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I was just reading the Real Revo Survival Tips collection of posts on the old blog:

The Revo Republic

It was very interesting.  If you have a few minutes, I strongly encourage you to go back and read some of them, and don't forget to read the comments, as there is as much useful information in the comments as in the topics themselves.

I am wondering if the people here are still as preparedness-minded as they were just a few years ago when most of the topics were published?  I was not, myself, commenting on this blog that far back.  I would have tried to contribute to many of the topics if I had been.  Instead, I was busy trying to make a place for myself where self-reliance/sufficiency was a big part of my way of life.

One thing I can tell you is that it is nearly impossible to be completely self-reliant.  By that I mean, if you suddenly find yourself in TEOTWAKI, your life is going to change drastically, even if you think you are good at being self-sufficient now.  It will not be a change for the better.

I am having a problem with a link to the Survival Tips section.  Maybe an expert can fix that for me?  🙂


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A word about getting water in a grid down situation..  There are two reasons I would never drink water from the toilet - number one and number two.

Yah know CL, if you don't exercise your wit, it will atrophy.  🙂  Just sayin'.

Kidding aside, I do have one of these in storage, along with PVC primer and glue.

I bought it years before we had the solar, and I don't mind having it as a backup just in case.

Well, I've been very busy.  The garden is just about all in for the winter.  Picked some tomatoes, broccoli, green beans, and ripe cayennes today.  All that's left is the rutabagas, carrots, potatoes, 3 fourths of the onions, broccoli, cayennes, and the grapes.

The grapes have not ripened yet.  I have to till and plant garlic this fall from cloves from this year's harvest, which was a couple of gallons of bulbs.  I need to take down the bean trellis's and chop up the plants. I suppose I could harvest some comfrey leaves and dry them.  They make a good tea and are good for wound treatment.  Yep, they make a goof old-fashioned poultice.  I have three 11 foot fence posts that are broken and need to be replaced this spring.

Bird season is 5 days old and I have yet to take the shotgun out. It's 11 days until bow deer season, too.

I thought I'd finish sawing up my logs today.  I put on a brand new band and began sawing a nice maple log.  After getting 5 boards off of it, with the really good stuff yet to be cut, I hit a damned nail or something in the wood and instantly dulled my last remaining sharp band.  Sooo, I put the sawmill away for the winter and I'll be cutting up the logs for firewood. What a shame.

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I've often thought about selling fresh garden produce.  All I really need is a catchy sign to draw people in.  This should work.

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The wolves are howling close by right now and both dogs are barking and growling like mad.  Big, beastly predators will have to be dealt with the old fashioned way if civilization ever breaks down.  They are not just dangerous, they'd also be your competition for precious protein.  I wish the environmentalists would stop trying to convince our kids that they are cute, cuddly, friendly, and almost harmless.

There have been several dogs killed and eaten by wolves around here.  At the wrong time, a dog tied up in the yard and out of your sight is like an olive on a toothpick for them.

The dogs are here to warn and protect us, but I usually carry something to protect them, too.

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“Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.” ~George Santayana
“Those who remember the past are condemned to watch as everyone else repeats it.” ~RD Walker

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