at the same time, ten years after 9/11, there are foreign nationals in the United States trained to fly just like Mohammed Atta and the other 9/11 hijackers did, and not all of them are necessarily getting a security background check.”

The latest stunning failure of the TSA can be found HERE

Here’s the bottom line…

“Isn’t it true that, based on your report, the Transportation Security Administration cannot assure the American people that foreign terrorists are not in this country learning how to fly airplanes, yes or no?”

Lord responded: “At this time, no.”

Keep stripping down and doing the Hokey Pokey pre-flight, as instructed by the TSA. Don’t ask questions. Do as you’re told. People who are much better than you know what’s best for you.

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How to own an instant collectible

Inspired by something the American People will remember for a long, long time, YOU can own a little piece of History.

You can find it HERE

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Random observations on a Thursday morning

We weren’t the only ones caught off-guard with the recent turn of events in the election campaign. The heat of Summer had our senses a little dull. We are all anxious to get to November so we can actually DO SOMETHING to get rid of the Communists in Command.

We have tuned out anything the President says, probably as an act of self-preservation. Mitt was doing the same old thing, saying the same old stuff. I am sure that the majority of those who are going to vote in November have already made up their minds and as such have tuned out the noise. Nobody was paying attention when the President told business owners what he thinks about them. That shock wave took a few days to resonate.

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When RD Is Away….

..the hanyaks will play!


Hit hard, hit fast and hit OFTEN

I could be mistaken but I think our man Mitt has hit his stride. Comrade Dearest has finally hit the right nerve with this guy. I hope he keeps it up.

I’ve got a feeling that we are just beginning to see the kind of Mitt we have all been waiting for.


Hump Day Humor – Poor little Tink Tink

Some things are just so absurd that it strikes me mute.

Micheal Johnson wins the Player Hater of the Year Award for saying that a guy with no feet has an advantage in a foot race – Read it HERE

For colorful and graphic NSFW commentary on this very subject, Katt Williams provides further analysis in the video segment that follows…

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Liberal Justice: Serial Sex-Predator Arrested 169 Times

Castration after the first time, would’ve saved a whole lotta women, a whole lotta hurt.

The alleged serial groper would target crowded rush hour trains, naturally pressing his flesh against other passengers and molesting young women, authorities said.

Verdelli is charged with two counts of criminal sexual misconduct and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Verdelli had 168 prior arrests, the majority of which were for sexual offenses, officials said.

I hate liberals.

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You Didn’t Earn That. Someone Did It For You



Project Veritas: Legislators, Union Bosses Seek Funding for Digging Holes and Filling Them Back In

They really did come up with the brilliant idea of digging holes and filling them back in. The union goons went for it. “Hey, it’s all about the jobs, right?”

Undercover reporters posing as “Earth Supply and Renewal” — group dedicated to digging holes and filling them back in, meet with Labor Bosses, NY Legislator, and former NY Assemblyman, who tell them how to secure funding for “Bullshit” Green jobs.”

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Hopenchange Update: Canadians Are Now Richer Than Americans

The anti-colonial President kept his promise of “fundamental transformation” of America. He’s bringing us down to a level he approves of. Dick.

While Americans might enjoy throwing politically-charged barbs at their neighbors to the north, Canadians now have at least one reason to be smug.

For the first time in recent history, the average Canadian is richer than the average American, according to a report cited inToronto’s Globe and Mail.

And not just by a little. Currently, the average Canadian household is more than $40,000 richer than the average American household. The net worth of the average Canadian household in 2011 was $363,202, compared to around $320,000 for Americans.

If you’re thinking the Canadian advantage must be due to exchange rates, think again. The Canadian dollar has actually caught up to the U.S. dollar in recent years.

“These are not 60-cent dollars, but Canadian dollars more or less at par with the U.S. greenback,” Globe and Mail‘s Michael Adams writes.

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Another Obama Green Energy Failure

The Amonix solar manufacturing plant in North Las Vegas, heavily financed under an Obama administration energy initiative, has closed its 214,000-square-foot facility 14 months after it opened.

Officials at Amonix headquarters in Seal Beach, Calif., have not responded to repeated calls for comment this week. The company today began selling equipment, from automated tooling systems to robotic welding cells.

A designer and manufacturer of concentrated photovoltaic solar power systems, Amonix received $6 million in federal tax credits and a $15.6 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to build the plant in North Las Vegas.

Did Obama commit a felony by fraudulently giving taxpayer money to his cronies? We simply don’t know.

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Danger Alert: Israel Says Iranian Bomb Killed Kids

A bomb detonated on a bus full of Israeli tourists at a popular Black Sea resort in Bulgaria, killing six people today. There were also 32 wounded, including an 11-year old girl and two pregnant women. Nine tourists are reportedly missing.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed the Iranians for the attack.

This “is an Iranian terror attack that is spreading across the world,” Netanyahu said. “Israel will react strongly to Iran’s terror.”

It’s been known for a long time that the US and Israel have been sabotaging the Iranian nuclear program with cyber attacks and viruses and Israel is the prime suspect in the assassination of Iranian scientists. The Iranians have been playing hardball as well, with arrests and assassinations of their own. However, assuming Netanyahu is correct, this is the first time in a long time that the Iranians have so blatantly opted for a terror attack against Israeli civilians.

This is a game changer and not in a good way. An Iranian willingness to go this far underlines the fact that the current regime will conduct terrorism to acquire atomic weapons. It also shows how damaging the previous attacks on the program have been. However, we should take warning because a newfound gusto for bloody attacks like this may foreshadow that Iran now believes it is close enough to actually having an atomic device that they don’t have to put up with US/Israeli actions anymore.

As for Israel, when Netanyahu states that they will react strongly, expect much more than a limp-wristed letter to the UN. The last time Israel “reacted strongly” to a threat, the IDF literally turned off Syria’s air defenses and erased a covert North Korean-built nuclear reactor. I don’t know if Israel can do the same thing to Iran (Iran has upgraded their air defenses recently), but it wouldn’t surprise me if there isn’t an Iranian facility in the crosshairs in the near future.

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If You Find This Image Offensive…

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Pass it on if you like it.

More below the fold…


Say hello to the new PAC

Sounds good to me. I wonder what all they will accomplish.

“The President has failed and he is jeopardizing the safety of our troops, their families and our National security for political gain. Obama has exposed the identity of special operations units, leaked classified information, and limited the rules of engagement of forces on the ground,” said Mr. Zinke. “For those who have taken an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, it is a call of duty to take back America from a Commander-in-Chief that is incapable of understanding the sacrifices that have been made for the values that have made America great.”

Read more…

Special Operations for America

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LI: “Obama’s vision of the state as master, not as servant”

Perfectly stated. From Legal Insurrection:

In a conference call with reporters, former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu criticized President Obama’s comments in Virginia on Friday when, talking about how the government builds infrastructure, the president said, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.”

The remarks, Sununu charged, were “insulting to the hardworking entrepreneurs who really do create jobs, who create businesses, who take out a second mortgage and take the chance and hire some people and get the business going. These are the people who are the backbone of our economy and the president clearly demonstrated that he has absolute no idea how the American economy functions. The men and women across America who have worked hard to build their businesses from the ground up is how our economy became the envy of the world, the American way and I wish this president would learn how to be an American.”

Boo hoo, the media is up in arms because of the last clause. But the analysis is dead on correct.

Sununu hammered his points in a later Fox interview:”

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Oh, My… The Catholics Are Restless… And For Good Reason

Watch this video. The first two minutes are the Invocation before the speech. If you get to the two minute point you will watch the rest.

Fr. Andrew was invited to lead the opening prayer at the 2012 Colorado Republican State Assembly and Convention in the Magness Arena at the University of Denver. The moral challenges facing our country are not caused by political affiliation, but rather by attacks on religious freedom. He invites all people of conscience to uphold religious freedom.

“The Church has rejected the totalitarian and atheistic ideologies associated in modem times with ‘communism’ or ‘socialism.'” – Catechism of the Catholic Church 2425″

Hat tip to iOTW.

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