Here Is A Story For Halloween

Kill a horse. Take its guts out. Climb inside… naked. Take pictures. Then wonder why people think you’re wierd.


Zuccotti Park: Lumpen paradise

At night, Zuccotti Park turns into a zombie pockylips freak show. The park is increasingly populated by those who don’t have student loans to whine about.

The number of non-participants taking advantage of the resources that the activists have provided — free food, clothing, tarps and sleeping bags, hand-rolled smokes and even books, not to mention a sense of protection from the police, who have increasingly left the park to protect itself – has exploded over the past week, and is threatening to define the occupation itself and overshadow its political and social ambitions. Despite those resources, “spanging” (spare-changing, or panhandling) at Zuccotti has become commonplace, as have fights, near-fights and open-air drug sales.

“I mean you wouldn’t see somebody at the General Assembly smoking a joint,” said Smith, reflecting the frustrations shared by many working group members who have invested their time and energies in the occupation. “But in the back, they’re selling crystal meth.”

Of course the OWS types don’t want the police in their “community” and, for the most part, the police are accommodating them. Some cops are even contributing new members to the people’s movement.

…the NYPD seems to have crossed a line in recent days, as the park has taken on a darker tone with unsteady and unstable types suddenly seeming to emerge from the woodwork. Two different drunks I spoke with last week told me they’d been encouraged to “take it to Zuccotti” by officers who’d found them drinking in other parks, and members of the community affairs working group related several similar stories they’d heard while talking with intoxicated or aggressive new arrivals.

Why not? The police are forced to divert resources to Zuccotti, they might as will sweep the trash into one big pile.

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The Official List of OWS Supporters

Zombie has it…

The 99%: Official list of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters, sponsors and sympathizers

  • Communist Party USA
  • American Nazi Party
  • Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran
  • Barack Obama

Many more here. Check out the whole thing.


How to know when you’ve overdone it a little on Halloween Decorations


MF Global Collapse

From MF Global’s website: “MF Global is a broker-dealer dedicated to helping
clients discover and capitalize on market opportunities.”

From CNN Money an hour ago: “MF Global files for bankruptcy protection”

Former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine led MF Global into bankruptcy

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — MF Global, a trader in commodities and derivatives brought down by bad bets on Europe, filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday, leaving behind more than $2 billion in debt to some of Wall Street’s biggest players.

The fate of MF Global, run by former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, has been closely watched on Wall Street as a sign of how Europe’s sovereign debt crisis could be cause trouble for U.S. financial companies.”

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Washington Times: “The very angry first lady Michelle Obama”

Joseph Curl in the Washington Times:

Michelle’s back, and she’s madder than ever. She was already pretty angry, seemingly unhappy with just about everything.

Now, she is ready to spew her bilious disgust with America on the campaign trail. A dignified, transcendent first lady? No chance. Michelle is going to break with a hundred years of tradition and play the role of attack dog, heaping derision on her husband’s political opponents like no other first lady before her.

So, America’s first lady will travel the country this election season to tell her fellow Americans just how bad it is out there (between lavish vacations, of course). Unlike President Ronald Reagan, who saw morning in America – that great shining city on a hill – Michelle will tell all who will listen that Republicans want to poison the air and water, stifle free speech, oppress the religious. She will offer not an uplifting vision of what her husband’s America could be but only a vapid view of what Republicans’ America would be.

That is the America she lives in, and by campaign’s end, it will be clear that she’s no longer “proud of my country.”

I certainly hope she does just that. The weak Republican field could use a vitriolic ‘First Hater’ to run against. It would make their victory easier and more certain – and sweeter. If she goes off on one of her rants publicly she will be seen for the bitter racist she is.


It’s Up To Seventeen Congressmen Calling for Holder To Resign

The Daily Caller:

Nine more members of Congress have told The Daily Caller that they’re calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to resign over his handling of Operation Fast and Furious, more than doubling the number on record before the weekend calling for his ouster. A total of 17 members of Congress have now called for Holder to step down.

The latest group of members includes Republican Reps. Dan Burton of Indiana, Allen West of Florida, Lynn Jenkins of Kansas, Trent Franks of Arizona, Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, Mike Pompeo of Kansas, Duncan Hunter of California, Devin Nunes of California and Dennis Ross of Florida.

“I think he’s been a mistake from the very beginning,” Burton told The DC in a phone interview.

“When I was chairman of government reform and oversight during the Clinton administration, we had Holder before my committee a number of times and he misled the committee. In fact, he lied. During his confirmation in the Senate, I sent a letter to the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, [Sen. Patrick] Leahy, and I sent it to the other members of the committee as well, and I cited specific cases where Holder had not been straight with the committee and I said he should not be confirmed.”

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Michael Moore’s Car Has Onstar. Here’s Proof


Unesco Grants Palestine Full Membership

From the UK Guardian:

Palestine has become a full member of the UN cultural and educational agency in a move that the United States and other opponents say could harm renewed Middle East peace efforts.

The US had threatened to withhold roughly $80m (£50m) in annual funding to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) if it approved Palestinian membership. The United States provides about 22% of Unesco’s funding.”

The US ambassador to Unesco, David Killion, said the vote would “complicate” US efforts to support the agency. The United States voted against the measure.

Israel’s ambassador to Unesco, Nimrod Barkan, called the vote a tragedy.”


Photo: Speaker Of The House And Senate Majority Leader Greet One Another – December, 2012

From Doug Ross:

Wouldn’t this pair blow a few minds?

With Senator John Kyl vacating his post in 2012 and the Palin family moving to Scottsdale, wouldn’t the former governor make an outstanding replacement?

And it goes without saying: Rep. Allen West should be the House Speaker.”

Just a thought.


Have A Healthy Halloween!

Michelle Obama’s “Let’s MoooOOooove” campaign is at it again even during this Halloween.

Mrs. Obama insists on handing out dried fruit to celebrate the nation’s biggest candy holiday.

I wouldn’t be surprised to wake up Tuesday morning to reports that the White House had been egged sometime in the night. I mean seriously, dried fruit? Why waste your time? Why insist on it? I would rather eat around a razor blade in a sncikers bar than eat dried fruit on Halloween. Promote healthy eating all you want but don’t expect kids to be eating dried fruit instead of candy. It’s all posturing, public relations, and political correctness crap anyway. Handing out dried-fruit on the biggest candy holiday of the year will not do one thing to combat childhood obesity.

Here’s a list of things you can hand out to kids on Halloween that will ensure a good egging to your house.

1. Dried fruit
2. Trail mix (be sure to discard all M&M’s. Oh and get rid of the nuts, too. Peanut allergies and all)
3. Hard boiled eggs
4. Small jars of grandmas preserves
5. Crayons, sidewalk chalk, or finger puppets
6. Tooth brushes
7. Nickles


Cop Vs. Cop

I don’t know… I think the female cop was right.


It’s Official! We Put Al Qaeda In Charge Of Libya

I know. I’m as shocked as you are.

It was here at the courthouse in Benghazi where the first spark of the Libyan revolution ignited. It’s the symbolic seat of the revolution; post-Gaddafi Libya’s equivalent of Egypt’s Tahrir Square. And it was here, in the tumultuous months of civil war, that the ragtag rebel forces established their provisional government and primitive, yet effective, media center from which to tell foreign journalists about their “fight for freedom.”

But according to multiple eyewitnesses — myself included — one can now see both the Libyan rebel flag and the flag of al Qaeda fluttering atop Benghazi’s courthouse…..

Earlier this week, I went to the Benghazi courthouse and confirmed the rumors: an al Qaeda flag was clearly visible; its Arabic script declaring that “there is no God but Allah” and a full moon underneath. When I tried to take pictures, a Salafi-looking guard, wearing a green camouflage outfit, rushed towards me and demanded to know what I was doing. My response was straightforward: I was taking a picture of the flag. He gave me an intimidating look and hissed, “Whomever speaks ill of this flag, we will cut off his tongue. I recommend that you don’t publish these. You will bring trouble to yourself.”

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Pelosi Galore: Americans Are Rejecting Tea-Party Republican Agenda

She is dangerously deluded or lying. Which one do you think it is?

…..“If we continue to stand together, I believe this moment will mark the turning point on the road to a Democratic victory in 2012,” Pelosi writes in a new Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraising email.

Democrats will face an uphill battle reclaiming the majority after their 2010 election night drubbing that swept Republicans into control of the House.

But in the email pitch, Pelosi argues that Republicans have provided an opening, alleging that “the American people are rejecting the Tea Party Republican agenda that puts tax breaks for the wealthiest people in our country ahead of creating jobs.”

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The Leviathan has spoken!

Is it is the job of the Nationalized Central Bureaucracy to tell a business that it can’t locate in a right-to-work state and must stay in a union rules state? Nancy Pelosi says yes.

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Fat Bastard: Occupy Movement Shut Down “Bullsh*t Debt Discussion”

Because, if anyone knows a “bullshit discussion”, it’s Fat Bastard.
Net worth: $50M
Part of the 1%? “No.”


Gates has a good laugh…

So why is Gates amused by all of this. Well, as he says, taxing the rich folks – even at 100% – would barely put a dent in the deficit. He knows that calls to do so are class warfare to advance Obama’s reelection chances and nothing more.

He also knows that in the grand schemes of things, income taxes don’t matter much to him. He is worth $40 billion. He can get by on that with no income.

He knows, however, that his $40 billion is basically chimera and that it can all disappear if the currency is debauched and the economy’s foundations undermined.

He knows that the deficit grinds the gears of the economy and that the problem, really, is spending. Revenue must be raised like a hot house flower, not pillaged by a state that creates little.

Make no mistake, Gates is a man with liberal inclinations, but he is also a realist. He would never have gotten to where he is if he wasn’t. He knows that Amanpour is in the business of advancing a simple class warfare narrative and that he won’t have the chance to explain the complexities of how narrative is flawed and ridiculous. He knows simple lies usually trump complex truths.

So he laughs. What else can you do?

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High Tech Lynching?

These sort of accusations didn’t hurt our first black president, Bill Clinton and it took the MSM a year to catch up with John Edwards’ in-your-face philandering. Who wants to bet the media rules will be different for a black Republican?


The books are cooked, not the climate

BEST global temperature initiative data confirms that, despite megatons of C02 released into the atmosphere, there has been no warming at all for the last ten years. That didn’t keep them from attempting to claim otherwise. For example…

It is a statistically perfect straight line of zero gradient. Indeed, most of the largest variations in it can be attributed to ENSO and la Nina effects. It is impossible to reconcile this with Professor Muller’s statement. Could it really be the case that Professor Muller has not looked at the data in an appropriate way to see the last ten years clearly?

Indeed Best seems to have worked hard to obscure it. They present data covering more almost 200 years is presented with a short x-axis and a stretched y-axis to accentuate the increase. The data is then smoothed using a ten year average which is ideally suited to removing the past five years of the past decade and mix the earlier standstill years with years when there was an increase. This is an ideal formula for suppressing the past decade’s data.

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Angry leftist v peace hippie in Denver

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Have a scary Halloween

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OWS Occupied By “Trustafarians”

RD posted a piece on the scathing rebuke of OWS and their 99% liars & dimwits. In the linked page I saw (and loved) the word “trustafarian”, but had a hard time describing the idea to Mrs Nota. Thus, I wrote a definition.


As in, the unemployed douchebags in the occupy movement are comrpised 85% of trustafarians.

Trustafarian: n / male or female of the homo sapiens, typically characterized by filthy hair, dirty clothing, and the putrid stench of patchoulli.

Speaks in their native dialects “polictical correctness, projection, and self-loathing”.

Has an affinity for used-clothing, marijuana, pricey coffee, hypocrisy, and expensive gadgetry.

Has an aversion to bathing, soap, integrity, meat, employment and penile tissue (curiously, does not apply to the male of the species) .

Generally subsists on the labor of others by means of trust fund or “allowance”.

trustafarians can be viewed in their natural habitat of Mom’s basement, or Starbucks during most normal seasons – but are currently convened for a largescale showing and pubic lice festival in urban areas, the nation over.


Ayatollah Khamenei: Obama Withdrawal From Iraq A ‘Golden Victory’

It’s almost like someone is deliberately trying to destabilize the middle east and America’s standing in the world…

Iran’s supreme leader on Sunday hailed the coming withdrawal of U.S. troops from neighbouring Iraq as a “golden” victory.

U.S. President Barack Obama plans to withdraw his 40,000 troops from Iraq by the end of the year after negotiations on keeping some forces there failed, a move some U.S. politicians say could give Tehran more room to assert its influence.

“The uniform stance of all tribes and religions in Iraq over America’s pressure to get legal immunity for its occupying servicemen, and ultimately the coercion of America to exit Iraq, constitute a golden page in that country’s history,” Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said after a meeting with Iraqi Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani, the ISNA news agency reported.

The troops are leaving more than eight years after a U.S.-led invasion toppled Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in 2003.


Zuccotti Park is a penalty free zone

Even for rapists.

Pervert! Pervert! Get the f–k out!” said vigilante Occupiers, who never bothered to call the cops.

They were shining flashlights in his face and yelling at him to leave, said a woman who called herself Leslie, but refused to give her real name.

She said that weeks earlier another woman was raped.

We don’t tell anyone, she said. We handle it internally. I said too much already.

So, it you are a New York City rapist, you can engage in your evil act in the greater city and face 25 years of hard time, or… You can victimize women in Zuccotti Park and risk being called “pervert” and chased away.

I wonder if the young women camping in the park realize that they are sleeping in a area in which rape has no real risk… for the rapist.

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Pepper spray and rubber bullets in Denver

In Cedar Rapids, they are occupying empty lots in a neighborhood in which the flooded out houses have been demolished. If you didn’t know where to look for them, you’d never see them. I suspect they will be allowed to stay there as long as they want.

Meanwhile, Occupy DC is planning to succeed where the Confederacy failed.

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