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Mysterious 1st Amendment

Who needs a freedom of the press anyway?  It's best when the government decides what we see and hear.  After all, fake news never, ever emanates from the government.

License for what?

To broadcast I suppose.

who decides who gets the licenses?

The FCC assigns it to local stations.  NBC doesn't have a licence.  About 200 NBC affiliates have licences.   The licences they have aren't based on being affiliates of NBC.  They just have licences and broadcast NBC programming.   That includes news but it also includes everything else including sticoms, movies, sports, local programming etc.

They idea that the executive branch of the government is going to pull the broadcast licence of scores of local television stations because the president doesn't like the editorial position of the news organization they broadcast is beyond laughable, illegal, and even possible.  The courts would stop that faster than you can say "Prior Restraint".

Quote from R.D. Walker on October 11, 2017, 9:44 am

Who needs a freedom of the press anyway?  It's best when the government decides what we see and hear.  After all, fake news never, ever emanates from the government.

Every Revo regular should imagine that tweet as if Obama said it. Really imagine it, and then imagine what your impulse/reaction would have been.

Re #6, I tried, but I couldn't get past the part where the media was 95% negative towards Obama and made false stories to hurt him, because that never happened.  They actually slanted very bad stories about Obama in every way they could to make him look better, and yes, even spread his false stories to make him look better.

But, yeah.  If Obama said that, I would have been very upset about it.  It was a foolish thing for Trump to say.

Mattis Says NBC Report On Trump Is ‘Absolutely False’

Making shit up about our president and passing it off as news is what the 1st Amendment is all about, right?  That, and porn.

disclaimer, re comments 7 and 8:

I left an inaccurate portrayal of my feelings above.  It's not that I believe we should go down that slippery slope and start letting the government decide what we can and can't say.  I don't think we should ever do that.  That's one of the things that drives a solid wedge between me and the left and antifa.  They actually want that.

I feel the same way about those stupid bump stocks.

What it is that I find refreshing is that we have a president who refuses to be politically correct, no matter what the cost to himself.  The key to that statement is "to himself."  Damn the thought police to hell, he ain't bowing down to them. He says stupid shit that he can never back up all the time.  It feels damn good to me see the leftist, lying media rocked back on their heels every other day, even if it is pointless.

What proof do you have, other than denials, that anything NBC reported is false?   NBC spins one way, White House spins another.   Assuming that the White House is 100 percent truthful and NBC is 100 percent false is naive as all hell.

In any case, yeah, NBC puts a spin on the truth and sometimes it comes off as lies.  So does the White House.  Every damned day.  If NBC should lose its right of free speech, so should Trump.  Trump's relationship with the truth is tangential at best.

For the record, when a news agency says, "A White House staffer who wished to remain anonymous said that the president called for a ten fold increase in nuclear weapons", it isn't a lie if the White House staffer said it.  The media is reporting what a staffer said, not whether it is true or not.  It is up to you to decide if you want to believe an anonymous source.

The media has been doing this sort of thing since the founding of the nation.  If you want to believe that the media is lying always and the administration is telling the truth always, that's up to you.  I am not inclined to believe anything anyone in politics says whether it is the government or the press.

I don't believe Mattis.   I believe he is telling the truth that Trump never called for a ten fold increase in nukes.  Matiss' statement doesn't , however, preclude Trump asking why we don't increase nukes by 10X and a long discussion regarding that question ensuing.

Most of the time I just assume the truth lies somewhere in between the spin of the press and the spin of the government and it always will.

There is no doubt that the MSM has an agenda against Trump.  One is butt blind if they can't see that.  I haven't heard much talk about the Fairness Doctrine in a while.  I wonder if libs are still interested in it at this point?

There is a lot of truth in your comment #11, RD.  I don't disagree with it.  It's just that, here lately, I feel a subtle push for me to take more stock in what the media is telling me about my government than I used to.  Mostly, it's when a story involves the current president.  From what I've seen over the last 30 years, the media have a very long history of spinning to the point of lying, and it is always in favor of a leftist, socialist view of America that I cannot abide.  I see no reason to start believing them any more than I used to just because this president is not what we (or they) wanted.

I can't seem to say I am continuing to completely distrust the media without making it sound like I'm defending Trump, or someone taking it that way.  That's my fault, not anyone else's.  Sometimes, I do believe he deserves a little defense, though.  He is doing a few good things that are not being shouted out by the media.  They don't want anyone thinking he is accomplishing anything, and he is, in some respects.

Quote from Bman on October 12, 2017, 8:47 am

There is no doubt that the MSM has an agenda against Trump.  One is butt blind if they can't see that.  I haven't heard much talk about the Fairness Doctrine in a while.  I wonder if libs are still interested in it at this point?

Yep, and Trump has an agenda against the MSM.  Such is life.

Don't worry.  My point will snap into focus in 2021 when President Elizabeth Warren starts suggesting that the government force Fox News off the air.

It almost goes without saying that Trump's media license comment was inappropriate blowback.  He should not have said it.

Remember the last 8 years when the white house spin and the media spin were saying exactly the same thing?  That bothered me much more, and it should be obvious as to why.  We do not have that going on right now.  What we have is practically a war between the media and the white house, and leftists are coming out of the woodwork to pile on with the media.  Trump can't get away with doing anything bad.  Hell he can't even get away with doing anything good.

That, to me, should be of some comfort to anyone nervous about what Trump might do or want to do.  It would be better to be worried about what his own party is doing in response to all this negative leftist media spin.  For example, you should read what's in that new Republican sponsored gun control bill.  It is disturbing in how strictly anti-gun it could be interpreted

My issue with this falls along these lines..

And I almost feel dirty for using the liberal excuse "It's different because.."

Trump and his twitter face are 100% reactionary and off the cuff. They're almost always walked back when confronted with reality. And while the larger points of his rants may be rooted in some cross eyed, if you look at it this way and squint, reality.. They're almost never literally accurate.

In this case Trump made a statement that he can't back up nor could he have any hope of making good on his threat. ABC doesn't have a license to suspend. Hundreds of affiliates hold licenses individually and it would take an investigation and court action filed by the FCC against every single affiliate to even fine them..

So.. No sale. It was a rant. I wish we could do something about... But we can't.

The difference with the leftists is that they WOULD pass the fairness doctrine again which DOES infringe on free speech and shuts down individuals by placing "fair and equal" response time requirements on the broadcasters.. Which, as we know, shuts down conservative speech almost exclusively because they define Maddow as right of center..

So this also explains the visceral reactions coming from the left. Because they're used to their politicians actually being able to pass and enforce law based on the off the cuff speech of their pols and think that Trump can/will do the same. The same goes for everything else Trump does..
They know that their pols will only talk around the edges of what they WANT to do and what they actually attempt to pass goes miles further than anything they say..

So of course they take Trumps comments to mean that what he's REALLY going to do is round up all the reporters he disagrees with and execute them via firing squad..

I think rock has nailed the leftist reasoning on trump.

“Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.” ~George Santayana
“Those who remember the past are condemned to watch as everyone else repeats it.” ~RD Walker

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