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Sharps Rifle Company's .25-45

I have been fooling lately with a new cartridge/conversion for the AR-15 rifle platform.  It's the .25-45 SRC .  It's simple, really.  Neck up the .223 cartridge case to accept .25 cal. bullets.  There have been other similar wildcats but where I live the laws says you must use a cartridge with a bore diameter larger than .22 for hunting medium game like deer..  That rules out the .223 and others.

Sharps says the conversion will give the new cartridge legal status in places like this and it will offer improved performance.  They claim they are getting 3,000 fps from an 87 grain bullet out of a rifle with a 24" barrel.  That produces something like 1,700 foot-pounds of muzzle energy.  That is the same performance that Savage claimed from their .250-3000.  That's a pretty good deer rifle.  It's much more effective than the .25-35 Winchester that has taken countless deer.  It's more accurate and it will use pointed bullets.

The idea appeals to my sense that anti-gunners are trying to make the claim that the AR-15 has no legitimate sporting purpose.

The drawback to this conversion is that the AR-15 restricts overall cartridge length to 2.26".  That means you must use shorter bullets or give up some powder space in the case.

If there is interest I will keep you posted on developments.

That sounds interesting, bet it would be a flat shooting round with those bullet weight and speed.

Quote from Rj on July 31, 2017, 7:28 pm

That sounds interesting, bet it would be a flat shooting round with those bullet weight and speed.

Yep, it does.  The only drawback is the small number of bullets available in that weight range in .25 caliber.  6mm's and 6.5mm's have bigger selections.  Of course there is a bigger selection of .25's that are designed for fast expansion for varmints.

i am intersted in any change to a platform i can actually take apart and put back together. the AR platform is fantastic that way. im also all about light weight, so.....

Yes, the AR is great that way.  It has a lot of strong points.  The rifles tend to be accurate - and easily made more accurate.  The number of different loads - for hunting - they will easily convert to - is always growing.  This one strikes my fancy because the conversion and the loading are so easy.  Factory ammunition is available from SRC.  And, if you find you don't like your new baby as well as you thought you would, just change her back.

Jim, dont get me wrong, I love quarter bores having grown up behind a .257 Roberts. Wouldnt the 6.8SPC be a better parent case for a 25cal AR wildcat?

Columbia River Arms fka Black Hole weaponry are messing with numerous related wildcats. They make great AR barrels by the way.


The 6.8 SPC has its advantages.  Factory ammunition is one and it's more powerful than the .25-45.  I considered it.  The conversion is a much bigger job, though, and it requires different magazines.  I have a soft spot for wildcat cartridges.  I started with an Ackley Improved, .30-06.  I built a.40 caliber rifle on belted .30-06 cases, sort of like a smaller .458 Win. Mag.  I used .240 Weatherby cases and expanded the necks.  Worked fine on a Mauser 98 action.  400 grain bullet at 2,000 fps.  That was when I lived in Alaska.

I even have a rifle chambered in .375 JDJ, the single-shot pistol cartridge based on a .444 Marlin case necked to .375.  250 grain bullet at about 2,600 fps.


Guess it's just me.

No I am with you...I meant wildcatting the 6.8 necking it down to .25. I have a bunch of wildcats too that I can never find enough time to work with 14 Hornet, 20BR, 25-284.

I believe Hornady or some other ammunition manufacture is coming out with a new cartridge for the 25-35 Winchester with a polymer tipped spitzer bullet suitable for a tubular magazine in 110 grains, to give the obsolete calibur new life, as there is still quite a few 25-35s still out there.

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