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What a Blessing

It has been one week since the Holy Spirit let me know that it was time to write the book of a lifetime. Since that time I have been off of the internet, other than to communicate with people who were sending in pictures from last week's show. I haven't listened to the radio. It has kept my head clear of noise and more open to what the Holy Spirit has been communicating to me daily. Sometimes I am overcome with emotion but it just reinforces the message. Then I go home and write. I am on guard against manic behavior but I am focused on writing. I will soon be done with Chapter Six and on to Chapter Seven.

The Table of Contents are as follows...


Chapter 1-Florida Crackers

Chapter 2 - Texans ride to the Rescue

Chapter 3 - Championship Wrestling from Florida

Chapter 4 - Pulse

Chapter 5 - Wrestling at the Ritz

Chapter 6 - Mister B

Chapter 7 - Mad Brad the All American Ringside Photographer

A New York Times Best Seller is in the making.

Then you will have 20-50 revisions and then the editors will get hold of it and they'll tear it apart and make you put it back together. Writing can be so much fun.

Chapter 8 – Crash and Burn

“I didn’t want to arrest him but he jumped up on my Patrol Car and started dancing”.

-My Arresting Officer.
Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office

The story begins at Ft. Benning, Georgia in July of 2006.

I hope it includes the theory and practice of avoiding a police beat down by stripping naked.

Of course, it is biblical. I was arrested in front of a Cemetery after having used my forehead to tap morse code into concrete power poles because they went into the ground and I could communicate with the dead that way.

See Luke 8:27. I pulled my in-ring testimony from my life, the part that resembled Luke Chapter 8.

"My name is Beautiful Bradley Bolton but you can call me beautiful... most people do. I wasn't always this beautiful though. There are people here tonight who remember me as Mad Brad the All American Ringside Photographer. I was a mad man, crazy like a naked man running through the cemetery. The madness had taken over. I had to turn my back on the madness, ask for forgiveness and I got a new life. Now instead of being dressed in black down on the ring apron, running from corner to corner trying to become the greatest ringside photographer alive I have been lifted up into this ring, am exquisitely clothed, in my right mind and am now the beautiful man that you see standing before you today".

Dancing naked in front of the Cops is biblical and it is part of my Christian testimony that is going out with this book. There is no way that it couldn't be in there.

Per your request...

As a last resort I sought out medication that I felt was sure to do the trick and knock me out. The pharmacist I found was not wearing a lab coat. He was sitting at a Bar. It was a medication that I had been prescribed in the days after 9-11 to help me sleep and I was comfortable in obtaining it from wherever was most practical. I bought some Beer to down it with along with some Marijuana, just to be sure that I was going to get the sleep I needed. I got the exact opposite. I didn’t get any sleep. I was up most of the night talking to dead people. At least they were family members, so I perceived. I do know this, when you are talking to dead people you aren’t far from becoming one of them. I was too far gone at the time to realize that.

I laid in bed and watched daylight come upon me. As I laid there it felt as if I was being pushed into the bed, that there were hands on my arms and legs holding me still. Then it felt like a hand on my chest that worked its way up to my throat and was choking me. I jumped up out of bed, put on some shorts and walked out of the house. I had no shoes, no shirt, no belt and no glasses. I am legally blind without my glasses. All I was wearing was some khaki cargo shorts and some Samoa Joe looking Pukka Beads around my neck. I went out the front gate of my fence and started walking. My Dogs followed for a while.

I remember certain things about what happened next and everyone thinks that it’s amazing that I remember anything. I remember at one point as I walked down Main Street that I should be looking for Bonnie Haim. She was a girl who lived in my neighborhood who vanished back in 1993. Everyone pretty much knows who did it and he’s someone who I grew up with. At that point in time they had still not found her body but I had a feeling that somehow I was going to find it. Years later her body was found exactly where everyone thought it would be but somehow the Police missed it even though they had been all over the area where she was found. It was when I was at the part of Main Street where you find Evergreen Cemetery that I tried to actually talk to the dead some more. I used my forehead to tap Morse Code into the concrete power poles that line the road. Naturally the dead would be able to hear my message because all dead people know Morse Code. We know this.

Having communicated with the dead and found it rather surprising that they had not yet started following me down Main Street I decided that it was time to set the Prisoners free. All I needed was a ride to Jail and I knew how to get one of those. I walked into the House Tavern, where I was known. I was not wearing shirt and shoes so they refused me service. I decided to start acting insane and started throwing dart league trophies to the ground. They called the Police. Yes, winning!

Then I got myself outside so it would be easier to arrest me. I jumped on Ricky Hill’s Harley Davidson and acted like I was going to take it for a ride. Ricky shoved me as I was getting off the Bike, as the first Police Officer arrived on the scene. I reached in my pocket and retrieved the bag of Marijuana that I had purchased the previous night. I handed him the Marijuana and said “Arrest me” as I laid face down on the sidewalk, spread-eagled. I laid there for a while as the Police Officer heard from Ricky Hill who had seen me the night before at another Bar, where I bought some Xanax and some Weed. He told the Police Officer that something was definitely wrong with me. The Police Officer told me “Go home and get some sleep”. Well I had been trying that for about a week at that point and it wasn’t working. I responded to the Officer with “Wrong answer”, then I jumped up on his Patrol Car and started dancing. After that I jumped off the car into traffic and approached another Officer who was arriving on the scene. I was moving in his direction with the palms of my hands facing him so he could see that I was unarmed, shouting “Taze me, taze me”. Then I just started walking forward and said something like “No, there are kids watching” and I let the Officer peacefully take me into custody. I didn’t give them any more trouble. I was going to get my trip to Jail.

Well I wasn’t actually getting here fast enough so I had to start using my head as a communication device again. Tapping SOS in Morse Code against the window until the Officer outside acknowledged the message. Then it was off to Jail but he wasn’t moving fast enough so I played dead. They got me there when they got me there and as I was being dragged from the car I saw other Officers approaching who were wearing rubber gloves. There were a bunch of them. As I was wearing no belt at the time and was pretending to be dead, my pants fell down to my ankles and of course, I was wearing no underwear.

It was at that point that I engaged a fighting style that I have always found to be undefeatable. When outnumbered in a hand-to-hand combat scenario, get naked. Nobody wants anything to do with insane naked man whatsoever. Any time he appears on the battlefield his foes scatter. In this particular instance I energetically came to life, kicked off my shorts in the direction of the approaching Officers, started barking and dancing, occasionally singing lines from “Push it” by Salt N Peppa. I was ever faithful to continue to bark SOS in Morse Code. The approaching Officers were repelled by the visual force of insane naked man and had to retreat to safety. I was promptly taken inside and given a private room, along with some clothes. A brief medical exam concluded that I was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They determined that I was under the influence of Crazy, booked me into the Jail as John Doe Number Six and then promptly transported me to the Psychiatric Unit at Shands Hospital. There I was strapped to a bed, a guard was placed at the foot of my bed, I was given an appropriate dose of Trazadone and FINALLY, it was time to go nite-nite for a while.

It took a while to get there but I had finally crashed and burned. I managed to do it safely. Eventually I walked away from it. 

Yep.  That's the story.  I want Revoistas to know I have had guided tour of events from the front porch to the cemetery and the House Tavern.  If in Jacksonville, be sure to sign up for it.  It is worth it.

I can't even imagine ever being in that state of mind to that degree.  MadBrad, my hat is off to you for picking yourself up from that to be what/where you are today.

I did not have the power to pick myself up. I survived by the Grace of God. It was he who lifted me up when I came to him on his terms. I still had a lot of crazy life left to live before that happened.

Just like the naked man running around in the cemetery who Jesus restored to sanity in Luke Chapter 8, I will do as Jesus commanded him to do. I will go and tell others all the things that God has done for me. That is what this book is all about. It is using Pro Wrestling as the platform from which to tell the story.

Many people when at their lowest do not realize God is always there.  You did, and you turned to him.  That was you.  Don't sell yourself short.  That does not happen often enough these days.

“Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.” ~George Santayana
“Those who remember the past are condemned to watch as everyone else repeats it.” ~RD Walker

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