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We went to the Iowa State Fair Today

Here are some photos...

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I am still kicking myself for forgetting to bring my camera to the UP state fair yesterday.  🙂

I saw a few things and people worthy of pictures.  For instance, we watched a calf being born. That was a first for Mrs. CL.

I actually didn't take my good camera either.  Those were all taken with my phone which explains their poor quality.

The last one, in case you are wondering, was the Iowa State Fair's famous butter cow.  The fair has had one every year for more than a hundred years.

I suppose a hundred years ago seeing a cow made out of butter was an amazing and thrilling thing.  It is weird today.  People line up to see it.  You wait, you look at it and... meh.

It is all about tradition I guess.

Many people don't know this about the butter cow, but it is also a life size representation of just how much butter a typical hawkeye consumes on a yearly basis.

“Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.” ~George Santayana
“Those who remember the past are condemned to watch as everyone else repeats it.” ~RD Walker

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