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A Nice Everyday Pack

Gang, I picked up a Vertx Gamut during a 7/4 sale on a tip from a friend. I must say that I am extremely impressed with the design and quality of the sewing. Watch the vid at the link for a demo of some of the features.

I don't see a link.

It is Vertx Gamut.  It is kind of hard to see.  I will work on that.

I just bought the Camelbak Dispatch last month.  I really like it a lot.  They are hard to find, because they stopped making them.  But the design was made for and influenced by the secret service to be a concealed handgun bag, which doesn't look like a military bag.  I can even put my Kel Tec Sub 2000 and Full sized Glock in it and you wouldn't even know it was in there.    You may be able to find them on Ebay.  A little expensive ($229), but I thought it was worth the expense.   Here is a link to see wht it looks like if you are interested.

Camelbak Dispatch Review


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