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Nork News doesn't bother me

Lots of people are acting like Trump has been saying outrageous things about how we will respond to the North Korean Threat.

Yawn. Wake me when it's over because it's likely to last as long as 20 minutes.

Fire and destruction the likes of which the world has never seen has been the planned response to unacceptable Nork Nonsense for many, many decades. Donald Trump didn't invent it.

Mattis reaffirmed to everyone what the end result will be. That is exactly what it's going to come to. We are going to nuke North Korea. It's been going to happen for a long, long time. This is how we have always known it would end. Negotiations. That's funny.

i don't like doing this but.......

Good on you Fast.  Integrity means not denying the undeniable.

The cold hard fact is that NOTHING short of Nuclear War is going to stop North Korea from being a continually more dangerous threat to us and their neighbors. It is clear the China wants a nuclear wasteland to its South.


its not that i don't think something shouldn't be done about lil kim, but for f*ck sake, our president doesn't need to paint us into corner like that. again, just don't even talk about them and let Mattis take care of business.

Quote from R.D. Walker on August 11, 2017, 9:38 pm

Good on you Fast.  Integrity means not denying the undeniable.

when i heard trump spouting off about "fire and fury" this video was the first thing i thought of. the second was you saying "we didn't like it when obama did it........".

Think about it for a minute. Don't you think that the President was attempting to effectively communicate in response to the little fat fucker who most recently talks about turning the United States into ash? The President has also recently said that he thinks that he has spoken in plain teams with words that are easy for anyone to understand. The whole "Fire and Fury" thing was entirely staged. Don't make me break it down for you Pro Wrestling style.

Our response to North Korean aggression is the same as it has been for decades. Nothing that President Trump said departs from that doctrine. I love how a lot of advice is pouring from people who did all they could to insure that this day would finally come.

General Macarthur and Lemay are getting a big laugh right now, I'm sure.

I think that you should also understand the Trump Doctrine as he explained it on North Korea. Politico carried the story earlier this week from an interview he did years ago. He said that we should exhaust ourselves on every attempt to negotiate with them and when that fails everything should be done to communicate to them that their actions will insure their total destruction and if all that should fail and they continue to present a problem then the full force of the United States should be used to bring a decisive end to the Korean War.

Right now he is in the fully forceful communication mode. When that comes to an end you can know that "negotiations" have too.

As Harry Truman said; "The Buck stops here".

Obama disagrees.

Trump has no "doctrine".  He just has feels.

this is all i keep thinking.

“Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.” ~George Santayana
“Those who remember the past are condemned to watch as everyone else repeats it.” ~RD Walker

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