Obama FUBARs his toast

According to standard protocol, the toast was supposed to come after God Save the Queen. Awkward…

Damn. That is hard to watch. Once again, imagine if it was Bush. Are Obama’s aids completely incompetent?

Obama probably wondered why they interrupted his speech with that instrumental version of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.”


This is what happens when Republicans are looking for a Leader

He did poorly in the last Republican Primaries. He has publicly stated his opinion on several issues that are contrary to the views of MANY Conservatives, myself included. His personal life has episodes in which most Conservatives like me find cause to question his integrity.

Nonetheless, he is considered to be one of the greatest Americans of our time. He’s a Leader, a Fighter and many (including myself) would say he’s a Hero. He’s got a style and star power that President Obama would have a hard time contending against.

He MIGHT be getting in the race!

What say ye, Revoistas?


The Chinese are already fighting us…

I don’t speak “the Chinese” so you’ll have to interpret for yourself (unless our resident SME wants to weigh in). Notice, that in this video game (modeled on the US Army’s first-person shooter game) that the Chinese are fighting American troops.

sidenote: I couldn’t help but think – upon seeing all those guys playing the computer game – that “Oh my gawd…they’re all 4-Star Generals!” (if you’ve ever served alongside an international unit, you’ll get the humor).

As my friend Gavin (USAF) says: I ain’t afraid of the Chinese because all of their equipment says “Made In China”.


Has Anybody Seen, Pecos, Paul, and John?

As a kid growing up in school, I was introduced to the many American Folklore tales that helped me understand the greatness of our Country. The men and women characters of these stories played a vital part in what it meant to be an American…at least it did for me when I was young. But then again, I was/am a simpleton. It was these stories that captured my imagination of what it meant to be great. To be bigger than life. These tales helped shaped the way I thought of our Nation and gave me a great sense of pride that I was somehow connected to it. The symbolism of these tales taught me  that courage, strength, bigness, and the vitality of our people is what  makes our country so great. Virtually every culture has folklore tales to pass on to the next generation to teach them the moral codes, ethics, guidelines, and gives us a window into the past that may no longer exist. It’s a link for each generation into the ones of the past to help understand the people, traditions, and culture of yesterday.

Folklore gives us all a sense of unity to a specific culture, and allows people to learn about themselves in a unique way. It should be cherished. It should be remembered. It should be shared. It gives us the understanding to know who we are and where we came from.

I haven’t been in an elementary classroom for quite sometime. But honestly, I hope they are introducing the kids today to American Folklore. But sometimes I wonder if they are, how the stories might be changed for political correctness reasons.  For an example, can you imagine what they would say about Johnny Appleseed?

Johnny Appleseed was a vegan. He believed people shouldn’t harm animals and eat them for food. That’s why he planted apple trees throughout America. He planted trees in the lands that we stole from the Native Americans and Mexicans. He was also combating global warming by planting these trees. He adored polar bears, too.

Yea, I made that up, but is it really far-fetched? I don’t think so. In fact, it scares me a tad that I even thought that. But still, I just want to share my 3 favorite American Folklore personalities. I honestly believe  that learning about these 3 people in my past have somewhat molded me in what I believe today. And there is no shit about it, either.
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Obama’s just never gonna be friends with the royal family…

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Obama/Cameron = Reagan/Thatcher?

They seem to think so.

President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron kick off two days of diplomacy this morning by pledging to work against repressive regimes in the Middle East — by force if necessary.

In a sternly worded column in The Times of London, the two leaders liken the effort to free Arab people from authoritarianism to the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall in the 1980s.

They liken their personal efforts to two leaders who came before them: Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.





Heads-Up Okies!

Maybe I should say; heads-down, duck and cover!

I hope everyone will say a prayer for the folks who will be riding out some deadly weather this afternoon and evening, as well as the people who have been hit already.

Tornado hits Oklahoma City during rush hour – Read it HERE


Imagine If Palin Or Cain Had Written This Today

Obama signed the guest book at Westminster Abbey today.



Peter Fonda has communicated a threat against the President?

Yes, when you put a question mark at the end of a sentence it becomes helpful should a lawsuit or criminal investigation follow.

In this article Peter Fonda uses terms such as “a war between haves & have nots”, a term used by Communists the world over. Rather than repeat what I believe to be an utterance that constitutes the criminal acts of Sedition/Seditious Conspiracy or making a threat against the President of the United States, I will simply provide a link to the story HERE and let you read it for yourself.

It is not clear from this article if Peter Fonda was within the jurisdiction of U.S. Federal Law Enforcement when this brief exchange with a journalist took place. He\'s been running his mouth in Cannes, France here lately.

NOTE TO DHS & SECRET SERVICE – Peter Fonda is NOT KNOWN to be a member of a Tea Party.


Herman Cain does something Obama would never do

He admits he was in over his head. The video is queued up to the relevant part.

Yep, Cain’s response to the right-of-return question was completely FUBAR. I gotta tell you, however, it is refreshing to see a politician cowboy up and admit it. How many times have we seen the Irish-American President Obama whiff an answer and then pretend he didn’t?

For example, I am pretty sure that Obama didn’t know what the hell he was talking about when he called for the destruction of Israel through its return to the 1967 borders. Now that he has said it, however, he refuses to unsay it. In other words, he repeated a leftist canard and, since he did, we are all going to have to live with it. For the Administration, it is better to accept an unintended foreign policy promoting the destruction of a close ally than requiring Obama to admit he didn’t understand the issue.

As for Cain… The right-of-return issue isn’t that complicated or obscure. It is the sort of thing in which a serious presidential candidate should be well versed. It is a bit troubling that Cain didn’t have a clue what it meant. Still, you have to admire his honesty.


China: “Any attack on Pakistan will be regarded as an attack on China!”

The Chinese are warning us that they will not tolerate further incursions into Pakistan.  

In the wake of the US raid in Abbottabad that killed Osama bin Laden, China has “warned in unequivocal terms that any attack on Pakistan would be construed as an attack on China”, a media report claimed today.

The warning was formally conveyed by the Chinese foreign minister at last week’s China-US strategic dialogue and economic talks in Washington, The News daily quoted diplomatic sources as saying. China also advised the USa to “respect Pakistan’s sovereignty and solidarity”, the report said.


The Right hates immigrants, the gays, and orphans…

I know… You don’t believe me that a crazy liberal would utter ridiculous nonsense, but it happened. I have proof. To wit:


Netanyahu Speaks at the Capitol

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Rep. Issa: “Obama Administration Energy Policy Is To Make Americans Pay More”

Yesterday Congressman Darrel Issa, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, released a 43 page report accusing the White House of being complicit in driving up oil prices to push a move to alternative energy sources. The title of the report is ‘RISING ENERGY COSTS: AN INTENTIONAL RESULT OF GOVERNMENT ACTION’.

It also says the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) coordinated with environmental groups to target energy producers with environmental concerns.

Steven Chu, Secretary of the Department of Energy, was quoted as saying, “…somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

President Obama, Energy Secretary Chu and others have stated that American consumers should pay more for energy, including electricity and gasoline. From a political perspective, increasing the price of energy (by whatever means) helps them make the case for “green” energy. Even beyond the effort to raise energy prices through “cap and trade” legislation that Congress rejected, a pattern of increased enforcement, regulatory delay and new hurdles can be seen across numerous agencies and approval processes. The result of this government.”

Issa promised to look into what the Obama Administration has been doing. It appears that he meant it. The Congress has the authority to call Congressional hearings and that is where this is leading.


A college degree won’t make you a success

Take a trip with me over to Millard Fillmore High School’s commencement ceremony. Here we have a graduating class of 200 students representing a cross section of America. Today we are interested in 40 of them. We are going to imagine what happens to the top 20 graduates and the bottom 20.

The top 20 are a mixed bag. There are athletes and nerds, socialites and wall flowers. They all share one thing in common, however. They are all high achievers. They work hard to get good grades, they are involved in their communities and churches and they have support from family members. They always show up and always follow instructions. They are self starters and they feel the need to accomplish big things in their lives. They are all college bound.

The bottom 20 are less of a mixed bag. Most come from broken homes. They didn’t really take school seriously and it shows in their grades. They are a step above those who have dropped out but just barely. They have done the bare minimum to get by. They just don’t care that much. Some have no role models to show them what it means to set and achieve goals. Some are just lazy. Some have lived in violent homes, others have better home lives but prefer to take the path of least resistance. None of the bottom 20 are headed to college.

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Jesse Lee is watching

Obama has a new czar.

Just in time for the 2012 election, President Obama has established a new position within the communications department. The Director of Progressive Media and Online response is the spiffy new title held by Jesse Lee. Yes, Lee is the new Unfavorable online media czar, and that means you, you bunch of conservative bloggers, you.

Huffington Post reports that Lee will be responsible for suppressing any stories about Obama that aren’t true. Does this mean stories that the White House deems to be untrue or stories that are actually, truly untrue? Pretty much anything ever reported about Obama in a negative light, they’ve responded by saying that it’s not true.

I got a note from Lee this morning: “The Real Revo, huh? Well. Seems like a nice little blog you guys have there. It’d be a real shame if anything happened to it.”


Rough men stand watch

We sleep soundly in our beds at night secure in the knowledge legions of rough men of the federal government stand ready to protect us from those who would cause us harm. For example.

[A] Nixa man is facing a $90,643 penalty, based on accusations he sold rabbits and guinea pigs without a license from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

A proposed settlement agreement from the federal agency, which oversees the sale of animals, said Dollarhite sold 619 animals from April 3, 2008 to Dec. 21, 2009, despite being told several times that he needed a license. Dollarhite’s business was called Dollarvalue Rabbitry. The business has been closed.

“I don’t have any money,” said Dollarhite, who runs a computer store in Nixa. “It doesn’t matter if it’s $1,000 or $100 million. I don’t have it.”

Dollarhite said he didn’t know he needed to be licensed.

Read more about this monster and the operatives who brought his fiendish plot to an end here.

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Is That…..Hair Gel?


In other Pockeelyptic News…

May 21st came and went with not much to write home about. I DID get to see a grown man get thrown out of a rasslin’ show for getting too violent after the end of the first match. Seriously, that is crazy. Typically such nonsense takes place at the END of the show. His wife was mightily embarrassed.

Now we have June 5th to look forward to, when the 12th Imam makes a covert appearance in Medina. The video below mentions an “Invisible Judgment Day” but obviously it is on a different date. Now apparently the world will be destroyed on October 21st. I’ll be sure to wear clean underwear.

This is starting to sound like stuff from Washington D.C. The world was going to come to an end if TARP didn’t get legislated. After that the world was going to come to an end without the “Stimulus” that failed to stimulate. Then of course we hear how the Pockeelypse will be upon us for failure to increase the debt ceiling. Then again there are some programs that run out of money years BEFORE predicted. Religious people see time running out while politicians see money running out. Of course the end of the world is what follows. We have heard all this bullshit so many times that it no longer registers beyond the intellectual level of entertainment.


Texas is the best place for business

Well, Texas takes the taco. Again. Keep it in your pants, Locke.

What more do I need to add, than this:

States that are friendly to business, are better at producing jobs. Sure, it seems like elementary math class to us, but there are tens-of-millions who just don’t get it. Read the article. It’s good.

More than 500 CEOs considered a wide range of criteria, from taxation and regulation to workforce quality and living environment, in our annual ranking of the best states for business. The charts and articles in this special report show how each state fares on the factors most essential for a business-friendly environment—as well as what states are doing to attract and retain companies in the increasingly competitive battle to win site selection…..

This is one reason Texas has consistently held the No. 1 position since 2005. It gets strong marks in all areas important for business creation, and has the second-lowest taxes in the nation. The state has created more jobs than any other—about 250,000 last year. Not surprisingly, it also enjoys the highest inward net migration rate of any state. As a result, Texas gained four Congressional seats, Florida picked up two and Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah and Washington each gained one. All have low taxes. Brian Domitrovic, assistant professor of history at Sam Houston State University, identifies a key factor that often goes unnoticed. “Texas offers high labor market flexibility, which is a key element in business creation,” he notes.

Graphic chart, below the fold.

More below the fold…


Progressives experiment on lab rats kids

A few days ago Van-a-gram asked if it was child abuse for fundamentalist Christians to tell their kids the world was coming to an end. Van thought maybe so; I thought probably not. Here is a case on which I am guessing we will be of one mind.

Somewhere deep in the moonbat fever swamp is a couple raising genderless children. When their children are born, they refuse to divulge their sexes to anyone. They speak to them in gender neutral terms and home school them so they have no external gender clues. In other words, they are conducting a life long experiment on them.

“If you really want to get to know someone, you don’t ask what’s between their legs,” says Stocker.

When Storm was born, the couple sent an email to friends and family: “We’ve decided not to share Storm’s sex for now — a tribute to freedom and choice in place of limitation, a stand up to what the world could become in Storm’s lifetime (a more progressive place? …).”

“What we noticed is that parents make so many choices for their children. It’s obnoxious,” says Stocker.

Jazz and Kio have picked out their own clothes in the boys and girls sections of stores since they were 18 months old. Just this week, Jazz unearthed a pink dress at Value Village, which he loves because it “really poofs out at the bottom. It feels so nice.” The boys decide whether to cut their hair or let it grow.

Jazz — soft-spoken, with a slight frame and curious brown eyes — keeps his hair long, preferring to wear it in three braids, two in the front and one in the back, even though both his parents have close-cropped hair. His favourite colour is pink, although his parents don’t own a piece of pink clothing between them. He loves to paint his fingernails and wears a sparkly pink stud in one ear, despite the fact his parents wear no nail polish or jewelry.

Kio keeps his curly blond hair just below his chin. The 2-year-old loves purple, although he’s happiest in any kind of pyjama pants.

“As a result, Jazz and now Kio are almost exclusively assumed to be girls,” says Stocker, adding he and Witterick don’t out them. It’s the boys’ choice whether they want to offer a correction.

So. Child abuse or not?

You should really read the whole article. You’d swear it was some kind of a “Spinal Tap” type goof on liberals. Sadly, it is real.

Read it here.


End of the World Rescheduled, Twelfth Madhi Due June 5 – Make Reservations Now!

Ahmadinejad and Khamenei, before their split, working together on their magic island.

The recent failure of the world to end on May 21 has left many people disappointed and questioning their faith. Fortunately for them, the Apocalypse wasn’t stopped, just delayed a little bit. Oh, and it’s no longer the Rapture, it’s the Return of the Twelfth Madhi, so put away your crosses and get out your prayer rugs.

Everyone’s favorite little person with rabies, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is currently in a power struggle with only slightly less irrational Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei. The fight is centered on who will succeed Ahmadinejad and their independence from Khamenei’s clerical order, and has seen some pretty wild accusations by Khamenei of Ahmadinejad’s “deviant movement” of (I swear I am not making this up) practicing sorcery and witchcraft.

Well, Ahmadinejad has upped the crazy quotient in this pissing contest. Based on a newspaper report, an official within Ahmadinejad’s Deviant Movement (sounds like German porn) has informed the followers that the mythical Twelfth Imam would make a covert appearance in Medina, Saudi Arabia, on June 5. Moreover, on this date, Khamenei will be deposed and Ahmadinejad will be free to be as nutty as a Snickers bar. After the Twelfth Imam’s covert appearance, the returned super cleric will begin to build up his organization for an official revelation to public, which will take place somewhere between one and three years later, depending on if he has to compete against the World Cup for TV time.

For those of you wondering why the hell you should care about a fight between a megalomaniacal hobbit and an incontinent geriatric pedophile, just recall that this is Iran, which shares a border with Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Also, the hobbit in question has repeatedly threatened to destroy Israel and burn the Jews down to ash, which is always a good way to get a crowd riled up in the Middle East. What better way to celebrate the return (even a covert one) of your own apocalypse-inducing Voldemort than to stage a bloody coup and start a war?

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Socialist shoots maid’s dress and own foot

French socialist, IMF chief and anal rapist Dominique Strauss-Kahn made the rookie mistake of soiling the blue dress.

The New York Police sent the test results to French authorities on Sunday where they allegedly confirmed the trace. The results are expected to be made public shortly.

Mr Strauss-Kahn, 62, who is accused of trying to rape a maid last week in his suite at the Sofitel hotel in New York, was released from Rikers Island jail on Friday.

His lawyer has already indicated he plans to argue that there was consent.

Meanwhile, back at the asylum, Bill Maher explains what “teabaggers” should learn from all of this: Socialism is okay.

“[I] was reading all week on blogs, people are upset of course, not only for the right reasons, that this IMF guy DSK, did what he did but also because he’s apparently a socialist, you know,” Maher said. “And not like Obama. He’s an actual socialist – not like a fake socialist. And they’re saying, ‘Well, he was, say, staying in a $3,000-a-night hotel suite, what a hypocrite.’”

“This could be a teaching moment, could it not for the teabaggers?” Maher declared. “Or maybe all of America – who don’t understand that socialism doesn’t mean we’re going to come to your house and make you work on a collective farm. You know, in Europe, socialism is just another political party and it doesn’t mean that we’re against making a profit. It just means that government takes over certain things like hospitals and prisons, and the military, schools – and things that should not be run for profit.”

I believe what Maher is saying to ignorant teabaggers is this: “Socialism is just a political party and it functions well within capitalist economic systems. Capitalists, after all, acknowledge the existence of “public goods” so socialism and capitalism work hand-in-glove with each other. In socialism, wealthy rapists can even afford expensive hotel suites in which they can shower unwilling maids with their ‘DNA.’ Because of this, teabaggers shouldn’t fear socialism.”

If there is more to it than that, I don’t know what it is. I can’t shove my head up my ass far enough to think like Maher.


Chicago Tribune Takes On Obama Over War Powers Act

An editorial in today’s Tribune reports about Obama ignoring the law:

As a candidate, he said the president does not have the power to go to war on his own except in cases of actual or likely attack. But if he were to ask Congress to authorize the Libyan intervention, he would probably be rebuffed. So he’s chosen to simply ignore the law. But ignoring laws is not what presidents promise to do when they are sworn in.

The war in Libya has been hard to justify from the start because there is no important U.S. security interest at stake and because the president’s goal of evicting Moammar Gadhafi appears more than a limited air campaign is likely to achieve. And now that we’re in, there seems to be no clear strategy to get out.”

Imagine that. The Trib turning on Obama. They never had a thing to say when he was running. Now we get this.

Too late.

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Renewing hope for the future of our nation

Courtesy of an 8 year old boy.

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