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Where to Send Them

If you are a sentient human, you know that nearly all colleges and universitys in this nation are, to one degree or another, hotbeds of statist indoctrination. Speaking of my daughters, one went to Providence College - and came out OK. One went to Holy Cross - and came out semi-OK. Both were, before entering college, conservative, or heavily leaning so. So the positive for their schools is that they did not try (not statist) or did not succeed in counter-indoctrinating (ineffectual statists) my daughters. Sadly, my third daughter went to St Lawrence U. in Canton, NY. And what a disaster that was.

St L is a decidedly statist institution. I didn't realize how much so until my daughters graduation. Over that graduation weekend I found myself sitting in a chapel with a stained glass window representing and extolling the virtues of Clarence Darrow - known for defending communist and force behind the founding of the anti-American ACLU. Later, as we gathered to hear the U's graduation speaker, some grad who made it semi-big in Hollywood, we were treated to an hour long anti-American screed which was utterly disgusting. At one point my brother got up from his seat, and I followed him. He expressed to me his disgust with the graduation speaker and his message. I agreed with him, but for my daughter's sake, we both returned to our seats. A mistake on our part.We should have shouted the damn commie down. That, in main part, is the downfall of conservatives. We are polite and respectful of others ... and we expect the same back. That does not work with statists.

I have no doubt that many decent Americans have seen their children corrupted by our nation's statist institutions. And so we ask, where can we send them for a decent non-indoc education?

Well ... here, in part is an answer.

I am not familiar with most of these institutions. But as to Hillsdale College, I know that it is a top notch school and one very difficult to gain admission. And besides all that, Hillsdale offers top notch online courses for free (genuine campus courses replicated online). Many focus on the Constitution, but there are many others.


“Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.” ~George Santayana
“Those who remember the past are condemned to watch as everyone else repeats it.” ~RD Walker

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